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Repetition Is Key, Part 2

Posted by Rick on May 17th, 2013

As you can see, this idea as applied to real estate is worth repeating again. As was mentioned in the last post of just about the same name, homeowners often wait until the last minute to look for an agent with whom they can list. We’ve found that by sending repeat mailings there’s a greater likelihood of getting more business. Be a household name. If the homeowner sees your name whenever reaching for a pen or pad of paper, there’s a greater chance that they will think of you or when regularly seeing your newsletters for real estate listings.

Being trusted with handling something big like the listing of a family’s home is important. With mailings (real estate postcards perhaps), you are establishing yourself as someone worth trusting who is always ready to be helpful and friendly with the sale of a home.

The important thing to remember too is that sometimes it’s a slow process but having that extra patience when dealing with homeowners can really take you the extra mile. Best of luck out there!

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