How to Grab Customer Attention with Real Estate Direct Mail Pieces

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Apr 24th, 2018

There is absolutely nothing wrong with real estate professionals taking advantage of digital marketing and social media opportunities. Many have found success in their online efforts and should continue to do so. Real estate agents and brokers shouldn’t, however, ignore proven real estate marketing strategies have consistently produced results across the country. Here is why and how you can grab the attention of real estate prospects using direct mail pieces.

WHY Use Direct Mail in this Digital Era?

The answer is pretty simple: Because it works. You should also understand, however, why it works.

  • You can target your market. Direct mail allows you to target specific neighborhoods or zip codes to “farm”. There is less waste than “broadcasting” your message.
  • It reaches prospects at home. This lets the person receiving your piece know you are interested in them and their real estate goals.
  • You can “own” this vehicle in reaching prospects. Some agents never use direct mail marketing. This provides a marketing opportunity you can drive a truck through. You may be able to own direct mail marketing for real estate in your community.
  • They are tangible. Direct marketing pieces are perceived to have more value and their messages carry more weight. This can help position you as a stable, trusted source.
  • Pieces can have a long shelf life. Direct mail pieces like calendars, sports schedules, recipes, and motivational or scenic cards can stay in a home for an extended period of time, often on display where they may be seen by others.


HOW to Use Direct Mail in Real Estate

Direct mail is a versatile way to reach real estate prospects, giving you plenty of options on how to use it.

  • Use EDDM to reach prospects. Every Door Direct Marketing is the perfect way to reach every home is your specific target area. It is a great way to introduce yourself and your services.
  • Create an annual direct mail marketing plan. When your prospect gets a new recipe, decorating or home improvement tip every other month, it builds your brand and name recognition. You are providing prospects with something of value.
  • Send out Just Sold or Just Listed postcards. Who isn’t interested in what a neighbor’s house is listed or sold for? When combined with a free home valuation offer, these informative cards often turn up multiple leads.
  • Use to promote your digital marketing efforts. Use direct mail pieces to reinforce your online media by promoting your website and social media. Include your email address for prospects to sign up for a newsletter or enter a contest.

Get Professional Assistance

For 18 years, ReaMark has been creating effective direct mail, marketing, and promotional pieces specifically to help real estate professionals grow their businesses. Our marketing professionals can help you choose items to help you reach your goals. Our design department will help you build your brand and help you turn prospects into leads and leads into sales. Contact ReaMark today and put the power of direct mail marketing to work for you!


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