What Every 2023 Real Estate Marketing Plan Needs

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Dec 20th, 2022

With 2023 fast approaching, it’s time to think about how you can improve your marketing strategy. Follow these steps for success in real estate marketing in print and digital form. Although this article focuses on direct mail, you can easily apply these steps to your social media and email campaigns.

Real Estate Marketing Plan Guide

Follow these five steps to building a strong real estate marketing plan for the coming year.

1. Know Your Audience.

For realtors, brand building is as personal as it gets. Don’t try to be everything to everyone. Focus on the type of deals you love, and the business will come to you. Otherwise, you can burn out fast. Remember this when putting together your distribution list for real estate direct mail marketing and realtor marketing.

Need some ideas for what to send to your audience?

2. Complete a SWOT analysis.

Write out a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis. This will help you gain insight into what you need to work on and what you do best. You may find it easier to delegate certain tasks, such as contracts and paperwork, so you can focus on selling and finding homes for your clients.

You’ll also want to keep up with changes and challenges in the market. These are your opportunities and threats. Do you fully understand how inflation, low inventory, and high demand impact your farming areas? Not only will this make you more knowledgeable, but you can also use this information to guide and attract clients.

Here are some of the details that you can include in your realtor direct mail campaign:

  • Local real estate insights (recently sold/listed homes)
  • Average home price in the area
  • Homebuying and selling tips
  • Impact of interest rate changes on local economy

Make it personal by including your own just listed/just sold stats on postcards and other mailers. You can offer incentives such as a free market analysis to encourage clients to buy or sell now.

3. Do a Stop/Continue exercise.

What worked and didn’t work for you this past year? You can increase your ROI by dropping activities and business processes that didn’t contribute to your bottom line. Continue adding to this list and use it to help you make better decisions. For example, are you sending out enough real estate direct mail pieces? There is such a thing as too much of a good thing, too.

Depending on your budget, you can start by sending out monthly mailers. As a general rule of thumb, limit your direct mail (and e-mail) pieces to once a week. This keeps you in mind when recipients are ready to sell without overwhelming them.

4. Know your numbers and set goals you can achieve.

Carefully track your sales and expenses. This gives you a true picture of your profit margin. This information will also help you set goals. While goals should be realistic, it’s equally important to challenge yourself. Did you sell three homes per month this year? Strive for five sales per month in 2023!

5. Get people involved.

Engagement helps you build your network. You can mix and match your channels to build your community of clients. Why not send a survey on your real estate postcards and include a web page or social media account where you’ll post the results?

You can also send recipe postcards and invite recipients to share their favorite recipes on your website or social media pages.

Contact ReaMark to Plan Your 2023 Realtor Direct Mail Marketing

Feel free to share your marketing goals with one of our knowledgeable representatives. If you need content or design ideas for your realtor direct mail, we can help. Contact us today to order your mailers in time for your first quarter real estate marketing campaigns!

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