Make Calendar Marketing Your New Year’s Resolution

Posted by Rick on Dec 27th, 2019
Make Calendar Marketing

Now that the New Year is approaching, it’s time to think about marketing to new and existing clients. Calendars provide utility, promote your business, and act as an ongoing advertisement every time someone passes by one. That’s why it’s important to establish relationships with businesses that can post complimentary wall calendars featuring your picture and information. Some businesses hand out their own calendars, but plenty of others would be willing to hand out yours to their customers.

Business Calendar Campaigns

If you have associates that you cross-brand with, such as cleaning services, lawn services and other home maintenance companies, consider asking them to hand out your calendars to their clients. This can work well with businesses you trust to do a good job and recommend to clients. If the business has a physical location, you can leave a wall calendar to hang in the lobby or reception area.

Magnetic School Year Calendars

Magnetic school calendars with your image and contact information give busy parents a quick reference for teacher service days, holidays and the first and last days of the school year. Hand out a few of these to clients, so they can share the information — and promote your services — to friends and family. Since they weigh just 2 oz., magnetic school calendars make great promotions for direct mail campaigns. 

Wall Calendars with Geographic and Patriotic Themes

Oversized wall calendars with scenes from your state or patriotic pictures connect your name with nostalgic feelings of home and patriotism. These attractive calendars are likely to end up on many walls, garnering interest and prospective clients.  The large boxes give recipients plenty of room to write down appointments and other reminders. Every time someone jots down details in a date, they are reminded who to call for their real estate needs.

UV Card Calendars

These colorful calendars are an affordable way to highlight peel and stick business cards. Choose the design that best matches your branding or one you believe prospective clients will like. This is a great filler for mail campaigns since they mail at the 1 oz. rate.  UV card calendars are just 9 inches long, increasing the likelihood that your target demographic will display them on desks and counter tops, where they are plainly visible. Whichever calendar you choose to fulfill your resolution to market or re-market your real estate services, calendars are a great way to let clients know who to call when it’s time to buy or sell a property.

Real Estate Marketing – Your 2020 Vision

Posted by Rick on Dec 17th, 2019
Real Estate Marketing - Your 2020 Vision

Do you have 2020 vision? In this case we’re referring to the vision for your 2020 marketing plan. Sometimes it seems like the seasons slip right by, but it’s time to put a plan in place for the year ahead.

In the first quarter, your focus may be on new year-related materials such as calendars or perhaps quarterly newsletters. Plus, even when the weather is still cold out it is time to think about spring. Will you be in touch with your customers about “springing forward?” 

In spring, real estate season is in full swing. You will want to be at the forefront of your customer’s minds. This is when you want to offer home evaluations or connect with potential buyers. 

As summer arrives, many people travel and have family commitments. However, home buyers are still out there searching for the perfect place to call home. It can be a great time to find new homes for the market. Homes may sell at a good price during this season so it makes sense to focus additional marketing effort during this time. Don’t forget to think about back to school calendars or football schedules as a possible marketing tool too.

When fall comes, there are more reasons to connect with the surrounding community. You may be able to hand out cards at a local fall festival or send your current customers a reminder to “fall back” when the time changes. Plus, Thanksgiving gives you a good chance to remind your clients that you are thankful for their business.

Finally, the holiday season will be back again before you can blink. If you want next year’s holidays to be even merrier, consider customized greeting cards to reconnect with all of your customers from throughout the year. You never know when a former client may wind up needing your services once again. The reality is that the marketing season never stops. You must have 2020 vision throughout the year–and keep that vision in years ahead if you want to connect with your customers and grow your real estate business. We would love to help you find the perfect postcard, calendar or other products that will help you keep your name and face in the minds and hearts of your customers. Reach out to us at Reamark today and let us help you with that 2020 vision!


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