End of Year Realtor Marketing Strategies 

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Sep 23rd, 2022

As we round out the year, mortgage rates are on the rise, but demand is still high though the market might be cooling. However, with inventories still low, you have to be more proactive than ever to attract listings and convince buyers to remain patient and vigilant. Real estate marketing can help you build trust and keep your name on the minds of current and future clients.

So, it’s time to start planning your end-of-the-year push for branding and marketing. Here are some ideas…

Holiday Direct Mail To Spread Cheer and Reconnect

Thanksgiving Day postcards convey gratitude to your customers for their business and support. Holiday recipes and greeting cards are also excellent ways to add value to your realtor marketing. It also keeps your postcards on the refrigerator or recipe file longer.

Holiday greeting cards and postcards generate goodwill and keep you in front of clients who may want to buy or sell a home. Decorating tips are a nice touch if you know which holidays your clients celebrate. Personalizing your message will make the campaign even more impactful. Maybe you’ll want to offer a free home evaluation as a Christmas gift and to motivate sellers to make a profit on their homes.

Recap Your Accomplishments

Consider a direct mail campaign that summarizes your accomplishments for the year. Thank everyone who was part of that success and invite new clients to reach out to discuss their real estate needs and concerns.

To change the pace, consider putting together an end-of-year newsletter. You could even throw in a few personal tidbits to connect with your audience.

Follow Up With Calendars

Calendars are useful and always appreciated real estate marketing pieces. Choose from recipe calendars with beautiful pictures of easy meals or a house theme that will remind customers of your services every time they pen in an event. Magnetic tear-off calendars come with protective envelopes and enhance your realtor marketing.

How Often Should You Reach Out

You want to maximize your real estate marketing without annoying the recipients. So, aim to send out direct mail twice a month over the holidays (and once a month the rest of the year). People are more receptive to receiving direct mail pieces at the end of the year. Also, you can help remind complacent buyers and sellers that it’s time to act on their dreams of making a profit or procuring a new home.

Contact ReaMark today if you need more ideas for realtor marketing that will help you round out your sales for the year.

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