Order Your Baseball Schedule Calendars Now! 

Posted by Rick on Apr 13th, 2022

Baseball is back! Score big with fans with magnets or laminated wallet cards featuring schedules for Major League Baseball or local teams. Help sports fans get to the ballpark on time, despite the curveballs thrown by the pandemic. ⁠This easy real estate marketing solution can keep you from striking out and keep your name on the minds of baseball fans and homeowners looking to buy or sell properties in your territory. So, make baseball schedules an important component of your real estate direct mail campaign!

SAVE up to 30% OFF 2022 Real Estate Baseball Schedules

Baseball schedules make a great promotional swag for your customers and prospective customers. These promo products make great handouts for open houses, sports events, and grand openings. You can leave them in restaurants, hair salons, and anywhere that baseball fans can pick them up.

Generally, home sales pick up in May through August, coinciding with many baseball schedules. This alignment can help you provide a service to fans, show your support for local teams and drive more business through the crucial second and third quarters. This is a big win for you, your favorite teams in the area, and baseball fans who would make ideal clients.

Choose from four styles that you can tailor to your realtor marketing:

Where Can You Distribute Baseball Schedules?

There are many ways to share these valuable gifts as part of your marketing. Send them as part of your realtor’s direct mail strategy and partner with local businesses to get them into the hands of your target demographic.

Coffee shops, doctor’s offices, and pubs make great partners and often have memo boards or counters for local businesses to post business cards and other promotional materials.

Hand out a stack to friends and family members to give to coworkers, colleagues, and employees. Barbershops, hair salons, and nail salons are all great places to leave your baseball schedules, which, of course, also include your contact information so that home buyers and sellers can easily reach you.

It’s crucial to maximize your realtor marketing while staying within your budget. However, it’s equally important that your giveaways resonate with potential clients. So, choose one of the styles above to upgrade your baseball schedule.

Do you support local high school or college teams already? Be sure to incorporate baseball schedules into your marketing plan!

Contact Us Today for Assistance with Preparing Your Baseball Schedules

Not sure what will impact your audience effectively? Use our pre-written messages or work with our team to maximize the space on branded magnetic or laminated baseball schedules.

Call 800-932-2957 or contact us online to pitch your campaign today!

Football Schedule Season is Here!

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Jun 15th, 2016

Magnetic Football Schedules for Real EstateBelieve it or not, football season is just around the corner. Football continues to dominate as America’s favorite sport with about 18 million people watching an NFL game in person last year, averaging about 68,000 per game. Fox TV says it draws about 20.75 million viewers per game, while CBS says its viewership per contest is 18.7 million. Even pre-game shows draw audiences in the 4 to 5 million range. This year promises to be bigger than ever and now is the time to take advantage of this loyal audience by ordering your 2016 football schedules from ReaMark.

ReamMark’s football schedules are annually a very popular item for real estate agents and brokers. They can be used as handouts at open houses, as mailers, or as promotional giveaways. They are a terrific way to brand your business while giving prospects something of value they will appreciate. Our football schedule magnets will provide months of visibility on refrigerators throughout your farm.

ReaMark offers four styles of football schedule magnets. Choose from full magnet football schedules that come in a choice of sizes from 3-1/2″ x 6″ and 4″ x 7″. Our attention-getting jumbo postcards have a magnetic strip and are 5.5” x 8.5” big. Our magnetic business card football schedules provide a space for you to add your own business card to personalized the schedule. Our magna-card schedules includes your contact information printed on a full magnet and attached to your choice of team schedule. Select the style that suits you best!

Getting your name on these schedules and in homes first is important in maximizing the value you get from these items. Order early and score BIG with up to 30% off when you order now from ReaMark. At ReaMark, we offer FREE Design, and FREE Proofs. You do not even pay until you approve proofs.

ReaMark specializes in providing our clients with real estate marketing tools that work. We encourage you to view our complete catalog of items specifically for the real estate industry.

Pre-season games start in the first week of August so don’t wait. Order your pro football magnets today and give your late summer sales the kick they may need!

Hit a Grand Slam with 2016 Baseball Schedules

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Mar 16th, 2016

Baseball Schedules for RealtorsStep up to the plate this year with an attention-getting MLB baseball calendar that will give you season-long name recognition. Yes, baseball season begins April 3rd and our ReaMark baseball schedules are once again sure to be a big hit. Depending on the design you choose, these custom schedules will provide months of value in wallets, on refrigerators and on desks. Right now, real estate agents and brokers can save up to 30% on varying styles of these appreciated promotional items. Give them out at open houses, sporting events, local restaurants and bars, or mail them to your prospects.

Our ReaMark 3-1/2″ x 6″ and 4″ x 7″ magnetic real estate baseball schedules come in team colors and include all home and away games and currently scheduled times. These rounded-corner magnetic schedules can be ordered in minimums of just 100 and are available for all pro teams.

Our 3 1/2” x 9” Magna Card with business card magnet or house shape magnet is another colorful option that delivers value. This edition features a 14pt laminated card with the top portion magnetized. These are easily mailed in standard #10 envelopes.* These are available in minimum quantities of 500.

Get two great products for the price of one with our peel-n-stick business card magnetic baseball schedules. Pop out the center magnet and stick your own business card on the top of the schedules. Use the popped out portion to magnetize another business card! Talk about value! These 3 1/2” x 9” schedules fit in standard business size envelopes that are not included. You can order this style of realtor baseball schedule in minimums of just 100.

Our customized wallet-size laminated schedules are also an excellent way to appeal to the baseball fan in all of us. These 2 ¼” x 3.5” cards are in full color and printed with both schedules and your logo and contact info on both sides.
Remember, we will beat any price from anyone on any similar product. It’s time to get in the game as real estate season hits full stride. Our real estate baseball schedules are the perfect, long-lasting way to build your brand.

Contact ReaMark today and learn how you can save up to 30%! Hit a grand slam with 2016 baseball schedules from ReaMark!

*Envelopes must be ordered separately.

Not too late to order your Football Schedules

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Sep 28th, 2015

Full Magnet Football SchedulesScore with your prospects by sending our 2015-16 football schedules. Football season is just heating up and our bright, colorful, schedules come in a variety of styles and your choice of teams.

Our football schedules come in several styles such as our full magnet schedules that stay on your prospects refrigerator all season! Other styles include our business card magnetic schedules that you instantly customize by attaching your business card or the Magna-Card football schedule that has your business card printed right on it. We also have jumbo football schedule postcards that are 5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″, and come with a strong magnetic strip applied on the back. These jumbo postcards come with free UV coating on the front and with free blank envelopes.

Agents and brokers get the most our of these football schedules by mailing them into their local areas or even making them available at local restaurants. You can choose from pro, college or even high school football schedules.

Right now, you can save up to 30% off of your football schedule order AND get free shipping until September 30, 2015. There are still plenty of games left and the excitement will grow as the season progresses.

Magnetic football schedules are just a few of the choices of marketing materials for Realtors offered by ReaMark. We pride ourselves on offering real estate marketing and promotional materials that work. We understand that even with technology, real estate is still a very personal, one-on-one business. That’s why we still offer a printed catalogue and have live operators to answer your calls. We offer free design services to customize your marketing materials and have lots of great marketing ideas to share with our customers.

For magnetic football schedules and throughout the year, count on ReaMark to help build your real estate business. Contact us at 1-800-932-2957 to get started on creating your next marketing piece!

10 Different Calendar Styles to fit any Budget

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Sep 29th, 2014

Magentic Tear Off Calendar 2015A Powerful Making Tool: Real Estate Calendars 2015

Realtor calendars continue to be a powerful marketing tool for brokers and agents. For just pennies a day, calendars can keep your name in front of leads and prospects throughout an entire year. They are a perfect real estate farming tool and are considered a nice gift to share as the year comes to a close.

If you purchase only one marketing or promotional item through the entire year, you should consider making it a calendar. Each year ReaMark is pleased to offer new designs and styles. This year, we are offering over 400 different designs in 10 separate types of calendars for you to choose from. You are certain to find a calendar type and style that communicates your personality, a hobby or interest, or maybe one that shares a life philosophy.

Here is a look at the ten.

Magnetic Tear-off Calendars. Magnetic tear-off calendars for realtors provide a full year of exposure. Choose from home tips to recipes and more.

Jumbo Postcards with Magnetic Strip. Here’s a direct mail piece, calendar and marketing item all in one. Customize with your own art or choose ours!

Peel-N-Stick Stock Calendars. Choose from six different types of artwork in these calendars for the budget minded. Peel and stick your business card on top and you have a very affordable marketing piece.

Real Estate Full Magnetic Calendars. These calendars are completely printed on a magnetic surface to ensure year-long adhesion to any metal surface.

Wall Calendars. Our wall calendars offer an amazing array of style choices, and you can even select optional envelopes for mailing or hand delivery.

House Shaped Magnets. These calendars, formed in the shape of a house, are a clever way to gain attention.

Sports Calendar Schedules. Choose from baseball, football, NASCAR, or hockey. Each comes in a variety of style types.

Magna-Peel Calendars. These are a clever combination of a holiday postcard, rounded corner magnet and calendar all in one terrific marketing piece.

Real Estate School Calendars. Here’s a nice way to show your support for the community and provide a useful promotional item for your leads.

Custom Real Estate Calendars. ReaMark is pleased to offer a variety of customized calendars for those in the real estate for a nominal fee. Contact us for custom designs.

Now is the time to order to get your calendar in your prospects hands early, or consider sending your holiday card along with your calendar to save on postage!

Remember, at ReaMark, we only offer real estate marketing and promotional products. Because we specialize in this area we are experts at assisting agents and brokers grow their business. Contact us today for assistance in placing your order for your 2015 real estate calendars!

Magnetic Football Schedules: The Reamark Difference

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Aug 2nd, 2014


Magnetic Football Calendars for RealtorsFootball season is just weeks away. As the most popular sport in America, football appeals to men, women, and children of all ages. Why not take the hometown advantage this year with your real estate marketing and provide magnetic football schedules for your farm? Your magnet is sure to go right onto the fridge and remain there at least through February, possibly longer.

The Reamark Difference: High Quality Sports Schedules

At Reamark, we believe in only the best for our clients. That’s why we print on 25mL versus competitors who only use 15-20 mL. This gives the magnet quality your farm can feel and ensures that it will stay on the fridge.

Our Magnetic Football Schedules come in several different varieties and are also fully customizable. Choose from professional NFL teams, college teams, or create your own custom schedule for your local school.

We offer free, in-house professional design and can have your proof to you in 24-48 hours. Schedules usually ship within 5-7 business days. Order now so that your magnet reaches fridge for the beginning of the season. Save up to 35% if you order by September 15th.

Football Schedules: 1st in the Home Is First on the Fridge

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Jun 11th, 2014


Football Schedules for Real Estate AgentsYou might be thinking, “football season is still a few months away, why do I need to order my football schedule magnets now?” The answer is because the first real estate agent to deliver a magnetic football schedule to a home is the first one to get their magnet on the family’s fridge. The fridge is valuable marketing real estate and football fans only need one team schedule on their fridge. Order football schedules early to ensure prompt delivery and get ahead in your market.

When it comes to real estate promotional items, magnetic football schedules appeal to a wide audience. Football is the most popular sport in the country and appeals to men, women, and children of all ages. Come Fall, many families will schedule their activities around the football game schedule. At ReaMark, we offer full-color football schedule magnets and have a variety of different styles and sizes to fit every marketing budget.

Order Football Schedule Magnets Now

Summer may have just started, but that doesn’t mean you can take a vacation from your real estate marketing strategies. In fact, now is the time to get ahead of your competition and put in your order for magnetic football schedules. Waiting until the end of the summer to order your magnets puts you at a disadvantage and increases the risk that another realtor has already gotten their magnet on the fridge.

Early Order Discounts

Ordering your real estate promotional items early has another benefit: cost savings. If you place your order for football schedules before July 1st, you get a discount on your order. Save between 20% – 35% on orders depending on the items purchased. Prices go up after July 1st.
Don’t put off ordering your football schedule magnets until it’s too late. Get a discount by ordering before July 1st and get your magnet up on the fridges in your local market.


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