Spring Time Change Postcards: Time for Your Business to “Bloom”

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Jan 21st, 2015

Spring Time Change PostcardsWith less than two months away from the official start of a new season, now is the perfect time to spring ahead and put your marketing strategy into action. Reaching out to prospects with real estate postcards is an engaging and effective way to remind clients of the time change, while also encouraging them to contact you about their real estate needs.

Sending real estate postcards allows your branding and message to be placed in front of a client at every possible opportunity. Even if the client reminder is to change the clocks ahead one hour for daylight savings time (taking place on March 8th) or simply a friendly spring greeting, seeing your information may be the spark necessary to get the conversation going in regards to their 2015 real estate decisions.

Make sure regular brand visibility is part of your marketing strategy for 2015. Occasion postcards provide an easy and inexpensive way to make sure your messaging stays consistent and your clients know you are engaged. Our company has several styles to choose from including:

    • Animal designs;
    • Motivational quotes;
    • Cartoon humor; and
    • Scenic photographs, just to name a few!

Now is the time to order your real estate postcards to ensure there is adequate time to print and ship your selections. We have postcards for realtors to fit any situation. Send one as a fun reminder of the new spring season. Provide spring cleaning tips for those clients who may want to sell their home this year. Or, let your clients know of new listings appearing in your Spring 2015 Real Estate “Collection.” Whatever you want the message to be, you can customize your real estate postcards to market specifically to your particular audience, so make them your own.

For every five postcards you order from ReaMark, you receive one free. Get your prospects excited about what’s in store for the months ahead and invite them to take advantage of your special spring offers and showings. Our real estate marketing products are designed to fit your every need. Make sure your prospects know how they can contact you. Customize and order your real estate postcards today.

2015 Recipes for Success

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Jan 6th, 2015

Many of us plan for success. More importantly, we need to take the action to be successful. At ReaMark, we specialize in real estate marketing and promotional products to help take your business to the next level. A choice that has proven itself time and time again is our very popular selection of real estate post cards. Postcards for realtors come in a wide choice of themes, but perhaps none are more anticipated by those receiving them than our recipe postcards. They are truly a recipe for your success!

Recipe postcards for realtors

Sending recipe postcards into your farm is a terrific way to position yourself while keeping your name visible. As people get used to seeing them come in the mail they begin to look forward to receiving them, and just as importantly, trying them and sharing them with family and friends.

Through the years we have built an amazing array of delicious recipes, each tried by the staff here at ReaMark. We have also gotten feedback from many of our realtor clients who will testify their popularity. Each is designed to be easy to make, using minimal and common ingredients. We are particularly proud of our most recent 12 recipes added within the last several months.

With ReaMark, you can select from over 200 styles of one-sided postcards, or over 60 styles of two-sided postcards that promote you both on the front and back. Right now, when you order our recipe postcards for realtors, we’ll include a FREE bonus! Order 5 months of our proven recipe cards and you’ll get the 6th month real estate postcard free. Choose 10 months of these business-building cards and you get TWO months free.

We even offer two shipping options. We can print your cards and ship them to you, or you can choose to have us mail to your list directly. Our recipe real estate postcards come with free professional design services, allowing your cards to be customizable for you and your agency.

Make this the year you discover the power of recipe postcards for realtors with the wide selection from ReaMark. See our selection online or request our printed catalog. Sharing recipes is a tried and true way to build relationships and we can help. Contact us today to order yours!

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