The Secret to Starting Your Referral Engine

Posted by Rick on Dec 30th, 2013


Generate Referrals with Recipe Real Estate Calendars for Your Clients

It’s clear that home tip calendars and recipe calendars are some of the most effective real estate calendars for clients, but what some agents may not realize is that these handy little mailers are also excellent referral generators.

Here’s why:

  • People keep them – Whether you choose real estate calendars with home tips or recipes, your clients will want to save them for the valuable information they contain (aside from your personal info, of course!).
  • Clients recognize you – Most calendars are kept on the refrigerator, and the refrigerator is visited 18 times per day, so it won’t take long for homeowners to start seeing your face whenever friends and family talk about finding an agent.
  • They’re free gifts – At least, this is how your contacts will perceive them. Rather than listing bait, your real estate calendars will come across as thoughtful and giving.

Sending real estate calendars that feature quality recipes or valuable home tips have staying power – not only on refrigerators but also in the minds of clients.

These are two of the best places to be when someone asks, “Do you know a good real estate agent?”

The 2014 New Realtor Guide to Real Estate Postcards Prospecting Strategies

Posted by Rick on Dec 23rd, 2013

Key Mailing Dates, Surefire Contact Lists and Real Estate Thank You Notes


Strategies for Real Estate Postcard Prospecting

In the blink of an eye, we’ll be looking at another 365 days of possibilities. That’s why, before the clock begins, we want to talk about strategies for real estate postcards prospecting – from which contact lists to use to the reason why real estate thank you notes are a staple for new realtors.

It’s All About Who You Know

When you’re just starting out in real estate, you likely don’t have an abundance of contacts. But what you do have are friends and family.

These are contacts.

Send monthly real estate postcards to these individuals before prospecting for new business. This way, you can work on generating referrals, which typically convert to new business faster than farming.

(And, if you do get a referral, remember to send the referring party a thank you note.)


Acknowledge Referrals with Real Estate Thank You Cards

And Knowing When to Send

As a fledgling realtor, you want to be prepared at all times. A good way to do so is by sending postcards on these key dates:

In addition, you should consider mailing a Just Listed or Just Sold (depending on circumstances at the time) postcard every month to the area and to your contact list.

Again, real estate thank you notes are a kind gesture for those that list their property with you or when you sell the property down the line.

That Make the Difference

Once you grow your personal contact list to 400 people and you mail them monthly, you could easily be enjoying a six-figure income.

We’ve seen it happen, and we want to encourage you to be successful in 2014 with strategies that are realistic and attainable.

What Gets Real Estate Agents In Homes for the Holidays

Posted by Rick on Dec 17th, 2013

There’s something about the holiday season that elicits a quiet moment of reflection. For many of us in the real estate industry, these moments are filled with gratitude over the continued rise of the housing market. As such, we feel the need to thank those who helped us succeed – namely, our clients – and a natural way to do that during this time of year is with a real estate holiday calendar or postcard.

For real estate agents, the holidays are a popular time to send calendars and postcards not only to celebrate the season but also to give buyers and sellers another 365 days – and reasons – to keep the agent’s name front and center.

With real estate holiday calendars, agents can personalize with a photo and contact information. A real estate holiday postcard can also be customized with an image of the realtor and their personal details.

Want to take it a step further?

Consider a holiday postcard magnet with a magnetic calendar and postcard all in one.


Clever idea: real estate holidays calendar and postcard in one.

With this direct mail approach, you use the postcard to send holiday greetings and the removable, magnetic calendar as a year-round marketing tool.

It’s the perfect time of year to get in the homes of buyers and sellers, and with holiday postcards and calendars you can also express the sentiments that are on your mind and in your heart.

Happy holidays!

Why 26 Percent Should Motivate You

Posted by Rick on Dec 10th, 2013

Real Estate Marketing in the Winter Season Has Its Merits

According to a survey by, 26 percent of respondents said that they are looking to buy a home in the winter season because sellers are more motivated and willing to negotiate.

This is certainly a number that real estate agents can warm up to considering the colder months are traditionally a slower period for home sales.

But what is the best way to reach out to both sellers and buyers?

Think about Realtor Promotional Tools

There are a myriad of options when it comes to real estate promotional tools, but in this case a realtor postcard is your best bet.


Capitalize on winter real estate marketing with Our Neighborhood postcards.

Besides communicating that you serve both buyers and sellers, the postcard above is also a bit unexpected.

As we stated earlier, winter is historically a time when real estate sales go into hibernation. If you use postcards as your realtor promotional tools, it’s most likely that you are not going to have a lot of competition for mailbox space.

In other words, your real estate marketing approach is going to stand out.

And with motivated buyers and sellers out there, right now is a smart time to get in front of both.

You are the Boss with ReaMark Marketing Tools

Posted by Rick on Dec 3rd, 2013

As a real estate agent, you know how important it is to show up on time – be it open houses, contract signings, closings.

You are responsible for your reputation and success.

We also know the importance of being in control when it comes to realtor marketing, and that’s why we designed ReaMark marketing tools that put you in the driver’s seat.

Take, for example, our full magnetic calendars in sizes ranging from 3.5” x 4” all the way up to 4” x 7” – with multiple layouts and styles to align with your existing realtor marketing brand.

ReaMark magnetic realtor calendars align with your marketing and branding.

As a bonus, magnet calendars are also designed to last longer than some similar products.

While we have seen calendars being offered at 15-20 mil thicknesses, ReaMark provides 25 mil thicknesses by default.

That means less bending and ripping.

And just when you thought you’d had it with smeared ink, we put print back in its place with vibrant colors that are protected by high-quality laminate.

It’s the way you would do realtor marketing if you were in our shoes.

Only you get to wear the shoes part of the time, too.

So come on. Take the wheel with ReaMark.


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