Real Estate Calendars – Now 20% OFF!

Posted by Rick on Oct 31st, 2007

Now you can get 20% OFF your 2008 Real Estate Calendars when you order from ReaMark. Calendars make a great holiday gift to clients and prospects, and they are proven to get results. They are such effective advertising tools, because people will keep them for 365 days or even longer. Calendar magnets can be used both to tell the date and to stick items like photos, coupons and notes to refrigerators and other magnetic surfaces.

ReaMark offers several different calendar styles for you to choose from, and all of them are 20% OFF! Our best-selling exclusive tear-off Recipe Calendar is such a hit, because each month features a delicious recipe, so people will keep your calendars for both the calendar and the recipe. Also available is our tear-off Home Tips Calendar which has a tip for around the home for every  month. Our high-quality Full-Magnet Calendars are printed on a thick 25 mil. magnet, so your information is sure to stick around. The Full-Magnet Calendars come in 3 sizes, and you can choose from any of our 130 designs or design your own for FREE. Our Jumbo Postcard Calendars allow you to either send your calendars as a postcard mailer or we can apply a strong magnetic strip to the back of them (comes with FREE envelopes). To order your real estate calendars or get free samples visit or call (800) 932-2957 today.

Real Estate Marketing Tools | How Direct Mail Works

Posted by Rick on Oct 25th, 2007

Real Estate Marketing Tools | How Direct Mail Works

What is Similar About Almost All Top-Producing Realtors? 

They utilize direct mail to build their business. Just ask the top producers around the office, and they will let you know they use postcards, newsletters, and/or calendars to keep in touch with past clients and find new business. This is no secret, and you too can use direct mail to get more listings and sales.

Marketing is Crucial to Your Success.

Like most companies, your business is dependant on one aspect – earning customers. The fact is that no matter how great you are at buying or selling homes, you aren’t going to get somebody’s business if they aren’t aware you exist.

By marketing your services, you are telling people that you are the person to call when it comes to Real Estate. And ReaMark’s marketing products are the key to getting your name in front of potential clients to start building your business.

About 62% of Sellers Use the First Realtor They Contact.

Your #1 objective is to be that Realtor. When you send your past clients and prospects real estate marketing tools like postcards, newsletters, and calendars, you put your services right in front of them so they’ll know who to call when they are ready to sell or buy.

Real Estate Postcards | Why Repeat Mailings Work

Posted by Rick on Oct 22nd, 2007

When sending out real estate postcards , repeat mailings are crucial to the success of your direct mail marketing campaign. Only through repetition can you build and maintain the name recognition that you need to build your client base. Here’s why repeat mailings increase your chances of getting more listings and sales:

An average of about 8% of homeowners will move this year. But the whole 8% won’t move at the same time. You can separate your targeted audience into three divisions: 

1. People who need your service now

2. People that are going to need your service later

3. People that are not going to need your service

The smaller portion of your audience is going to need a Realtor right now, but more of them will eventually need one in the future. When you send mailings repetitively, you up your chances of getting business from those who need you now and those who will need you later.

By sending repeat mailings, you build your credibility. As your name and picture becomes more familiar to clients and prospects, you start creating a level of trust. You are conveying that your business is established, and that they can trust their real estate needs will be secure with you.

Lastly, a lot of people have a tendency to procrastinate. Even though they could be thinking about using your services, they may take a little more time to make a decision. Sometimes people can get sidetracked, but sending real estate postcards continuously reminds them about their real estate needs and of your services.

Real Estate Calendars | Why Recipe Calendars Make a Great Gift

Posted by Rick on Oct 19th, 2007

Real Estate Calendars | Why Recipe Calendars Make a Great Gift

Looking for a great inexpensive gift to send to your clients and prospects this holiday season? Magnetic Business Card Recipe Calendars are the perfect marketing tool to keep your info in front of them all year long. These tear off calendars allow you to stick your business card to a magnetic backer, and each month features a delectable recipe for everyone to enjoy. People will keep your recipe calendars not only because they tell the date, but because they are also like miniature recipe books. And because they are magnetic, you’ll get plenty of exposure when people stick them to their refrigerators.

Right now, Recipe Calendars are 20% OFF at ReaMark! And as one of our best-selling products, you know you’ve got a winner when you send out one of our exclusive Recipe Calendars. As a bonus, each calendar has a pop-out magnet that you can use to magnetize another business card that you can give away at events such as open houses. Also, without the pop-out magnet each calendar mails for the 1-oz. rate, so postage costs will be minimal. In addition to getting 20% OFF your recipe calendars, you’ll get FREE envelopes! These ship out next day, so you can get your recipe real estate calendars fast. You can order or get FREE samples at or call (800) 932-2957.

Real Estate Calendars | How to Get More Out of Your Holiday Mailers

Posted by Rick on Oct 11th, 2007

Real Estate Calendars | How to Get More Out of Your Holiday Mailers

Holiday greeting cards are a great goodwill mailing and a perfect opportunity to connect with past clients and prospects. But there is a way to add that much more to your greeting card mailers this year: send them with a calendar. A magnetic calendar is a great add-in that the majority of those in your farm will most-likely keep. Why? Because calendar magnets serve two purposes that just about everyone can use: they tell the date –and- they can be used to post things such as pictures, coupons, etc. to a refrigerator or other magnetic object. Most people put them on their fridges, an added benefit for you as the kitchen on average has the most traffic in the house.

By putting a calendar in your greeting card mailer this year, you are also giving what is perceived as a gift in the spirit of the season. In a lot of cases, the calendar will even cost less than the greeting card itself! And because your clients and prospects hold onto your calendar, you get even more value for your marketing dollar. Postage will most likely cost a little more if you do a greeting card / calendar combo mailing, but you’ll save money on postage if you mail them as one piece as opposed to sending two separate mailings. You will also save the time and effort needed to do an extra mailing, and you won’t have to type up any extra marketing letter to insert with your real estate calendars

Real Estate Calendars | How You Can Get the Most for Your Marketing Dollar

Posted by Rick on Oct 4th, 2007

If you’re going to send one marketing product out this season, real estate calendars are the way to get the most bang for your buck.  A lot of your clients and prospects will hold onto your magnetic calendars both for its use as a calendar and to use it to stick other items to their fridges such as pictures, coupons, etc. It’s because of this dual function, that people will keep your magnets for a year or even longer. And because the most common place for a magnet in the house is on the fridge, your guaranteed to get a lot of exposure (think about how many times a day the fridge gets opened in your home).


For such a low price (some real estate calendars are as low as 34 cents/each) you can market yourself for 365 days or longer. That’s much less than a penny a day per household!


Real estate calendars also make great holiday gifts as mailers and at open house giveaways. Your Thanksgiving and/or holiday greeting cards will have that much more impact if you insert a calendar in them. They are also great gifts to hand to clients and prospects if you are canvassing your farm neighborhood.


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