Tips on Preparing for and Marketing a Successful Open House

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Jul 26th, 2022

As part of your real estate marketing strategy, it’s important to know the most effective ways to advertise your client’s open house. Real estate direct mail is a big part of that. However, before we cover marketing an open house, it’s important to cover how long to plan ahead for it and what steps will leave you most prepared to take advantage of the exposure your listing will receive.

How Long Does It Take To Plan an Open House?

Ideally, you’ll want to have two weeks or longer to get the home staged and ready for potential buyers. However, if needed, you can declutter, stage, and market the event in a week or less. The longer you have to prepare, the more real estate marketing you’ll accomplish. Remember that the more you touch base with clients, the more likely you are to get a response. That’s true for digital and real estate direct mail marketing, even more so for open houses. So, both methods have their place in marketing an open house.

What Steps Do I Need To Complete Before My Open House?

Anecdotally, many realtors suggest Sunday afternoons as the best day for an open house. More people have off work and tend to feel more relaxed on Sundays. This could translate to a greater willingness to open their wallets and put in an offer. You might want to talk to other sales agents in your office to see what day and time usually works in your farm area. However, there are many other steps to complete before the big day, as follows:

1. Stress the importance of curb appeal to the sellers. The exterior of the home must shine, or no one will go any further. Painting the door, planting flowers, and hiring a landscaper to trim, mow, and prune make a huge difference.

2. The inside has to look just as great. Encourage clients to hire professional cleaners and, if the budget allows, professional stagers. If this is one of your strengths, give your clients enough tips to get them started. This may include decluttering, getting rid of as many personal belongings as possible, choosing a few essential pieces of furniture to make rooms look bigger, and touching up the paint.

3. Market the event using digital assets (Facebook, Instagram, MLS, to name a few) and real estate direct marketing (flyers, door hangers, postcards).

4. Show up at least an hour before the start time to greet the early birds. Hand out printed marketing materials and sell that property!

NOTE: Use open houses to collect names, emails, addresses, and other essential details that can help you reach out to participants online and via future direct mail campaigns.

Tips on Marketing an Open House Using Direct Mail

The National Association of Realtors says that 42% of buyers start their home search online, and 88% of buyers want a website that gives all the home’s details. However, these statistics only tell part of the story. At least 70% of people like the personal touch of real estate direct mail pieces. Plus, 48% of people keep direct mail pieces. Compare that to low response rates on emails and other digital marketing channels.

  • Jumbo Postcards: Send glossy color postcards with images of the home and information about the open house to your prospective clients.
  • Door Hangers: Recipients physically touch these innovative real estate direct marketing pieces. That gives you crucial seconds to grab their attention and convince them to come to the open house — or give the door hangers to friends looking for a home.
  • Brochure or Flier: Depending on the budget, a brochure or flier delivered directly to potential buyers can make the right impression at the right time.

Contact ReaMark today for more information on using real estate direct mail when marketing an open house. We would be happy to help you with any stage of your real estate marketing!

Order Your Football Schedules Now

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Jul 20th, 2022

You probably already know that direct mail pieces get your name in front of prospective clients. However, in order to get the most out of your realtor direct mail marketing, you need to choose your mailers wisely. With football season starting up in September, now is the perfect time to send out football magnetic schedules for local college or professional games. This gives you five months of free advertising every time someone checks the time and date for upcoming games!

Benefits of Football Schedules in Realtor Direct Mail Marketing

Whether or not you’re a football fan, chances are many of your current and prospective clients are. Therefore, it makes sense to include football schedules in your September and October real estate marketing.

The benefits of promotional magnetic football schedules include:

  • High likelihood the recipients will keep the calendars rather than throw them away
  • Great exposure as clients can post the schedule for their teams on the refrigerator
  • Higher number of views as recipients and guests see your name and contact information every time they look at the schedule (or grab a cold drink from the fridge)

Bold calendars with team colors capture the attention and stand out from the rest of the mail. In addition, Flexible designs and styles make it easy to customize your football magnetic schedules.

Choose from Dozens of Ready-to-Ship Team Calendars (Pick Your Local Teams)

Pick and ship 4 x 7 full magnetic football schedules for area teams or NFL favorites. You can customize your message and have your contact information on both sides for maximum exposure. Be sure to browse through our extensive listing of ready-made calendars for dozens of teams.

ReaMark sells ready-to-mail and customizable 3.5 x 9 football schedules to create an even bigger impact. Include these popular items in your realtor direct mail marketing. Speak with one of our pros about your different options and the best ways to draw the attention of prospective clients. If you want sustained visibility, you need marketing materials that have value to the recipients. Football schedules stick around longer than other direct marketing pieces.

Contact us today to start the ordering process or for assistance picking the right realtor direct mail calendars!


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