Calendar Marketing Tips for Realtors

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Dec 15th, 2015

2016 Real Estate CalendarsRight now, real estate agents across the country are making plans for a successful 2016. How can you stay in front of your prospects 365 days a year? Consider investing in real estate marketing calendars. Did you know, for example, that the average American has four calendars? Did you further know that most people look at a printed calendar at least once a day and some, as many as five times a day? It’s no wonder real estate calendars are such a popular choice for agents looking to better brand themselves and gain name recognition.

How can you get the most out of your real estate calendars?

Here are some calendar marketing tips for Realtors.

1. The earlier you send out your calendars, the better. In our 15 years in business, we’ve discovered that calendars that get into the home first, get used the most. September and October are not too early. That doesn’t mean that calendars still aren’t effective as a holiday token gift in November and December.

2. Choose a calendar design and style that is unique. Prospects will quickly decide how much value your calendar has. Having an eye-catching style or a calendar with tips included may perform better than a generic one.

3. Consider our Recipe and Home Tips calendars. These types of calendars get discussed by family and friends. We have talked with real estate agents who didn’t provide these helpful calendars after doing so previously and they had clients asking; “Where’s my calendar?”

4. Our ReaMark calendars are reinforced to prevent pages from falling out. Your promotional calendar is a reflection of you. You want a quality made calendar that will last through the year and will have a good reflection on your business. We have heard complaints from realtors who have ordered from competitors, only to be disappointed with poor quality and pages that fall out.

It’s not too late to order your calendars for 2016 and right now you can save 30%. Contact ReaMark and choose from a wide array of styles and designs. Our in-house graphics department can even custom design your calendar. We’ve worked with over 35,000 real estate professionals through the years and would love to assist you. Don’t settle for less. Get the quality you deserve and your prospects expect. Contact ReaMark today.

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