How To Canvas a New Neighborhood

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Aug 16th, 2022

You’ve chosen a new market or changed your brokerage and need tips to market your skills in your new farm area. Here are some of the steps you’ll need to take to get started on the right foot and improve your conversion rate:

1. Do you have a recent professional headshot to include on your real estate marketing? If not make this a priority.

2. Do you have a professional camera to take photos of listed/sold properties? If you aren’t great at taking photos, it’s worthwhile to pay someone to do it right.

3. What message do you want to convey? If you’re trying to establish your credentials, you can provide local market statistics, offer to provide a free home valuation, and provide useful information your prospective clients need.

4. How will you get the message out? The best, most effective realtor marketing tools include:

·   Real estate direct mail

·   Online marketing such as social media and your website

·   Face-to-face meet and greets

This article will focus on creating and delivering effective real estate postcards and other mailers. However, many of these concepts also apply to your online marketing. Additionally, your postcards, sports schedules, calendars, and newsletters can highlight your digital assets and serve as a powerful cross-branding tool.

Consistency Is Crucial

While reaching your clients on multiple channels gives you maximum exposure, you’ll want to keep your impressions consistent. So, we recommend sending real estate direct mail to targeted or blanket distribution lists at least twice a month.

Direct Mailers Available from ReaMark

To help you canvas your targeted neighborhood, ReaMark offers the following tools:

·   Door hangers

·   Postcards

·   Sports Schedules

·   Calendars

·   Greeting Cards

Door Hangers

Door hangers can include just about any messaging. So, if you want to include highlights of your real estate career, market activity in your farm area, or any other positive information, you’re only limited by the space on your glossy, color printed door hanger. Whether you choose one of our ready to mail stock door hangers or need us to custom design one, the team at ReaMark is here to help!

This is a great opportunity to knock on doors directly and meet some of your neighbors.

Just Sold, Just Listed Postcards

Every time you get a listing in your farm area, send out a just listed postcard with the details. First, your customers may know someone who wants to move into the area. Second, this is a great way to attract new listings. Include high-quality photos of the home, top features, and how to reach you.

The same strategy works with just sold homes too!

I’m Your Neighbor/Hello Neighbor

If you live in the area, this is a great way to showcase your connection to the community. Hello neighbor messaging works on postcards, newsletters, and door hangers. So, optimize this positive messaging to keep your name in front of your current and potential clients.

Free Home Evaluation/Market Summary

Homeowners are always interested in what their homes are worth. In a seller’s market, a free home evaluation gets your foot in the door. You can help prospective sellers take the plunge if they’ve been thinking about downsizing, upsizing, or moving out of the area.

For buyers, newsletters or postcards with local sales and listings give them a window into the local market. With your contact information on every real estate postcard and newsletter, you’ll be the natural choice when they decide to buy.

Our team can walk you through the easy process of creating four-page newsletters. We even provide the content so you can focus on choosing your realtor marketing tools.

Stay in Touch With Calendars, Recipe Cards, and More!

Staying in touch with prospects in your neighborhood is an essential but tricky business. If you oversaturate your audience, your marketing strategy can have the opposite effect of what you intended. To keep your local marketing relevant, keep in mind the time of year and use that to guide your real estate direct mail campaign.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

·   School and football schedules sent in the late summer or early fall provide useful information (including your contact information) recipients are likely to keep handy.

·   Recipe cards give parents easy meal ideas and are easy to pass around, increasing your marketing reach.

·   Holiday cards are the perfect complement to your calendars and postcards. Send Valentine’s Day, Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza, and July 4th cards to build good will and keep your contact information in front of your audience.

Community Events and Open Houses

Open houses are a great opportunity for real estate marketing. Hand out newsletters, business cards, postcards, and more to prospective clients. It’s also a great way to meet people in the neighborhood and leave them with a great impression of your skills, knowledge, and winning personality.

Attending community events is another way to rub elbows with the locals. You can take the opportunity to hand out branded calendars for local sports and schools, for example.

Contact us today for more tips on marketing your new or existing neighborhood. ReaMark has the skills and tools to help you reach your real estate marketing goals!

Order Your School Calendars Today

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Aug 11th, 2022

The new school year is in full swing or about to be, and school calendars are a great way to help your clients stay organized. Whether you choose sports schedules or school calendars showing in-service days and holidays, you can stay in front of current and future homeowners all year!

At ReaMark, we specialize in real estate marketing, and our pros would be happy to give you some advice to get your customized calendars onto fridges throughout your farm area quickly!

So Many School Calendars To Choose From

Choose one or more of ReaMark’s customized school calendars:

  • Frequently Called Number: On the left side of these 4×7-inch magnets, students and parents find the first and last days of each semester and color-coded holidays. On the right side, you can include phone numbers for schools, police, restaurants, pharmacies, and other useful businesses and services. This essential info isn’t likely to end up in the trash!
  • School Dates: With school date calendars, you can also focus on upcoming holidays, listed in a separate callout. This gives your prospective clients the ability to scan the 12-month calendar or review specific breaks for Thanksgiving, winter break, and more. These 4×7-inch rectangular calendars stick to any magnetic surface.
  • Featured graphics: You can stylize your school calendars with school books, mascots, kids, and other graphics that resonate with your customers.

The featured graphic calendars come in 4×7-inch sizes in a vertical orientation, whereas the frequently called numbers and school dates are horizontally oriented. Our team would be happy to discuss the style, size, graphics, and content that would best serve the needs of your clients.

Calendar Design Tips

School calendars make effective realtor marketing tools. So, include the following information prominently so that your clients can call you when they’re ready to buy or sell:

  • Start with your call to action. What do you want prospective clients to do? Direct them to call, email, or visit your website. A clear call to action can quickly increase your customer base.
  • Include your branding. Your calendar should include your logo, photo, email address, phone number, website, and social media links.
  • Use professional images. Clear, high-quality images get the attention of parents and homeowners. Investing in professional, approachable portraits can help you convey the right impression on your real estate direct mail marketing.

Still need ideas for appealing realtor marketing? From school calendars to postcards to door hangers, ReaMark has the supplies and designs you need to stay in the minds and hearts of your clients and future clients.

Contact us today and throughout the school year for calendar ideas that can keep your phones ringing!


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