What makes Reamark Different? Our New Catalog is Coming!

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Sep 3rd, 2014

Real Estate Marketing CatalogHave you ever wondered why other real estate marketing companies don’t celebrate when they print a new products catalog? Because other than ReaMark, almost no other real estate marketing and promotion company prints a new product catalog!

At ReaMark, we believe it is important for our clients to have the option of browsing our thousands of items in a printed catalog. For many, seeing these items on colorfully-printed pages help them better envision the products they are considering ordering. It is not just a matter of convenience, but for many of our veteran real estate agents and brokers, it is also a matter of comfort.

At ReaMark we are excited because our 2015 catalog is almost ready. We expect the catalog to be shipped between September 5th and the 9th and encourage you to look out for it! We are proud of this new catalog with some brand new marketing and real estate promotional items, and the return of tried and true favorites.

You’ll find our new catalog a great way to brainstorm realtor marketing ideas you may not have previously considered. There are direct mail marketing campaigns, and promotional and marketing pieces for every season. Our quality products will help keep you name in front of prospects and help you build leads and sales! At ReaMark, we understand you need to see an ROI on your promotional and marketing items. That’s why we focus only on the real estate industry with real estate marketing ideas that have proven effective.

We don’t view printing a catalog as “old fashioned”. After all, we have a vibrant website with over 2,000 products you can order online should you choose. We see printing a catalog as a way to more personally reach our clients. Another example is that when you call ReaMark, you can talk to a live person who will assist you with your order details.  We even have designers on staff to help customize your products, and there’s no extra charge for the service. Our team works with real estate professionals from all over, and they will be glad to help you.

As we begin thinking about the New Year ahead, we are pleased to offer you our new catalog. If you are not currently on our mailing list, simply ask for it. We look forward to hearing from you once you get a chance to browse through it!

Millenials Are Skipping Starter Homes

Posted by Rick on Sep 13th, 2013

A recent trend that doesn’t seem to be ebbing is that of younger buyers buying high-priced real estate. Where has this come from and how long has it been happening? More importantly, how long is this expected to last?

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, this is a trend that’s only become more and more a reality of the real estate market over the last several years. It’s also been increasingly commonplace.

Often scared by the stock market and its fluctuation, younger buyers put more stock in property and its sustainable worth. This is a definite plus for us real estate agents if only we know how to capitalize on it properly. How do we deal with non-traditional buyers who are purchasing real estate they don’t traditionally buy?

We believe that it’s quite simple really. Using such tactics as real estate newsletters, real estate postcards, realtor calendars: this is what we’ve found to work. What’s more, when drafting your real estate news letters, why not include news references such as the above to pique the interest of potential buyers and also show that you’re aware of their interests.

Make sure to also be consistent. Continually letting your potential buyers know that you are particularly well-suited to be of service to them means that they will think of you first. What ideas do you have for reaching them or perhaps targeting them with custom real estate postcards?

Market Update

Posted by Rick on Sep 5th, 2013

2013 is well on its way and is shaping up to be much different than recent years in many ways, one of which is the real estate market. We at ReaMark wouldn’t be successful with real estate marketing tools were we not on top of the changes in the market from month to month and year to year. So what are the trends for the upcoming year and how can our products like real estate postcards help you in your goal of increased success?

One trend that’s been confirmed again and again is the lack of properties on the market. With fewer properties, realtors have less to work with making real estate even more competitive than it already is. Factoring into that shortage is the rush of potential buyers seeking out non-traditional approaches to buying a home such as going door-to-door to properties they are interested in buying, impatient to look through the lessened number of listings in real estate newsletters or through other publications.

Why do we mention the above changes in the market? One reason is that we feel it’s important to work together with realtors in ways to improve their success in a market like this with a buyer that has adapted to the changes. We need to adapt too. It’s of the utmost importance to continue sending out real estate door hangers and the like so that, should one of these enterprising buyers come knocking on the door of a home they like, the homeowner won’t need to think twice about who will help broker the deal or list their house to see if there might be better offers.

Being a household name in the real estate market these days is more important than ever to achieve success in listing and selling homes. Look through some of the products we have and see what would work for you. We wish you the best in the real estate market of 2013.

–The Team at ReaMark

Real Estate Trends

Posted by Rick on Jul 19th, 2013
Real Estate Tips
Credit: James Thompson

As we’ve mentioned before, the market is beginning to come around. In fact it’s considered that we have just passed that point of both low home prices and rock bottom mortgages however you, as a real estate agent, can still help those looking for homes. With deals still to be had, it’s important to get your name out there with some sort of promotional tool such as real estate postcards or real estate newsletters. It doesn’t really matter so long as you get your name out there.

So what’s the approach for capitalizing on the market’s current condition? There are a couple of different ways of catching the attention of potential homeowners. Buying a home with the idea of long-term ownership is an important idea to mention. Collaborating with your prospects makes them feel like you are both on the same side and working toward a common goal (which you are). Having the latest knowledge of the market is a sure way to assuage any fears your prospects might have about buying in this market.

What might be the best way to convey all of the above with a real estate postcard or real estate newsletter? Make sure to emphasize that this is a collaborative effort and that your knowledge of the market along with their vision for a home can come together for great results (a home they love and, for you, a commission you love). Speaking of different strategies, what do you find to be the most effective out there in this market?


Posted by Rick on Dec 15th, 2012


If you are not contacting clients, friends and acquaintances monthly!


GOLDEN RULES that you should follow in order to be a Success.

1.     You MUST contact your past clients, friends and acquaintances at least every month.

Over 50% of your business should come from referrals. YOU ARE LOSING MONEY If you are not mailing your contact list consistently. The larger your list the more successful you will be. You really need to sit down and put this lists into a workable database.

2.      Mail Just Listed/ Just Sold / Market updates and Open House Postcards.

Announce your success. Since referrals are the largest part of your business and you want to build up your contact list, these are the second most effective tool at your disposal. You should mail the entire neighborhood and also your current contact list.

3.     Set a Budget and track your results over time

The beauty of direct marketing is that is affordable and track able. If you have 400 contacts then you could be mailing them twelve times per year for as little as 47 cents each or $188 per month. One sale and you pay for the entire year.

4.     Become known as a specialist of your farm.

A business with no prospects will die. You need a reliable consistent source of leads. Since most consumers perceive all real estate professionals to be pretty much the same you must find ways to differentiate yourself. I get calls everyday from customers thanking me two years later telling me that they now get 25, 30 and even 50% of all listings in their neighborhood.


  • DISCOUNTS: We offer different levels of discounts depending upon the number of employees and ordering level.
  • FLEXABILITY: YOU choose how YOU want us to work with YOU! We can work with one manager or individual agents.
  • CUSTOMIZATION: We can develop a line of cards JUST FOR YOU or you can use our stock / custom products and Brand them to your company.
  • FREE SUPPLIES: We will put together a corporate price list; send you FREE catalogs and samples of any items you wish.
  • PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT:  We know what works and what doesn’t! You tell us your ideas, goals and budgets and we will present you with options of how to achieve your goals.



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