The Fall Real Estate Forecast: What The Experts Are Saying

Posted by Rick on Sep 29th, 2023
house during the fall season

Weather isn’t the only thing that affects seasonality in real estate. With kids going back to school and sporting seasons kicking off, buyers and sellers are preoccupied and more reluctant to enter the market in the fall. This blog provides insights into the fall real estate market and how you can ramp up your real estate marketing to take advantage of the lack of competition.

Fall Real Estate Seasonality

According to Investopedia, June, July, and August are the busiest time for real estate agents. Meanwhile, November to February represents the slowest season for buyers and sellers. The holiday season and start of the school affect the real estate industry in a big way. For clients with children, it’s an inconvenient time to uproot the family. Buyers and sellers tend to wait for summer when they have more time and the kids aren’t in the middle of the school year.

To encourage buyers and sellers to enter the fall market, stay in touch with Fall Time Change postcards, Calendars and Football schedules.

Market Trends

Price cuts were on the rise in August and rose 23.4% compared to 21.8% in July, and listings sat for an average of 13 days prior to receiving an offer. Additionally, sales were down nearly 19% year over year.

On the bright side, August brought a 4.0% increase in new listings when compared to the prior month. The late summer uptick may represent a shift from the dry listing statistics plaguing the industry for the past year.

How Has Fall Seasonality Defined the Market Historically

The market typically slows down in the fall. However, it presents an opportunity for motivated sellers. For clients with the means to do so, you can suggest buying in the fall or winter months when prices drop. If clients can rent or stay with family members until the spring, they can maximize the margin between the price they sold their home for and the price they pay for a new home.

What Are the Latest Interest Rate Trends

According to CNBC, some economists predict lower rates in the next few months. Continuing to increase rates could have a negative impact on the global economy. Additionally, Morningstar forecasts a dramatic decrease in interest rates by the end of the year. However, not all experts agree.

Not all experts are predicting lower interest rates. Forbes found that some experts believe interest rates will remain high due to inflation, which remains above the Fed’s watermark of 2%.

Inventory Levels and Housing Prices

The NAR predicts a tight inventory through the remainder of 2023. The housing inventory is expected to remain tight in 2024, The median price for existing homes is expected to drop by 4%, from $379,100 in October to roughly $368,000 next year.

Buyer Behavior

Buyer behavior changes in the fall due to various factors, such as weather, school year, holidays, and consumer confidence. Some buyers may postpone their home purchase until the spring or summer when there are more options and better weather conditions. Others may take advantage of lower prices and less competition in the fall and winter months.

If you need help ramping up your realtor marketing, consider adding 2024 real estate marketing calendars to your next campaign. These direct mail pieces keep your contact information handy when buyers and sellers decide to make a move this fall or beyond. Plus, calendars remain on walls and desks for months, providing increased exposure for your brand.

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Fall into Success: How Calendars Can Boost Your Realtor Marketing This Autumn

Posted by Rick on Sep 15th, 2023

Seasonal trends in real estate vary according to the laws of supply and demand. Generally, spring and summer are peak seasons for homeowners to put their properties on the market for buyers to snatch them up. Boosting your fall sales can help you make up for the slower winter selling season.

Real estate calendars serve multiple purposes. By sending your real estate marketing calendars out in the fall, you help your clients and prospective clients prepare for the coming year. Savvy real estate professionals also use them to keep their name top of mind for those who need a nudge to enter the market.

Challenges and Opportunities of Fall Real Estate Marketing

The fall season can be a good time to market real estate, but there may be fewer buyers and smaller inventories than during peak seasons. Here are some of the challenges and opportunities of fall direct mail marketing.

  • Challenges:
    • You may have to work harder for leads and qualified prospects.
    • Unpredictable weather can make it difficult to schedule in-person showings.
    • Families may not want to move during the school year.
  • Opportunities:
    • Fall foliage creates a gorgeous backdrop for photos and videos (depending on where you’re located).
    • Buyers may be more motivated to sell before winter weather sets in.
    • Sellers may be more willing to negotiate to find a home before the holidays.

How Realtor Calendars Can Prevent a Fall Slump

Real estate marketing calendars can help you communicate with clients. Align your postcard and newsletter campaigns with local events printed on your customized calendars. You can choose from numerous styles and tap into the wealth of knowledge accumulated by our marketing and sales experts.

Fall realtor calendars may include the following:

  • Scenic magnetic tear-off calendars easily affix to office cabinets or refrigerators, providing you with continuous exposure.
  • Seasonal content offers home maintenance tips or insights on buying or selling in the fall (and other seasons).
  • School calendars highlight important dates for parents and provide your contact information at a glance.
  • Four seasons calendars present beautiful color images that celebrate the entire year. Use them to highlight sports schedules for local teams.

Fall is a great time for both buyers and sellers. The opportunity to negotiate better prices and terms will appeal to motivated buyers. Plus, you can attract serious sellers by providing valuable information they can use. Incorporate fall realtor calendar campaigns with postcard and other direct mail marketing options available through the experienced team at ReaMark.

Reach out to our team today to discuss your fall real estate calendars or for fresh ideas to beat the fall slump!


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