Real Estate Calendars FAQs

Posted by Marketing on Nov 29th, 2022

Real estate calendar marketing lets you market your services 365 days a year at low costs. ReaMark experts have answered the most pressing questions asked by realtors like you. Keep reading to learn more. 

Why send real estate calendars?

Your real estate calendar provides value to your entire target audience. Whether you are sending direct mail to those actively buying or selling or fishing for referrals, calendars provide constant exposure to your contact information.

If one recipient picks up the phone and calls you to find or list a home, you have paid for your entire realtor calendar marketing campaign. Branded magnetic and wall calendars in various sizes can ensure that you are the first person clients call when they need a real estate agent.

What types of realtor calendars are available?

Wall calendars give you maximum exposure because they provide room to jot down important events and appointments. Refrigerator calendars and magnetic calendars are useful for clients to hang at home or in the office. Sports and school schedules tuck conveniently into pockets and bags, while desk calendars provide wide exposure for your branding efforts. 

What themes for real estate calendars are available?

Recipe, home tip, scenic and real estate themes provide inspiration for your real estate calendar marketing. We can also customize your calendars to better meet your business goals. Here are a few of our top selling themes:

  • Recipe: Each month has delicious recipes that help potential homeowners get a meal on the table no matter how busy their day. These orders include free envelopes as our gift to you.
  • Home Tips: First-time and veteran homeowners appreciate home tips to help them spruce up their curb appeal or keep their home well maintained. You can order as few as 100 calendars. So, we recommend ordering several themes to find out which ones deliver the best response.
  • Scenic Magnetic: National and religious holidays serve as the focus of your calendar theme. We offer several great cover options and low minimum orders so that you can target your demographic as needed.
  • Real Estate Magnetic: Display pictures of homes you’ve sold or admire along with your contact information for maximum impact.

What sizes do they come in?

We offer a full array of sizes and styles, including:

  • Large Jumbo Card w/Magnetic Strip 8.5” x 5.5”
  • Medium / Small FULL Magnet 3.875” x 4.375”
  • Medium FULL Magnet 3.5” x 5.875”
  • Wall Calendars 10.625” x 18.5
  • Large FULL Magnet 4″ x 7″ (Most Popular)
  • 12 Month Tear OFF Calendars 3.5” x 6”
  • 4 x 7 – Full Magnetic Products

When should you send calendars?

Send your calendars well in advance of the New Year or as part of your first quarter marketing. For school and sports team calendars, send your realtor calendars at least four weeks before the season or school year begins for maximum impact.

How much lead time do you need to order calendars?

Avoid the rush by ordering your real estate calendars now. We often experience a huge end-of-the-year rush. So, order in November to ensure you can meet your real estate calendar marketing schedule. In general, allow two to four weeks lead time as a minimum.

What is the cost of printing a custom calendar?

The cost of printing your real estate calendars is already included in the per-unit price for your convenience. We also offer direct mailing to simplify the process. Offering the guaranteed lowest prices in the industry, ReaMark does what it takes to win your business and help you increase your lead generation success. 

Can I make a calendar using my own images?

Absolutely! We recommend including a professional, friendly photo wherever your contact information appears. Plus, you can customize your calendars any way you want. That includes the images and text. Of course, our full-size wall calendars offer the best option to showcase images of homes you’ve sold or listed, photos of you and your staff, and other inspirational images that strengthen your marketing.

Contact us today to place your realtor calendar orders!

Real Estate Postcard FAQs

Posted by Marketing on Nov 23rd, 2022

In September 2022, existing home sales fell for the eighth consecutive month to a projected annual rate of 4.7 million, according to the National Association of Realtors. Sales lagged 1.5% behind August closings and nearly 23.8% year over year. Although average home prices increased to approximately $385,000, continued interest rate hikes may herald further slow down in the industry.

These trends underscore the importance of maximizing your real estate marketing. The experts at ReaMark provide postcards for every occasion and purpose. Plus, we can help you build an effective real estate direct mail marketing campaign to end 2022 successfully and start 2023 with highly focused real estate postcards.

Check out these FAQs for realtor postcards

Are realtor postcards effective?

Sending real estate postcards generates leads and maintains brand awareness among former and future clients. ReaMark offers a free catalog and samples of products so you can see and feel what your customers will experience when holding your postcards.

Real estate postcards serve as a fast way to follow up with your target audience regarding upcoming listings, market updates, just sold announcements, and open houses. Plus, thanks to the open text format, you have a 100% open rate with every delivery.

What types of postcards are available?

Make your mark with heartfelt, informative, and valuable messaging. With your contact information on both sides and full-color printing, you can stay top of mind and effectively farm your territory.

Choose from a variety of themes and formats, including:

  • Heartwarming: Animal themes and humorous postcards often stay on the fridge or get passed along to friends and coworkers.
  • Seasonal and Holiday: Send anniversary postcards to celebrate the anniversary of closing dates, holiday greetings, and spring, summer, fall, and winter themes.
  • Recipe cards: ReaMark has a huge inventory of recipe cards for fast meal assistance.
  • Sports: Show your community spirit with postcards featuring the schedules of local high school and college teams.
  • Calendars: Choose one or more calendar postcard styles to give your clients a fast way to check the date and remember key events.
  • So much more!

How often should you send realtor postcards?

For the first eight weeks, consider weekly or biweekly mailings to build your brand. Carefully think through how you will start your campaign. For example, you can send just listed/sold and other self-promoting postcards to establish authority, alternating them with other postcard themes.

Maintain consistency in branding and messaging, continuing your campaign for at least nine months for maximum returns. However, if you already have a lot of brand exposure, you can dial back the frequency of your mailings to avoid overexposure.

What are the different ways to send postcards?

Do you already have targeted real estate direct mail marketing lists? If not, Every Door Direct Mailing (EDDM) is a great way to reach every address in a postal code. For real estate professionals expanding their territories or just starting out, this is a great way to introduce yourself to potential clients. Our team can help you plan and implement a USPS EDDM campaign.

If you have a targeted list, we can mail your postcards as part of our services. You can also have the postcards sent directly to you to distribute as needed.

Do “just listed/sold” postcards work?

Just Sold and Just Listed postcards make a great foundation for your circle prospecting. Design postcards with each neighborhood in mind. Mention recent success in the area and average selling prices in the target neighborhood. You can extend your hot streak or drum up business with a carefully targeted pitch for your services.

What do you say on “just sold” postcards?

You can use words such as “I sold” or “I listed” to inspire confidence in potential sellers. You’ll need a more subtle approach for real estate buyers. In a volatile economy, it’s important to let each client know you’ll represent their interests and provide honest communication throughout the process. At the same time, highlighting recent transactions provides concrete proof of your ability to deliver what your clients need — whether that’s buying or selling a property.

How can you kick off your real estate postcard campaign?

Contact ReaMark today to discuss jumbo postcard calendars with magnetic strips, postcard styles arranged by month, and many other tools to jumpstart your postcard campaign.


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