Posted by Rick on Dec 15th, 2012


If you are not contacting clients, friends and acquaintances monthly!


GOLDEN RULES that you should follow in order to be a Success.

1.     You MUST contact your past clients, friends and acquaintances at least every month.

Over 50% of your business should come from referrals. YOU ARE LOSING MONEY If you are not mailing your contact list consistently. The larger your list the more successful you will be. You really need to sit down and put this lists into a workable database.

2.      Mail Just Listed/ Just Sold / Market updates and Open House Postcards.

Announce your success. Since referrals are the largest part of your business and you want to build up your contact list, these are the second most effective tool at your disposal. You should mail the entire neighborhood and also your current contact list.

3.     Set a Budget and track your results over time

The beauty of direct marketing is that is affordable and track able. If you have 400 contacts then you could be mailing them twelve times per year for as little as 47 cents each or $188 per month. One sale and you pay for the entire year.

4.     Become known as a specialist of your farm.

A business with no prospects will die. You need a reliable consistent source of leads. Since most consumers perceive all real estate professionals to be pretty much the same you must find ways to differentiate yourself. I get calls everyday from customers thanking me two years later telling me that they now get 25, 30 and even 50% of all listings in their neighborhood.


  • DISCOUNTS: We offer different levels of discounts depending upon the number of employees and ordering level.
  • FLEXABILITY: YOU choose how YOU want us to work with YOU! We can work with one manager or individual agents.
  • CUSTOMIZATION: We can develop a line of cards JUST FOR YOU or you can use our stock / custom products and Brand them to your company.
  • FREE SUPPLIES: We will put together a corporate price list; send you FREE catalogs and samples of any items you wish.
  • PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT:  We know what works and what doesn’t! You tell us your ideas, goals and budgets and we will present you with options of how to achieve your goals.



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