Grow Your New Leads with our New Seed Packets

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Mar 25th, 2016

Put Down Root Seed Packets for RealtorsHelp your farm celebrate spring and grow new leads with ReaMark’s new seed packets for real estate agents. These seed packets make a seasonal statement that your existing and prospective clients are sure to appreciate. Mailable seed packets provide a functional and personalized way to reach out and touch your farm, while keeping your name and contact information first and foremost on their minds.

4 Styles to Choose From

ReaMark’s quality seed packets come in a choice of four different styles, each designed to attract your clients in the most appropriate way for the relationship and the situation.

1. The Thank You Seed Packet is ideal for sending to clients with whom you’ve already done business. Whether you’re hoping to make a new sale, get a referral or just want to express your appreciation, this style is sure to make a good impression.

2. The Where Memories Grow seed packet, made up of a wildflower seed mix, is ideal for checking in on your past clients or just reminding them of your services.

3. Make a spring statement with the Growing Houses Into Homes seed packet filled with forget-me-not seeds. Use this seed packet as a marketing tool for new or older clients, as well as prospective clients who have are not yet familiar with your services.

4. Mail the Put Down Roots With Us seed packet, filled with dwarf sunflower seeds. Send these out to targeted recipients in your real estate farm to help spread the word about your agency.

Perfect as an Agency Incentive

These 3.25″ x 4.5″ seed packets are perfect as an agency incentive for your Realtors. Purchase in bulk quantities of 100 or more and pass out to your real estate agents for use at open houses, direct mailings, trade shows, house and garden shows, or to hand out around town at coffee shops, restaurants and more. Give your Realtors just one more tool to sow extra business for your agency.

Combine With Photo Labels

ReaMark’s seed packets must be mailed inside an envelope to ensure safe delivery, as well as compliance with the USDA regulations. Why not harvest all possible leads by using a photo label on the envelope as a return address label on seed packet envelopes, as well as other mailing pieces?

Call today to order everything you need to leap into spring with your lead campaign!

Hit a Grand Slam with 2016 Baseball Schedules

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Mar 16th, 2016

Baseball Schedules for RealtorsStep up to the plate this year with an attention-getting MLB baseball calendar that will give you season-long name recognition. Yes, baseball season begins April 3rd and our ReaMark baseball schedules are once again sure to be a big hit. Depending on the design you choose, these custom schedules will provide months of value in wallets, on refrigerators and on desks. Right now, real estate agents and brokers can save up to 30% on varying styles of these appreciated promotional items. Give them out at open houses, sporting events, local restaurants and bars, or mail them to your prospects.

Our ReaMark 3-1/2″ x 6″ and 4″ x 7″ magnetic real estate baseball schedules come in team colors and include all home and away games and currently scheduled times. These rounded-corner magnetic schedules can be ordered in minimums of just 100 and are available for all pro teams.

Our 3 1/2” x 9” Magna Card with business card magnet or house shape magnet is another colorful option that delivers value. This edition features a 14pt laminated card with the top portion magnetized. These are easily mailed in standard #10 envelopes.* These are available in minimum quantities of 500.

Get two great products for the price of one with our peel-n-stick business card magnetic baseball schedules. Pop out the center magnet and stick your own business card on the top of the schedules. Use the popped out portion to magnetize another business card! Talk about value! These 3 1/2” x 9” schedules fit in standard business size envelopes that are not included. You can order this style of realtor baseball schedule in minimums of just 100.

Our customized wallet-size laminated schedules are also an excellent way to appeal to the baseball fan in all of us. These 2 ¼” x 3.5” cards are in full color and printed with both schedules and your logo and contact info on both sides.
Remember, we will beat any price from anyone on any similar product. It’s time to get in the game as real estate season hits full stride. Our real estate baseball schedules are the perfect, long-lasting way to build your brand.

Contact ReaMark today and learn how you can save up to 30%! Hit a grand slam with 2016 baseball schedules from ReaMark!

*Envelopes must be ordered separately.


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