ReaMark Real Estate Marketing Products Celebrates Its 40,000th Customer

Posted by Rick on Jun 20th, 2008

Last month, ReaMark Real Estate Marketing Products celebrated the accomplishment of serving 40,000 satisfied customers. We are very proud of how customers have responded to our unconditional commitment to service, and accomplishing this feat rewards us with confidence.  Most of our customers are ordering our exclusively designed Real Estate Postcards and Real Estate Newsletters. With over 40,000 customers in all fifty states, we receive a large variety of requests for certain types of products. One of our best sellers this year has been our NEW “Spot Six Differences” Real Estate Postcards and our NEW Mail-able Seed Packets. We have also seen a 15% sales increase in our four-page Real Estate Newsletters.

The secret to our success is that we treat each and every customer as the most important customer we have. We realize and understand the importance of what we provide to our Real Estate Professionals, and are not afraid to go the extra mile to make sure that they are satisfied. It is not uncommon for our trained Real Estate sales consultants to assist two or three agents on one call; by ordering as a group customers are able to maximize the value that we provide.

In regards to marketing, it is now Fourth-of-July season for realtors, so we are receiving a lot of orders for Fourth-of-July Real Estate Postcards and Seed Packets. Maintaining our commitment to customer service, we make sure that most orders ship within just three days of receipt.

We realize that times are tough, especially in the Real Estate market. So, we have not increased any of our prices, even though the cost of paper has increased three times in the last twelve months. We feel very fortunate and sincerely appreciate each and every customer we serve with our Real Estate Marketing Products

Why JUST SOLD Real Estate Postcards are your best marketing value right now!

Posted by Rick on Jun 12th, 2008

Why JUST SOLD Real Estate Postcards are your best marketing value right now!

Throughout my nine years of working in Real Estate Marketing, and over two decades of experience in direct marketing, I am yet to find a promotional tool as essential in increasing your leads listing and sales as JUST SOLD Postcards.


With all of the turmoil and media creating concerns regarding buying a home right now, many potential buyers are waiting on the sideline. The best way to prove that Right now is still a good time to buy is to announce your success, in order to generate confidence in your clients and spread the word throughout the neighborhood.


Most of our top agents are mailing at least two JUST SOLD Postcards per month, many including multiple sales accomplishments on a single card, in order to get the best bang for their buck. 

Since referrals should account for over 60% of your business, it is especially important to create a buzz and positive mindset in your previous clients, family, and friends. JUST SOLD Postcards accomplish this by announcing your home-sales to a large group of people on a regular basis.


In addition to JUST SOLD and JUST LISTED cards, over 34,000 of our active customers are also sending out quarterly Market updates. By reporting this information on Jumbo Postcards or in newsletter format, Real Estate experts are drawing in business while informing their target market in an innovative and professional way.

Do not wait any longer! If you have recently sold properties, you owe it to yourself to announce your success. Remember: success breeds success.

At ReaMark, we offer a huge selection of eye-catching and professional looking Real Estate Postcards that can be custom-printed and mailed for as little as 41 cents each.


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