Sell Your Home Faster This Summer with Creative Outdoor Staging

Posted by Rick on Jun 12th, 2024

Many homeowners focus on decluttering and staging the inside of the house before putting it on the market. While that’s incredibly important, it’s easy to overlook outdoor spaces that are top of mind for summer buyers. Remind your clients that prospective buyers won’t walk through the door if there’s no curb appeal. The team at ReaMark has put together the following real estate marketing ideas for creative outdoor staging. Be sure to include them in your summer postcard campaign or customize your real estate marketing with your own ideas.

Entryways and Front Yards

Don’t underestimate the power of staging entryways and front yards. Here are a few ideas to include in your realtor marketing, such as door hangers and newsletters (now 50% off!):

  • Declutter: You may love your holiday decorations and yard gnomes, but that doesn’t mean buyers will. Keep yard decor to a minimum to make your front yard look organized.
  • Cut the grass: Keep your lawn well-manicured to make the best impact in listing photos and at showings. 
  • Trim bushes and trees: Remove limbs that overhang your home and trim shrubs and bushes long pathways and under your front windows. 
  • Invest in storage: Small sheds are an affordable solution and increase the value of your home. They also give you a place to stow mowers and gardening tools out of sight.
  • Entryway decor: Add colorful pots of flowers or greenery to boost the aesthetic of your entryway. Does your dull door need an upgrade? A fresh coat of paint does wonders for drab door and window frames. Don’t overdo the decor, or you could end up making your entryway look smaller.

Deck Out Your Patios and Decks

Summer buyers want to imagine themselves entertaining guests on a well-maintained patio or deck. So, depersonalize your backyard by putting away toys that belong to your kids and pets. Here are some additional tips to pass onto potential sellers looking to spruce up their backyards:

  • Powerwash hardscapes: Over the years, patios and decks accumulate dirt and debris. Rinse away the years with a powerwasher to create a pristine surface you can use as a backdrop for inviting seating areas and greenery. 
  • Invest in potted plants: Potted plants are easier to install than planted ones. They also give new buyers more options to make the space their own. Add a little color with fresh annuals and perennials from the local gardening center. Hardy petunias, impatiens, and Celosia are gorgeous and bloom all summer long.
  • Add outdoor lighting: From fairy lights to pathway illumination, lighting makes your backyard safer and highlights your outdoor spaces beautifully at night. 
  • Invest in new patio furniture: Get rid of ripped and stained patio furniture and invest in new lounges, tables, and chairs. This will help buyers imagine themselves in the space, and you can take the furniture with you once you make a sale.

Offer to meet with potential buyers to give them tips on how to prepare their outdoor spaces for a fast sale this summer. We would be happy to brainstorm and create postcards and other direct mail pieces highlighting your advice for creating a hot summer listing. If you would like real estate marketing ideas, reach out to the team at ReaMark today.

The Role of Calendars in Building Client Relationships

Posted by Marketing on May 10th, 2024

Realtor marketing calendars are more than great promotional items, they provide true value to recipients. While reminding clients of important dates, real estate calendars also keep your name and contact details in front of potential buyers and sellers. ReaMark offers a variety of wall and magnetic calendars to choose from — and you can try them all! First, let’s explore the role of calendars in building client relationships.

How Real Estate Marketing Calendars Bring You Closer to Clients

Whether you choose magnetic or wall calendars, these promotional items solidify your brand and keep your contact information at eye level. Recipients will display your calendars on the refrigerator, wall, desktop, and other highly visible areas.

Attracting Leads With Magnetic Calendars

With the help of the ReaMark team, you can choose the most appropriate graphics and content for your magnetic calendars. Do you want to reach young families? Feature important school dates and holidays for maximum impact. That’s just one way to connect to your clients through full-color calendars.

Highlight key dates relevant to your target audience. For example, many realtor marketing calendars feature local sports teams, so fans remain aware of important games. You can also design school sports schedules (Now 30% off!) in honor of local athletes.

Choose from the following categories of magnetic realtor calendars:

  • Recipe calendars
  • Home tips calendars
  • Scenic calendars
  • Other real estate calendars

    Wall Calendars Build Relationships

    With wall calendars, you have more space to entertain, delight, and educate your prospective clients. High-quality printing enhances local landmarks and homes and makes it easy to highlight your familiarity with the area. By including local events and homeowner tips, you increase the utility of your real estate calendars. At the end of the day, you want to position yourself as an expert in all things local. Realtor calendars make it easy to do so. Offer limited edition wall calendars with a personalized message to connect to recipients on a deeper level.

    Multiple Sizes & Formats for Tailored Calendars

    Which ReaMark real estate marketing calendar best suits your needs?

    • 4″ x 7″ Full Magnet Calendars: Perfect for placement on refrigerators and 140 designs.
    • Magnetic Tear-Off Calendars: Our 3.5″ x 6″ calendars come in 12-month formats with many design choices and cover options. You also receive free envelopes to facilitate distribution.
    • Large 3.5″ x 9″ Full & Strip Magnet Calendars: This is the perfect format for school and sports schedules.
    • Jumbo Postcard Calendars with Magnetic Strip: Purchase UV-coated jumbo cards (8.5″ x 5.5″) for maximum impact and easy-to-install magnetic strips.
    • Medium 3.5″ x 6″ Full Magnet Calendars: This is one of our most popular choices. There are dozens of designs to choose from.
    • Wall Calendars: For broader reach, consider sending out real estate marketing calendars that can be ready in 12-18 business days.
    • School Calendars: Cater to families with calendars packed full of important school events.

    Build your client relationships with gorgeous, practical calendars they’ll appreciate. Contact the team at ReaMark for assistance with your realtor calendars for the school or calendar year.

    Realtor Marketing: Ideas for Spring Cleaning Tips

    Posted by Marketing on Apr 9th, 2024

    Spring cleaning gives homeowners a jump on tidying up cluttered spaces. Not only does an organized space make things easier to find, but it also makes it easier for buyers to envision how the home functions. Your real estate postcards for this season should include spring cleaning and organizing tips that make potential listings that much more appealing. Besides, a fresh space feels inviting and may even increase the number of offers for the home.

    Spring is a great time to remind prospective sellers that first impressions matter. Feel free to use the following tips from the team at ReaMark in your realtor marketing.

    Windows: Conquering Dust and Grime

    No matter how great the view, potential buyers won’t enjoy looking through grimy windows. Make it easy for your target audience to cut through the dust and dirt standing between them and fantastic curb appeal, starting with proper window washing techniques:

    • Wash curtains and window treatments.
    • Replace bent or damaged curtain rods.
    • Use a damp cloth to dust the window sills.
    • Clean the panes with a non-streaking glass cleaner and microfiber cloth.
    • A portable vacuum cleaner does a great job of clearing out window tracks and clearing any loose debris.
    • For blinds, use a microfiber cloth to wipe each slat. You can also soak most blinds in soapy water to loosen stubborn dirt.
    • Steam or iron curtains before rehanging them.

    Carpets: Put Your Best Foot Forward with Clean Floors

    Help your clients showcase large rooms and unique architectural details without the negative attention generated by carpet stains and odors. Include these carpet cleaning tips on your realtor postcards to kick off your marketing for the warmer seasons:

    • Going through the home room by room, taking breaks in between, is the best strategy for spring carpet cleaning. 
    • Thoroughly vacuum the carpet, moving furniture to get under and behind everything.
    • Sprinkle baking soda on carpets before vacuuming to neutralize pet and household odors.
    • To remove stains and refresh your carpets, break out the shampoo (or rent one for the job).
    • Deep cleaning removes dirt deep in carpet fibers and removes dust mites.

    Other Tips for Spring Cleaning Realtor Postcards

    With nature burgeoning outside, many homeowners find themselves with extra energy in the spring. Encourage your clients to harness their inner neat freak to tackle areas that collect dust, including the following:

    • Baseboards and molding: Use a microfiber cloth with a solution of warm water and dish soap to wipe them clean. Say goodbye to dust that can trigger allergies with top to bottom cleaning!
    • Ceiling fans: Dust ceiling fan blades using a long-handled duster to avoid back strains and falls. You can wash the blades with warm water and dish soap but dry them completely before reattaching. Tip: If you reverse the fan blades to heat your home more efficiently in the winter, remember to switch them back. 
    • Door frames and knobs: Wipe down door frames and knobs with a damp cloth. Tip: Use disinfectant wipes to get rid of greasy fingerprints.
    • Light fixtures: It’s hard to spotlight layered lighting beneath layers of dust. Clean lamp shades and surfaces as directed by the manufacturer. You can use an upholstery attachment or wipe down lighting fixtures.
    • Air vents: For improved indoor air quality, homeowners should remember to clean the vents. Removing the vent cover makes it easier to clean and gives you access to the vent interior.

    Clean Homes Sell Faster

    A sparkling home is easier to stage for photos and showings.  By removing clutter, homeowners create open spaces and facilitate traffic flow during showings and open houses. Most importantly, clean homes sell faster than cluttered ones. So incorporate spring cleaning tips in your real estate marketing to connect with prospective sellers and help maximize their sales price (and your commission). Contact the team at ReaMark for additional ideas for your real estate marketing. You can customize your real estate postcards or send out home maintenance tips put together by our team for your convenience.

    Spring Home Maintenance Reminders

    Posted by Rick on Apr 2nd, 2024

    Springtime brings a burst of life and exuberance that’s contagious. As part of your real estate marketing strategy, encourage homeowners to complete maintenance tasks that make their properties appealing. Proper maintenance is essential for prospective sellers to move their listings to the closing table quickly. However, you can also stay connected with new homeowners with essential home maintenance tips delivered via postcards, newsletters, or door hangers.

    The team at ReaMark can help you customize your spring maintenance postcards. Here are a few ideas to get started!

    Scheduling HVAC Tune-Ups Early

    As the seasons change, homeowners can take proactive steps to maintain their HVAC systems. In the spring, that means scheduling annual maintenance for ACs, mini-splits, or heat pumps before the season rush. There are many benefits to booking HVAC tune-ups early, including:

    • Preventing Breakdowns: By scheduling a tune-up, you minimize the risk of unexpected breakdowns.
    • Longevity: Well-maintained HVAC systems last longer. Preventive maintenance can extend the life of your equipment.
    • More comfortable environment: Scheduling cooling system maintenance in the early spring ensures a comfortable environment for homeowners as well as prospective buyers.

    You can expand your spring real estate marketing campaign with maintenance reminders for plumbing, gutters, and other systems.

    Fertilizing the Yard

    Homeowners can lay the seeds for a future sale by creating a lush yard. A green lawn forms the foundation of beautiful landscaping that will wow prospective buyers. Regular fertilization minimizes weeds and contributes to a beautiful landscape. Include these tips for your realtor marketing this spring:

    • Soil Testing: Start by conducting a soil test, so you can select the right fertilizer for a richer lawn.
    • Type of Fertilizer: Select a balanced fertilizer with nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). Ratios of 10-10-10 or 20-10-10 are effective.
    • Follow instructions: Follow the instructions on the fertilizer package. Use a spreader to evenly distribute the fertilizer across your lawn.
    • Watering: Watering the lawn distributes the fertilizer deep into the soil.

    Follow up your fertilizer reminders with additional real estate postcards featuring tips on how to create lasting curb appeal for fast spring and summer sales.

    Adding Flowers and Other Features for Curb Appeal

    Choose landscape maintenance tips prepared by the ReaMark team or customize your message to add flower power to potential listings. Here are a few ideas, but you can also add your own!

    • Flower Beds: Plant colorful flowers in well-defined beds along walkways or near the entrance. Choose varieties that thrive in your climate and require minimal maintenance.
    • Upgrade your outdoor lighting: Install outdoor lighting fixtures to illuminate pathways, highlight architectural features, and create a warm ambiance during evenings.
    • Front Door Upgrade: Consider painting your front door in a bold color or replacing it with a stylish design. The front door is a focal point and sets the tone for your home.

    Add continuity to your realtor marketing with summer maintenance tips you can send out in June or July.

    Need more ideas for your springtime realtor postcards? Contact the ReaMark team today!

    5 Great Ideas for Spring Real Estate Postcards and Calendars

    Posted by Rick on Mar 19th, 2024

    Tap into the power of spring with real estate calendars and postcards that capture the feel of the season. Eye-catching postcards with useful information and calendars featuring local sports teams and events can help you connect with current and future clients. Utilize the following ideas from ReaMark in your spring marketing campaign.

    Four Ways to Connect With Clients Via Postcards This Spring

    You can choose from our existing selection of spring realtor postcards, or work with your ReaMark marketing expert to customize a theme and message of your own:

    • Flower Power: Showcase the beauty of blooming flowers in your area. Use vibrant floral images as the backdrop for your postcards. You can even include gardening tips or information about local flower festivals.
    • Spring Cleaning Tips: Many homeowners or prospective homeowners use the burst of energy that comes with spring to do some heavy housekeeping. Include checklists for decluttering, organizing, and refreshing living spaces. You can nudge prospective sellers by reminding them that decluttered homes sell faster.
    • Springtime Fun: Outdoor activities often kick in gear during the spring. Look for local events to promote. This might include art and music festivals, spring events, farmers’ markets, art festivals, and open houses. Include event dates, locations, and dates, along with your contact information on both sides of our jumbo postcards.
    • Before and After: Many homeowners spruce up their landscape in spring. Consider sponsoring a contest of before and after winter to spring photos. Alternatively, you can send tips on home to enhance curb appeal without breaking the bank.

    If you’re looking for more ideas to continue your spring marketing campaign, refreshing recipes, neighborhood market updates, and just listed/just sold messaging with seasonal graphics are always a great way to showcase your commitment to providing added value to your clients.

    Choose Spring Sports Themes for Real Estate Calendars

    Do you have a local major league or farm sports team? Besides offering traditional 12-month calendars, you can keep your target audience informed with spring training calendars. Here are just a few ideas that will build on local interests:

    • Baseball team schedules for training and games.
    • Combine sports with outdoor activities and events.
    • Race Day Calendar for local marathons, 5Ks, and cycling events.
    • Youth Sports Spotlight Calendar (Little League baseball, soccer, track and field).

    Featuring local sports teams in your calendar direct mail has other benefits besides providing valuable information to prospective clients. You can tie into marketing on other channels by highlighting the same information and providing background information on local sports personalities and teams. If you sponsor a local team, including them in your calendar could deepen your connection with the community. Additionally, it’s not too early to think about school calendars that will stay on display throughout the summer and beyond.

    From 4 x 7 jumbo realtor postcards to magnetic calendars that are easy to display on metallic surfaces, ReaMark has a wide selection of styles and sizes to choose from.

    Ready to Get Started?

    Contact the ReaMark marketing team to build your spring postcard and calendar direct mail pieces. If you need assistance with crafting an effective message, feel free to reach out to a member of our team. We also have informative blogs with ideas that can fuel your realtor direct mail marketing all year long.Call our team today for ideas for spring real estate postcards and calendars, or to get your campaign up and running. It’s easy to order by phone at 1-800-932-2957!

    From Just Listed to Just Sold: Strategic Marketing Tips for Every Stage of the Listing

    Posted by Rick on Feb 15th, 2024

    Obtaining a listing is a huge deal, but the job isn’t done until you have a signed contract from a qualified buyer. How can you capitalize on your listings and sales long after closing? Start by advertising your success in your direct mail campaigns with ReaMark Just Listed and Just Sold postcards.

    Let Your Listings and Sales Speak for Themselves

    With custom just listed/just sold postcards, you can use photos of your actual listings and sales. Full-color graphics on the front and back of jumbo postcards entice new and existing customers to learn more. Our experts can help you craft personalized messages, but so can your clients!

    • Put the message in your customer’s voice by asking them to write a letter about how you helped them sell their property.
    • For shy clients, ask if you can draft a message to submit for their approval.
    • Consider including a picture of the listed or sold property next to the quote.

    This approach has two advantages. Not only do you strengthen your bond with your clients, but you also give them a unique voice that new sellers and buyers can relate to.

    How to Close the Deal

    When you send just listed/just sold postcards, give recipients a motivating reason to act. Otherwise, your news updates and self-promotion will fail to generate new listings and sales. Consider the following tactics to create a sense of urgency:

    • Offer a free valuation of the homeowner’s property to move prospective sellers down the sales funnel.
    • Include a “hotline” number for free advice for prospective clients who want to sell their homes.
    • Curate a database of your target audience. Include income range and length of residence, along with any other information you can glean during interactions with people online or in person. Do they have children?

    Families with children move every 5 years on average, increasing the odds of repeat business and long-term relationships. If you’re working in a new neighborhood, consider Every Door Direct Mailing campaigns to increase your brand recognition. Our marketing team can assist with newsletters, calendar mailings and greeting cards that appeal to your demographic.

    The Unique Appeal of Direct Mail Campaigns

    People can hold postcards, door hangers and other direct mail pieces in their hands. This tangible contact with your message makes it more memorable. Additionally, many homeowners will pass your message on to friends and family members looking for a qualified real estate agent. Here are just a few ReaMark products to consider in your spring and summer marketing campaigns:

    • Newsletters featuring information about community events and your latest listings and sales.
    • Market updates on postcards with your contact information on two sides.
    • Followup postcards with animal themes to entertain recipients and keep your name top of mind.
    • Recipe cards that residents can collect and share.
    • Neighborhood news for new and established homeowners and prospective buyers.

    At ReaMark, our marketing team is a valuable resource when it comes to brainstorming effective ways to increase your listings and close more sales. Real estate direct marketing is a valuable tool for professionals looking to build long-term relationships with clients.Contact us today to motivate sellers and buyers to move forward with their decisions.

    Seasonal Realtor Newsletter Ideas to Keep Content Fresh All Year Round

    Posted by Rick on Jan 30th, 2024
    realtor newsletter

    Realtor newsletters let you reach out to prospective sellers and buyers with the latest market news and seasonal tips. Whether you wish to highlight just listed/just sold properties in the neighborhood or focus on the regional market, a real estate newsletter is the perfect place to establish your expertise. You can also choose topics of local interest, such as community events and local history spotlights, that will help newcomers feel at home and keep current residents connected.

    ReaMark 4-page realtor newsletters feature two large spaces for your contact information and photo and plenty of space to disseminate wintergreen and seasonal content. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

    Spring Home Maintenance Tips

    Spring is a great time to reach out to your audience as they emerge from the winter slump. Here are a few fresh ideas you can share in your spring newsletter:

    1. Provide tips on keeping a home exterior clean and well-maintained.
    2. Remind recipients to complete lawn maintenance tasks to maintain curb appeal.
    3. Add advice on spring deep cleaning and decluttering before putting a home on the market.

    Pair your spring newsletter with monthly prospecting postcards featuring holiday and seasonal themes to keep your name in front of buyers and sellers.

    Summer Market Trends

    Summer is a hot season for buyers, who often start their search in warmer weather. Attract and convert prospects with the following content ideas:

    • Highlight the latest market trends, such as the average home price and the number of homes sold.
    • Provide insights on staging, landscaping, and curb appeal.
    • Guide buyers to the home of their dreams with insightful tips on the sales process.

    If you need help customizing your newsletter, reach out to the team at ReaMark. We have helped real estate pros build their brand with relevant news and tips that provide real value to potential buyers and sellers. Our mailing options make it easier than ever to organize your summer marketing campaigns.

    Fall Decoration Ideas

    There are fewer buyers in the fall, so it’s essential to help your listings stand out. Seasonal decor is a great way to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Use real estate newsletters to share your personal staging and decorating advice.

    Here are just a few tips that will keep your newsletter in your clients’ hands longer:

    • Add warm colors, such as blue or maroon, to make door decorations stand out.
    • Incorporate natural elements in centerpieces and wall decor.
    • Include colder weather preparation tips, such as scheduling HVAC maintenance.
    • Remind homeowners and prospects to seal windows and doors to keep their homes warm.

    Additionally, you can reinforce your fall marketing with holiday greeting cards that inspire a festive mood and enhance your brand awareness.

    Winter Home Safety Checks

    How can you stay in touch with your clients in the harsh winter months? Focus on safety tips, such as cleaning the furnace, installing security cameras, and changing the smoke detector batteries, or highlight smart products that save energy and money. This may include programmable thermostats, smart sensors or light fixtures, and smart hubs that simplify home security and maintenance. You can also include a market summary of the current year along with your predictions of what to expect in the real estate market in the new year.

    When you put together your winter realtor newsletters, don’t forget to mention that winter is a great time to buy or sell a home, especially for clients that want to avoid a crowded market. Don’t forget to order your real estate calendars to keep your contact information in front of clients year-round.

    Choose from 25+ timeless designs, perfect for any season, or work with the team at ReaMark to create content that sets you apart. Contact us today to take advantage of deep discounts available for a limited time!

    Top 10 Real Estate Marketing Tools for 2024

    Posted by Rick on Jan 15th, 2024

    If you want to become a better real estate agent, work smarter, not harder. With consistent real estate direct mail, your customers come face to face with your contact information and marketing materials. You can provide all the tools prospective clients need to get ready for the next step in their real estate journey. By staying in touch with buyers and sellers, you keep your brand alive and keep your name top of mind when clients decide to make a move.

    Real Estate Direct Mail Products That Boost Your Business

    Over the last few decades, ReaMark has helped thousands of real estate professionals unleash their full potential with targeted direct mail marketing campaigns. Take advantage of direct mail and promotional products that have your contact name and information printed on them.

    Here are the top 10 real estate marketing tools for 2024:

    1. Real Estate Postcards: Choose from postcards with real estate or other themes. Customizable jumbo postcards promote your business, advertise your listings, and keep you in touch with buyers and sellers.

    2. Real Estate Calendars: Work with the ReaMark staff to produce calendars that remind clients about holidays, games, and other important events. From magnetic calendars to traditional wall calendars, you can choose the best format to appeal to your prospects.

    3. Real Estate Direct Mail Services: If you need assistance distributing your newsletters, postcards, calendars, and other direct mail pieces, we can help. Learn how our white glove mailing services can give you more time to focus on closing deals.

    4. Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) services: Let us facilitate EDDM campaigns available through the U.S. Postal Service. EDDM is a great way to connect with prospective clients in a new neighborhood. You can send a postcard to every home on a specified mail route.

    5. Real Estate Newsletters: Personalized newsletters provide valuable information about the latest real estate trends. Our team can put your newsletters directly in the mail or deliver them to your home office.

    6. Door Hangers: Customizable door hangers are a succinct way to promote your latest listings or just sold properties. Include information about your expertise to attract more clients to your business while saving money on postage.

    7. Holiday Cards and Greeting Cards: Need a fresh way to connect with clients? Holiday cards can deepen your relationship with current and future clients. Deliver holiday cheer and birthday greetings directly to your clients’ mailbox. You can also send greeting cards to help clients celebrate their one-year anniversary in a new home.

    8. Labels: Customizable labels promote your business and advertise your listings.

    9. Business Cards: Find out how you can print business cards that align with your direct mail marketing campaign and put your contact information directly in your clients’ hands.

    10. Notepads and Pens: Customizable notepads give clients an easy way to take notes on properties they love. Consider pairing notepads with promotional pens that clients can use to sign paperwork at the closing table.Contact the team at ReaMark today to learn more about how to use real estate direct mail and promotional items to promote your business!

    Don’t Forget Your Clients and Prospects Over the Holidays

    Posted by Rick on Dec 12th, 2023

    Now is the time to remember the most important people in your professional life, your clients. It’s also a great time to connect with prospective sellers and buyers. Holiday-themed recipe cards get passed around to family members and neighbors. Greeting cards by ReaMark can keep your contact information within sight throughout the holidays and beyond. Additionally, it’s not too late to send calendars to help your contacts ring in the new year!

    Reamark has the perfect message for the holidays, no matter which format you choose. So, choose a thoughtful gift from ReaMark to build and deepen your real estate connections.

    Festive or Funny Holiday Greeting Cards

    Start by choosing the right card to convey your message. From tropical Christmas themes to snow covered homes and decorations, there are dozens of cards in contemporary or traditional styles to choose from. All of our holiday greeting cards include complementary envelopes and we also have a mailing service if you’d like us to handle your shipping.

    Feel free to reach out to our team for marketing advice or concierge services to make the holidays brighter for your clients.

    Holiday Postcards in Your Favorite Theme

    Whether it’s a cozy home illustration or a snowy landscape, there are dozens of holiday postcards to choose from. Whether you choose a puppy in a Santa hat or a festive scene featuring trees and other symbols of the season, you’ll have plenty of choices when it comes to finalizing your holiday postcard direct mail campaign.

    Our jumbo postcards make a real impact and resonate with prospective buyers and sellers. The more you put your name in front of your potential clients, the more likely they are to call you when they’re ready to buy or sell in the new year.

    Holiday Recipe Cards Ensure a Delicious Celebration

    Maximize your end-of-year marketing with yummy recipes delivered to your customers’ doors. Learn about the concepts that keep your holiday recipe cards feeding your marketing funnel all year long. When you work with our marketing team and personalize your messaging, you’ll make a lasting impression and start the new year strong.

    Have You Shipped Your 2024 Calendars Yet?

    ReaMark offers numerous styles that you can use to customize your holiday calendars. Consider our convenient Peel-N-Stick calendars that ship in as few as three days. Rectangular and house-shaped calendars with holiday themes and magnetic backs are a great way to provide real value to prospects this holiday season.

    ReaMark 2024 calendars make great gifts and a smart addition to your real estate direct mail marketing campaign.

    There are many sizes and themes to choose from:

    • Medium 3.5″ x 6″ Full Magnet
    • Large Wall Calendars
    • Postcard Calendars

    Remember, the holidays are an opportunity to strengthen bonds, express gratitude, and create lasting impressions. ReaMark is proud to help you make a lasting impression with your clients.

    Contact us today to wrap up your holiday marketing campaign and start the new year strong!

    Make 2024 a Great Year with Real Estate Marketing Calendars

    Posted by Rick on Oct 31st, 2023

    In the wake of a significant slowdown in the real estate market throughout 2023, it’s never been more crucial to prioritize your marketing efforts. The landscape has shifted, and to stay ahead of the competition, incorporating 2024 real estate marketing calendars into your strategy is a wise move. ReaMark is here to guide you through this essential step towards success.

    Why Real Estate Marketing Calendars Are Indispensable in 2024

    Why are real estate calendars so valuable in today’s market? Here are some compelling reasons:

    1. **Physical Presence**: Despite the digital age, many households still rely on physical calendars to plan their months and family activities. Open-block style calendars allow people to jot down important dates like birthdays and special occasions. These calendars serve as a means of communication within families and households.

    2. **Visibility**: At ReaMark, we offer a range of calendar styles that are designed to be prominently displayed in homes. Our magnetic calendars, for instance, often find their place on refrigerators and are viewed daily by family members and friends. This means your real estate information remains front and center when potential clients are in need of professional real estate services.

    3. **Long-Term Value**: For real estate agents seeking to maximize their marketing investment, real estate marketing calendars offer an exceptional return on investment. Typically distributed in November or December of the previous year, these calendars provide value throughout the entire following year. That’s long-lasting marketing value that keeps working for you.

    4. **Tailored Designs**: ReaMark offers a wide array of designs catering to various personalities and preferences. Whether you want to convey “Home Maintenance Tips,” share “Recipes,” offer “Motivational” content, or cater to sports enthusiasts, you’ll find a design that aligns with your brand. Choose from pocket calendars, wall calendars, magnetic calendars, and more to suit your specific marketing needs.

    5. **Customization**: You have the option to not only select a design and style that represents your brand but also create personalized graphics, logos, and messages. Our team of marketing professionals is ready to assist you in crafting a unique design tailored to your real estate business.

    Act Now and Secure Your 2024 Real Estate Marketing Calendars

    Don’t delay—take advantage of our special offers today to ensure your calendars are the first to find their way into homes:

    – Enjoy calendar specials with discounts of up to 20%, 30%, and even 35% off select designs. This is the perfect opportunity to order your 2024 Real Estate Marketing Calendars.

    Order Your 2024 Real Estate Marketing Calendars Today

    Getting your real estate marketing calendars now is the smart, efficient way to kickstart your 2024 marketing campaign. Explore our vast selection of 400 different designs available in 10 different styles by visiting the calendar section of our website. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our experienced marketing professionals. ReaMark has proudly served real estate brokers and agents for over 17 years, and we’re committed to helping you thrive in the evolving real estate landscape of 2024.

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