6 Timely Ways to Grow Your Real Estate Business

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Apr 16th, 2019

Staying in touch with clients and reaching out to prospective clients keeps your real estate business at the forefront of their minds. A person may not be ready to buy a house or sell his or her house just yet, but if you keep reminding that person that you are the real estate agent that can get the deal done, you’re going to be the one that person calls when it is time. So, just how do you stay in touch without being pushy? Send your prospective clients little reminders in the form of gifts that are usable.

Pick the Right Time to Send Reminders

In addition to sending the right gift, you need to pick the right time to send the gift. If you are sending a baseball schedule, you need to send that a few weeks before baseball season starts. If you send it in the middle of the season, or even worse, at the end of the season, it’s going to be chucked in the trash. Calendars should be sent before the end of the old year. If your prospective client buys a calendar, guess where yours might end up. Timing is everything, so when you choose a reminder gift to send out, keep that timing in mind.

Baseball Schedules

The 2019 MLB season is set to start on March 28 this year. You still have time to order baseball schedules for your local teams and get them to your current and prospective clients. Schedules may be ordered on full magnets, magnetic business cards, magna cards and laminated wallet cards.

4th Of July Postcards

It’s always nice to be remembered on holidays and that goes for clients. Show your clients some love by sending them a 4th Of July postcard. Choose from several designs including recipes for July.

Summer Recipe Postcards

During the summer, people are always looking for new recipes to try for summer gatherings. Pick our recipe cards for the summer months to send to your clients once every month. The recipes are all mouth-watering and easy to make, so your clients are sure to keep them around—and will see your name every time they make the recipe on the card.

Football Schedules

Preseason usually starts in August of every year, so you have plenty of time to order those football schedules for clients that are football fans. As with the baseball schedules, pick a format that goes best with your clientele.

Market Updates

People who are selling their homes want results, which means a quick sale for the best price possible. This means real estate agents are usually questioned about the number of sales they made in the past few months plus the number of sales that were within a certain percentage of the listing price. You can answer your clients’ questions by sending out market updates every month. By choosing a custom “Just Sold” postcard, you can add up to 10 photos of sold homes to let your clients know you get results.

Magnetic Memo Pads

Something that is always used is a memo pad. Many keep a magnetic memo pad on the fridge to write down items they need to pick up next time they go to the store. Or they may use it to jot down a phone number or other information. This is one “reminder” that you know will keep your name in your clients’ minds since it’s hanging on the fridge. And, your clients’ guests will see it too—you may even get a prospective client who inadvertently sends you a new client.

Visit ReaMark for Your Advertising Needs

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How to Set Up a Successful Postcard Marketing Campaign

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Apr 11th, 2019

One of the most trusted, proven marketing strategies for real estate professionals is direct mail postcard campaigns. There are several reasons real estate postcard campaigns are so effective.

  • They can be targeted to a specific “farm” or zip code
  • They can be custom designed
  • They build brands and gain attention
  • They are less expensive when sent in volume

In addition, real estate postcards and mailers can be sent to serve as timely reminders or include pertinent valuable information creating a longer shelf life. Examples include time-change postcard reminders and sports schedules or home and garden tips.

When real estate professionals build year-long campaigns using these powerful marketing tools, their effectiveness increases as potential prospects turn into leads and leads become sales.

One of the biggest mistakes those in real estate can make in planning a postcard campaign is not setting the right objectives. Here are some thoughts to keep in mind.

Four Tips for Setting Postcard Marketing Campaign Objectives

Know the Value of a Qualified Lead and Prospect

When setting objectives it is important to know the value of a quality or qualified lead and prospect. In real estate, this value can be quite high. Knowing this helps set the proper expectations for a real estate postcard campaign and the resources you invest in it. A single quality lead can ultimately be worth thousands of dollars to a real estate professional. If a postcard campaign returns several of these quality leads, it can pay significant dividends.

Determine Your Core Objectives

If your core objective is to gain immediate leads, your message may need more urgency than if you are building your brand and nurturing potential leads. For example, a postcard that touts the sale of a nearby home or new listing, or other area real estate-related news may have more urgency than a postcard that has a seasonal recipe. Keep in mind any contact with a postcard still increases name recognition and exposure.

successful postcard marketing campaign objectives tips

Know Who You are Targeting and Why

Real estate postcard campaigns are not meant to be “mass marketing.” Real estate postcard marketing campaigns are generally targeted to a specific geographic area, demographic, income level or style of home. This eliminates waste by focusing your efforts on the group of prospects with the most potential value to you. The better you define your target market, the clearer your objectives can be and the more likely you will achieve them.

Test and Track Your Results

There are a lot of variables that need to be taken into account in creating real estate postcard objectives. Is it a buyers’ or sellers’ market? Do you already have a reputation in the business or are you building one? What are you asking recipients to do? If, for example, you are giving away a valuable prize and only want recipients to sign up on your website, you will likely get more responses that if you initially ask them to request a free in-home appraisal. Test various types of cards with differing calls to action to determine expectation and objectives for your next campaign.

We Can Help!

For almost two decades ReaMark has been helping real estate professionals create, design and implement successful postcard campaigns. We can assist you. Our professional staff will help you develop a campaign that will be effective and that meets and exceeds your expectations. We offer free design assistance and a wide selection of products created to deliver results. We can even help in creating your EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) campaign. Contact us today and meet your objectives for real estate season with ReaMark!

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