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Posted by Rick on Jan 26th, 2021
valuable home improvement tips

Realtors are always looking for new ways to get their name and contact information in front of prospective customers. Creative marketing helps you push ahead of the competition and establish a real connection with potential clients. Nothing does this better than direct marketing tools such as tear-off calendars. 

Tear-Off Calendars Are Great for Real Estate Promotion

Homeowners will appreciate quick-reference magnetic calendars they can stick to the refrigerator or a filing cabinet at work. Every time they look at the calendar to get the date, they will see your contact information. This keeps you top-of-mind when prospective clients are ready to buy or sell a property. It also makes it easy for them to pass your card on to someone who is ready to list or buying in the near future!

Peel and Stick Your Business Card

Peel off the protective covering and attach your business card at the top left so clients can connect with you when they need real estate representation. Every time they cross off a day to count down to vacation or circle a date for a special event, the magnetic peel-off calendar gives you more exposure. 

We can also print your customized business card, depending on what calendar style you choose.

Tear-off Recipe Calendars

On the front of each tear-off recipe calendar, homebuyers and sellers see a deliciously prepared dish and the calendar itself. On the back, the ingredients and directions help them create delicious, nutritious food for their families. 

Tear-off Home Tip Calendars

From insurance renewal tips to spring home maintenance how-to’s, tear-off home tips calendars offer summary tips below the printed calendar and in-depth advice on how to perform the task on the back. 

Using Tear-Off Calendars Effectively in Your Marketing

Here are some tips for using tear-off calendars to promote your real estate services:

  • Use your branding and ensure that your prospects know who provided the calendars (include a business card)
  • Include calls-to-action to contact you, along with a phone number and website
  • Direct clients to your social media sites
  • Make the promotional information of interest to the client

You can use tear-off calendars throughout the year and add new leads to your distribution list for next year. Contact us today to speak with a ReaMark sales specialist for more marketing ideas for your real estate marketing services!

Spring Marketing Ideas for Realtors

Posted by Rick on Jan 21st, 2021

Interest rates continue to drop to historic lows, and this is an ideal time to remind home sellers and buyers that you are great at your job. Stir up interest and take advantage of spring fever to help your clients finally commit to listing or buying.

Valentine’s Day Post Cards

Our Valentine’s Day postcards come in a nice selection that varies from sophisticated to sweet and neighborly. You can wish your prospects a sweet holiday with chocolate-themed postcards, or send direct mail pieces with hearts and flowers on one side and your contact info on the other!

Time Change Post Cards

Even though smartphones and tablets change the time automatically, many homeowners and prospective buyers forget to change their analog or digital wall clocks. Also, it’s always a great idea to get mentally prepared for the time shift.

Time change postcards feature spring themes such as flowers, butterflies, animals and outdoor scenery. Give your customers an emotional boost and get your information in front of their eyes in time for the spring selling season.

Home Improvement Tips Postcards

Send out informative home tips, such as choosing an area rug or building an emergency kit, to help your prospective sellers brighten areas of their home. Easy home improvement projects include adding outdoor lighting and getting started on home repairs. Send these helpful home improvement postcards to clients. After your clients get their homes curb-ready for a potential listing, you’ll be the first one they call!

Just Listed and Recently Sold Are Always Effective

We have tons of cards to help you celebrate sales and purchases in your farm area, such as:

  • Just listed and just sold postcards remind clients and prospects of what you can do. Real estate professionals can even put their contact information on both sides of the card.
  • Market update postcards containing the information on recent sales and listings can surprise reluctant homeowners and encourage them to put their property on the market.
  • 6-photo collage postcards highlight recent sales in the area so homeowners and buyers get an idea of the most recent sales prices in the areas.

Free Postcards, Anyone?

When you buy five postcard styles you can get one free!

With thousands of styles to choose from this is a great way to expand your postcard selection to test which ones work best in your market. Order several styles at once so that you have plenty of great material to help you convert warm and cold leads.

Need ideas to revitalize your spring marketing campaign? Contact our team at ReaMark for the latest selections and most effective postcard themes for the season. 


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