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Posted by Reamark Marketing on Apr 28th, 2015

At Reamark, every day we work with agents and brokers on real estate marketing ideas. One common denominator is the search for just the right descriptive words for real estate marketing materials. According to a recent study from Zillow, using certain words in your marketing materials can actually assist in a higher final home sale price. Here are some real estate synonyms to spice up your property descriptions and marketing materials.

Essential Real Estate Marketing Terms

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Extended list of Terms for Real Estate Marketing Materials

PRISTINE: immaculate, refined, spotless, untouched, pure, clean, unspoiled, original, youthful, fresh

UNUSUAL: authentic, unique, original, rare, hard to find, limited, singular, uncommon, scarce, one-of-a-kind, special, memorable, extraordinary, refreshing, out of the ordinary, unparalleled, distinct, personality, different

EXQUISITE: marvelous, exemplary, superb, luxurious, sleek, enticing, sophisticated, refined

SMALL: petite, quaint, charming, efficient, modest, diminutive, adorable, cute, humble, slight

LARGE: impressive, generous, spacious, roomy, bright, open, rich, liberal, panoramic, stately

PRIVATE: secluded, tranquil, peaceful, discrete, personal, isolated, independent, individual

EXCLUSIVE: highly sought, desired, acclaimed, premier, superior, executive style, designer, first-class, distinguished, prominent, noted

NEW: modern, state-of-art, current, contemporary, recent, fresh

OLDER: classic, timeless, traditional, character, vintage, time-honored, long standing

INEXPENSIVE: affordable, economical, modestly priced, cost-effective, nominal, reasonable, fair, budget, efficient

ATTRACTIVE: handsome, lovely, fine, beautiful, appealing, enticing, engaging, alluring, pleasing, good-looking, captivating, tantalizing, seductive, beckoning, enthralling, tempting

CONVENIENT: available, easy, advantageous, favorable, conducive, handy, accommodating, well suited

IN DEMAND: desired, coveted, sought after, targeted, popular, fashionable, trendy, celebrated

LANDSCAPE DESCRIPTIONS: park like, lush, trimmed, resort like, retreat like, natural, picturesque

VIEW DESCRIPTIONS: stunning, awe-inspiring, sensational, impressive, striking, dazzling, remarkable, winning, unparalleled, panoramic, outstanding

AGENT PERSONALTY: ambitious, aggressive, attentive, personable, caring, customer-focused, detail oriented, communicative, experienced, educated, empathetic, knowledgeable, goal-oriented, results oriented, hard-working, caring, professional, market-savvy, ethical, integrity, honest, upfront, refreshing

Verbiage has always been critical in successful real estate descriptions and marketing materials. Expanding your creative use of words can help you stand out from the crowd and can increase the final sales price of a home according to a recent Zillow study. So can using the right advertising materials.

Reamark is a long standing leader in the real estate promotional and real estate marketing materials industry. We have customization services available at no additional charge. Our customer service representatives are here to help you move prospects to leads, leads into listings, and listing into sales. Contact Reamark today and let’s discuss your goals.

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