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Posted by Rick on Sep 5th, 2013

2013 is well on its way and is shaping up to be much different than recent years in many ways, one of which is the real estate market. We at ReaMark wouldn’t be successful with real estate marketing tools were we not on top of the changes in the market from month to month and year to year. So what are the trends for the upcoming year and how can our products like real estate postcards help you in your goal of increased success?

One trend that’s been confirmed again and again is the lack of properties on the market. With fewer properties, realtors have less to work with making real estate even more competitive than it already is. Factoring into that shortage is the rush of potential buyers seeking out non-traditional approaches to buying a home such as going door-to-door to properties they are interested in buying, impatient to look through the lessened number of listings in real estate newsletters or through other publications.

Why do we mention the above changes in the market? One reason is that we feel it’s important to work together with realtors in ways to improve their success in a market like this with a buyer that has adapted to the changes. We need to adapt too. It’s of the utmost importance to continue sending out real estate door hangers and the like so that, should one of these enterprising buyers come knocking on the door of a home they like, the homeowner won’t need to think twice about who will help broker the deal or list their house to see if there might be better offers.

Being a household name in the real estate market these days is more important than ever to achieve success in listing and selling homes. Look through some of the products we have and see what would work for you. We wish you the best in the real estate market of 2013.

–The Team at ReaMark

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