What Do All Top Producing Realtors Have in Common

Posted by Rick on Oct 31st, 2021

Every top-producing Realtor will have their own proven methods of lead generation, conversion, and sales. Do you know what they all have in common?

Savvy professionals use Realtor marketing such as Direct Mail to promote their skills and attract new clients.

If you’ve heard that direct mail is dead, here are just a few stats to show that’s it’s not only alive but an effective way to connect with clients:

What’s the Preferred Direct Mail for Real Estate Marketing?

Postcards are the most effective method of direct mail real estate marketing!

When you use postcards in your direct mail campaigns, you put the information you want the user to know directly in their hands. It’s nearly impossible for prospective customers to handle the postcard without at least catching your contact information and headlines. So, if you’ve recently listed or sold homes in the area, they are likely to know about it even if they immediately throw the postcards away.

That’s another thing to consider. Full-color jumbo postcards are likely to remain in the home for at least a few days. That gives prospective buyers and sellers plenty of time to read your recipes, home maintenance tips, and contact information!

Follow up your postcard campaigns with real estate calendars, magnets, or real estate newsletters to solidify the connection with multiple touchpoints.

How Long Does It Take to Work?

There is one goal and one goal only when it comes to direct mail marketing—or any other marketing for that matter! That’s securing leads to buy or sell houses. However, it doesn’t happen overnight. It can take up to 6 to 8 months to see results in a particular farm area. Don’t become discouraged. It’s like dominoes. Once you make one buyer or seller happy, you begin to grow your reputation and can use the bragging rights on your next batch of just listed/just sold postcards!

People learn about anything through repetition. Therefore, the more you can get your name and face in front of people, the more likely they are to think of you when they need real estate assistance.

Research shows that direct mail is more effective than other forms of marketing put together. If you need help coming up with a direct mail strategy for your Realtor marketing, feel free to reach out to one of our friendly team members for help.

Target Your Audience

Cultivating a personal list of past and future clients is the most effective way to build an effective direct mail list. However, you can also use tools such as the USPS Every Day Direct Mail service. EDDM allows you to target all the addresses within a certain zip code or postal route with your direct mail pieces.

If you have the time and energy, you can even go door to door with door hangers containing success stories, tips, or other information of use to prospective clients. Always make sure that your contact information appears on the front and back of your messaging. You want maximum exposure, so anything that gets your name in front of prospects improves your chances for future sales and listings.

Don’t miss our Realtor marketing tips for detailed strategies on running a successful direct mail campaign. We also invite you to review our customer testimonials to find out how ReaMark direct mail products have improved sales for other real estate professionals.

Contact us today to get started with your real estate marketing strategy!

EDDM vs. Mailing Lists

Posted by Rick on Oct 25th, 2021

Whether you are new to realtor marketing or just farming a new neighborhood, real estate direct mail is a powerful way to reach prospective clients. If you haven’t had time to build your own database of customers, you may wonder where to start.

Two of the main sources for lead generation include the USPS Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) service or buying a mailing list from a reputable mail list company. Consider the following pros and cons for each of these options.

EDDM Real Estate Marketing

When you use Every Door Direct Mail, you can skip the hassle and the expense of buying a mailing list. The mailer goes to every address in a specified route or zip code. Unfortunately, you cannot provide instructions to exclude businesses and other non-residential addresses. However, the US Post Office does deliver your postcards, newsletters, and other realtors direct mail marketing pieces to every home. This is a great way to save money when you want to saturate a neighborhood.

EDDM Benefits

  • Save money.
  • Include oversized postcards and flyers.
  • Target an entire zip code or just a postal route.
  • Pay one discounted flat rate.
  • Create a campaign online in less than 10 minutes.
  • Save a trip to the post office.

This is ideal for brokers and agents targeting geocentric audiences. Limitations include the inability to personalize the mail. EDDM delivers these pieces to “Local Postal Customer.” You cannot refine your list, so your greeting cards, recipe cards, and other real estate direct mail pieces hit every mailbox. Envelope mail is not an option for the service.

Mailing Lists for Real Estate Direct Mail

For in-house database or purchased mailing lists, sending your home maintenance tips and Just sold/Just listed postcards direct mail let you personalize your content. When you want to engage in a highly targeted realtor marketing campaign, this is the best option.

Mailing List Benefits

  • Allows you to target who will receive the direct mail.
  • Mail letters, flyers, and other mail requiring an envelope.
  • Outsource delivery service to your in-house database or purchased list of prospects.
  • Enables you to target very specific demographics.
  • Potentially provides a higher response rate because of its targeted nature.

Although mailing lists have many advantages over EDDM, they do not guarantee you a higher rate of return. Customized real estate marketing also tends to cost more than EDDM. Keep in mind that some people don’t like to see their personalized information on unsolicited marketing pieces.

Which One Should You Choose?

That depends on what you want to accomplish. With EDDM, you can get your name out quickly and reach every resident in the zip code. If you already have a curated database of prospects or have purchased a mailing list, direct mail is the way to go, even though it costs more without the EDDM discount.

ReaMark can help you choose the right postcards, newsletters, calendars and other real estates direct mail marketing pieces. We can also mail them out to your potential clients as a value-added service. Contact us today for more realtor market tips and strategies or to order postcards, newsletters, and other real estate direct mail pieces.


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