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Virtual Home Tours in Times of COVID-19

Posted by Marketing on Jul 9th, 2020

Despite social distancing and PPE requirements, it’s still possible to show and sell homes safely. By taking advantage of digital technology, real estate agents can direct homeowners on how to stage the property and conduct virtual tours with home buyers sitting safely at home. Let’s take a look at what applications agents are using to show homes virtually and how you can maximize your exposure with smart direct marketing. 

Virtual Showing Technology

For empty properties, you can still do live showings, walking the client through the home, pointing out features and lingering in certain rooms remote buyers want to see more of. Some owners invest in virtual reality home tours that give prospective home buyers a panoramic, 3D view of each room. Virtual neighborhood walks and drives provide even more context for buyers to make an informed decision. 

Thanks to new technology, virtual showings reveal much more than clicking through gallery pictures. Best of all, you can maintain social distancing rules and help all parties stay safe and healthy.

Best Apps for Video Tours

There are a number of ways to conduct digital tours from your Android or iPhone. Whether you’re using FaceTime, Facebook Live, Zoom or What’s App, you can film your tour to post on social media or to clients expressing an interest in the home. 

This marketing method lacks the sophistication of glossy video tour productions, but gives the tour a personal feel, much like regular in-person showings do. There are also many free, open-source applications you can experiment with for videos that allow you to virtually stage the home for different clients.

Some Companies Are Buying Ad Time

National and regional real estate firms are buying ad time on cable and network television touting COVID-19 safe practices, including virtual tours. This raises awareness for this type of home showings for potential buyers and sellers and helps normalize the practice. Whether  you fall under the umbrella of a regional or national real estate company or out of a smaller local office with smaller marketing budgets, direct mail is a great way to communicate to local sellers in your market. And if you don’t have the support of a mass media budget, it’s the best way to reach your local target market. 

Direct Mail Fits In Your Marketing Budget 

Direct mail campaigns allow you to reach target homeowners who might be ready to sell and worry about having buyers in their homes. Choose from jumbo full-color postcards that contain your latest sales in the area, as well as your contact and other important information. ReaMark also has a full selection of COVID-19 postcards designed to help families get through the pandemic together. 

You can add recipes, home selling and maintenance tips, and advice on how to stay entertained during lockdown. Instead of going big, you are micro-targeting certain neighborhoods and homeowners in an impressive yet personalized advertising channel. Just make sure you are memorable and sincere in your messaging!


Creating Seller Interest with Free Home Valuation Offer

Posted by Marketing on Jun 18th, 2020

Interest rates are lower than ever, more people are applying for mortgage loans and we are in the prime time of the year for sales. With the average home sale price climbing to $330,000 in May, now is the time to grow your listing database. Attract interest with neighborhood marketing campaigns that let homeowners know what they have to gain, and offer a free home valuation to get your foot in the door.

Tips on Using a Free Home Valuation in Your Direct Marketing

Try our real estate marketing tools, such as door hangers and jumbo cards to create special offers. You can customize your message on one side and include contact information on the other. We recommend a free home valuation to establish trust and showcase your skills. You can also include contact information and highlight recent sales in the area.

On your customized marketing pieces, explain the value of using a licensed real estate agent — including a free estimate on how much their home is worth. As you gather this information, homeowners can think about whether it’s time to put their property on the market. If the homeowners ultimately decide not to sell, you have still gained their trust and contact information to follow up with them periodically, growing your prospect list. However, at least some homeowners you approach will want to move forward with a listing.

Virtual Walkthroughs

Sellers want to maximize their sales price but may not agree to a walkthrough of their property during the pandemic. Explain the importance of understanding any possible defects to obtain an accurate valuation. Additionally, they can walk you through the home using FaceTime, Facebook Video Chat, Zoom or other free apps. That way everyone stays safe and you get a general idea on the condition of the home. Some real estate agents are sending surveys or questionnaires to homeowners to calculate an accurate comparative market analysis without physically touring the home.

Remember to underscore the importance of up-to-date information available only to experienced real estate agents via the MLS and other tools. 

Build trust throughout the process. This goodwill pays off if the estimate falls short of their expectations. It may take sellers some time to decide to sell. In the meantime, build value through Home Tips postcards and other ReaMark products that deepen the relationship. Consider sending COVID-19 postcards to help families understand that we are in it together.

Home Valuation Packet

Highlight the advantages of using a real estate agent to sell their home by developing a market report that includes not only the CMA but the recent neighborhood sales used to create it. Send photos and information with the listed versus final sales price. This is a great opportunity to include endorsements from happy clients and personal marketing information that shows your expertise. 

Safety Precautions Agents Are Taking

The NAR continues to suggest virtual showings to limit in-person contact. Some states have reopened but stress the importance of maintaining social distancing and proper hygiene. Ensure prospective clients that when in-person showings resume, you will wipe down the doorknob and surfaces touched by clients following the showing. Print out some of the recommendations from the NAR to reassure your clients that you follow state and industry guidelines to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

It may be some time before things return to business as usual. However, there are ways to reassure clients and keep the industry going with a little common sense and client education on the precautions taken to ensure their safety.

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NEW! COVID-19 Direct Mail Postcards

Posted by Marketing on May 12th, 2020

Keep in touch with clients and help them get through social distancing and all the concerns associated with the global pandemic. Our new COVID-19 postcards express a variety of sentiments for whatever mood you wish to convey. Find out more about the real estate direct mail postcards in this collection.

Choose the Message that Will Resonate with Clients and Prospects

Now, more than ever, showing empathy can uplift your clients and help you elevate your personal branding. These COVID-19 postcards let you focus your marketing campaign on the extraordinary circumstances clients find themselves in. 

Some of our recommended selections include:

  • “Thinking of You” postcard with a tranquil sunset front cover graphic. Remind customers to take care of themselves and that you remain available for them
  • Cute animal photos adorn several of these real estate postcards. Each one has a unique message
  • Although many of the cards are marketing in nature, others let you check in with your clients just to stay in touch
  • Spring Cleaning Checklist for those stuck at home and looking for projects
  • Remind your clients to take advantage of this extra time to have a BBQ by sending them BBQ Grilling Tips

If you want to vary your order of real estate postcards, we suggest ordering smaller batches, which start at 100 cards. This gives you flexibility in varying your message for different mailing lists and lead types.

Customize Your Message

The postcards come with the text displayed on our order pages. However, if you want to customize your message, we’ll work with you to ensure your cards faithfully represent your sentiments.

Some of the ways clients design their orders include:

  • Favorite quotes to inspire clients in this trying time
  • Personalized information on what precautions you take to keep your clients safe
  • Notification of recent real estate activity to assure them that business hasn’t stopped completely

Whether you choose your own words or select from our pre-printed messages, your clients will appreciate that you reached out to them. A few kind words can go a long way for stressed-out parents and workers trying to live their whole lives from home. 

Real Estate Direct Mail

Postcards are a safe and effective way to remind clients that, despite the restrictions, people still need to buy and sell homes. Some of our COVID-19 postcards have real estate themes and soft sells that offer advice on helping clients assess whether they are ready to jump into the market. Our messages stress that, although it’s a personal decision, there are precautions that can minimize their risks without postponing their plans indefinitely.

Remind Clients of Alternatives to Live Showings

Today, real estate agents have access to a variety of tools that make it possible to show or buy a property remotely. This includes virtual showings, direct and e-marketing techniques that leverage the internet to advertising listings and virtual meetings with you via Zoom, FaceTime and other apps. You can also add your own tips and tricks for maintaining social bonds within the restrictions of social distancing.Feel free to contact our ReaMark team with any questions you may have on our COVID-19 postcards and other real estate postcards. Be sure to check out our other direct marketing tools, such as calendars and newsletters, which can also be delivered safely via the mail.

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Send Postcards to Touch Base with Clients During the Pandemic

Posted by Marketing on Apr 22nd, 2020

In these uncertain times, normal business relationships are disrupted. That’s why it’s so important to stay in touch with your clients and continue prospecting new customers. Even though you can’t meet people face-to-face, there are many ways to continue doing business — this includes “no-touch” marketing tools that will reach an audience staying at home.

Here’s another thought. Many clients have more time on their hands right now. That means they’re more likely to read marketing material; penetration and conversion rates may be very advantageous in the current environment.

Customizing Your Message During the Pandemic

First, choose whether you want to send a standard or jumbo size postcard. Jumbo size cards stand out and can deliver your message without going over the top. As long as your marketing isn’t tone-deaf, jumbo postcards give you more room to relate to customers under added stress. Let them know you are going through the same thing — trying to get the kids to do schoolwork, keeping the cat off the keyboard, and getting your own work down under less than ideal conditions.

Be the Neighborhood Champion

ReaMark‘s customized postcards give you full-color customization on both sides. Use this to focus on the areas that you farm. Now isn’t the time to blanket new neighborhoods with direct mail. Instead, show your strength as a local agent. On one side, highlight recent sales and listings, on the other, direct new and prospective customers to your social media page for tips and tricks to survive the pandemic.

In conjunction with your postcard campaign, set up accounts on NextDoor or start a new Facebook Group. Next, connect neighbors with volunteer groups willing to pick up prescriptions or groceries for the disabled and elderly. Include tips on how to keep kids occupied. You can even ask families to make a video diary of how they are coping with sheltering in place. 

Don’t forget to include your pandemic-related social media information on the postcard!

What Information to Share

Your postcards can serve two purposes, both of which help your brand. As always, you should include content that highlights your skills and includes your contact information. During this extraordinary time, you can also perform a real public service. Here are some ideas for your COVID-19 messaging:

  • Share local restaurants that still offer takeout.
  • Start an online “toilet paper” watch and ask people to post who is still selling toilet paper and other essentials.
  • List companies that are hiring extra help.

People are likely to keep postcards with valuable information longer than those with just marketing material. 

Doing Business During a Pandemic

By now, you’ve probably already adapted to social distancing in your day-to-day operations. Why not share with your prospects the lengths you’re taking to keep your clients safe while marketing and selling properties? 

For example, you can:

  • Offer to conduct virtual showings for buyers
  • Partner with a drone video company to create aerial videos of properties
  • Create video tours to reinforce live virtual showings

Contact us today to order your customizable postcards and other marketing materials during the pandemic.

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Real Estate Marketing with “Boredom Busters” Postcards

Posted by Marketing on Mar 27th, 2020
Boredom Busters Postcards

With social distancing and shelter in place orders affecting nearly every state, real estate clients are suffering from cabin fever just like everyone else. Everyone is looking for ways to bust boredom in these uncertain times. This leaves an opportunity for real estate agents to provide fun ways for clients to pass time while they are stuck at home. 

Spot Six Differences Postcards

The Spot Six Differences postcards come in many different themes. You can choose humorous cartoon styles that also appeal to children. Use these to give families a break from the monotony and work together to spot differences on the cards. Each set comes with your choice of black and white or full-color text and graphics. Other themes show home interiors that inspire owners looking for staging ideas for their properties.

Whimsical themes include A Boy and His Bike as well as other stylistic and seasonal options that you can stock up on now. Order standard or jumbo size cards with your contact information included. ReaMark can mail the cards for you or send them to you to distribute as needed.

Recipe Cards

One of the bright sides of the stay-at-home orders is that more people are cooking at home. Of course, coming up with new meal ideas taxes the imagination of even the most creative home chefs. ReaMark offers recipe postcards that provide nutritious, quick dishes that clients can use to feed their hungry crew. 

On one side, prospective clients find a full recipe. On the other side, you can share information about your services and contact information. Nearly 200 options allow you to include contact information and photos on both sides. Additionally, the postcards come in regular and jumbo sizes that fit into most recipe boxes and binders. You pick the crowd-pleasing recipes you want, such as bacon grilled hot dogs, avocado egg boats and tomato basil bisque.

Want to keep it simple? Recipe postcards with six ingredients come in handy for those with limited supplies at home. 

Staying Productive at Home

This is a great time for homeowners to catch up on repairs and declutter. That’s especially true if prospective clients are thinking about selling their homes. Home tips postcards offer valuable tips that improve the quality of living for homeowners, especially if they are homebound. Topics include decluttering the kitchen, basic upkeep tips, how to keep the house smelling fresh, and easy home energy fixes. 

Aside from helping clients make the home a more pleasant place to live, other topics tie into getting the landscaping and garden in order for the warmer weather. The Home Advisor series gives home buyers and seller’s options that make moving less stressful. This can encourage clients to give you a call while they have extra time on their hands! If you need ideas on how to make life a bit easier and bust the boredom of being stuck at home, contact ReaMark today. We are happy to share our input and find out your real estate marketing needs. Our real estate marketing postcard mailers may be more valuable than you know.

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Grow Your Real Estate Business One Seed at a Time

Posted by Marketing on Mar 16th, 2020
Grow Your Real Estate Business

Seed packets are such a perfect promotional opportunity for springtime. Customize your message to reach out to new or prospective clients.

You can start with recent closings, and send former customers a “Thank you” seed packet. The seeds will grow into lovely flowers or fresh plants that spruce up your client’s landscaping and serve as a constant reminder of your commitment to customer service. Also, people love talking about their landscaping, and these conversations also promote your business.

Turning Leads Into Conversions

To maximize your budget, scale down your marketing campaign by answering the following questions:

  • Do you have accurate contact information for the prospect?
  • Did the prospect provide their housing needs?
  • Has the lead reached out to you on social media or via other means?
  • Is this a referral or a purchased lead?

You can add your own questions, based on how you generated the lead list. The more “yes” answers you have, the more likely the lead is to turn into a conversion.

Labeling the Leads

Your original list can now be separated into “Ready to Nurture” and “Not Ready” piles. Include the customers in the “Ready” pile in your seed packet campaign. Any leads generated via digital touchpoints are potentially hot leads. The “Put Down Roots with Us” seed packet generates a lot of excitement and reminds people who have put their home search on hold that it’s time to get out there and look again. It also positions you as the agent who can get the job done. 

If you have a list of leads for high-net-value home buyers and sellers, sending a seed packet with your photo and contact information gets your name in front of them. This in itself may generate enough interest to start new client relationships. However, just like the seeds themselves, you may have to feed and care for this budding relationship before it bears fruit. That’s where other promotional items, such as calendars and localized sports schedules come in really handy.

The more times a prospective client hears your name, the better your conversion rate becomes.

Prioritizing Prospects

Not all leads deserve equal attention. Some of the people who visit your website may really be looking to buy or sell property. Others have just started to think about the process and may need a little convincing. Whether you’re advertising online or in the real world, the goal is the same. You want to show customers that you are willing to take the time to get to know them and that you can do the job.

The Bee Feed Mix seed packets are great for clients who need a nudge. Imagining a lovely garden where bees bounce from flower to flower brings out the nesting instinct and gives a nod to sustainable landscaping. That’s something many modern home buyers care about. All and all, it’s a lovely sentiment that helps keep your name at the forefront of the prospective client’s mind.

If you need assistance with promotional marketing strategies, contact us today at 1-800-932-2957 for a free consultation. Let us help you nurture and grow your leads into lifelong clients.

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4-Page Real Estate Newsletters

Posted by Marketing on Mar 10th, 2020

Catch up with your buyers and sellers in time for spring and summer buying seasons. Creating and distributing newsletters builds a sense of community among former and prospective clients. It also builds name recognition and strengthens your brand by highlighting your success stories. 

Over 40 Styles to Choose From

Whether you choose to go old-style with black and white print or invest in color, there are two personalization areas where you can build your brand. The rest of the newsletter comes in full-color and offers tips and tricks for homeowners. We want you to be totally satisfied with your personalized text and graphics, so you get to approve proofs before we print your 8.5 x 11-inch newsletter. You can save time and hassle by having us mail your newsletters or mail them yourself at the 1-ounce or first-class rate.

Find out more about how to order newsletters from ReaMark here. The process moves along quickly — you receive proofs of the personalized sections in 1-2 days — but it’s a good idea to reach out as soon as you decide to send an updated newsletter. The newsletters come in bi-fold and tri-fold layouts.

What Type of Content Can You Expect?

When you purchase a newsletter, the content is provided as part of the cost. There are 20+ newsletter styles to choose from, and each contains three unique content layouts with one or more sections. Newsletters may include FAQs for home improvement or buying and selling a home, recipes, games, gardening advice, and other topics that might appeal to real estate clients.

The provided content is timeless. It doesn’t target geographical areas. So, you can send your newsletter anywhere and it will still be relevant. Each 4-page newsletter has stories that are 60% real estate focused and 40% other topics or interests.

Here are samples of the content that you can choose from:

  • Avoid Costly Home-selling Mistakes
  • Renovations and Upgrades on a Budget
  • What is a Qualified Mortgage?
  • Dessert recipes
  • Curb Appeal Makeovers

Build Your Client Base

Use ReaMark 4-page newsletters to build rapport and grow your client base. By providing information your prospective clients can use immediately, you build your brand. Also, these newsletters are likely to get passed around to friends and family members, which generates potential new leads for future business. 

Marketing Tip: You can ask local doctors, dentists, and small businesses if it’s okay to leave a few newsletters in their lobbies. These businesses may be open to fresh reading material for clients waiting for their appointments. 

We have sold more than 10 million copies, so you can rest assured that newsletters are well-received and effective. Check out our newsletter page to find discounts of 25% to 40% off.

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Turn Your Correspondence into a Marketing Tool with Real Estate Labels

Posted by Marketing on Feb 11th, 2020
Turn Your Correspondence into a Marketing Tool with Real Estate Labels

Turn your correspondence into a marketing tool by using custom mailing labels to gear up clients for a new listing or to remind them of your services after a successful close. Keep a roll of Just Listed or Just Sold labels around and ask for referrals as soon as the ink is dry on the Sales Contract. You can use the Just Sold labels to underscore your success when you send a closing gift or postcards to previous clients to generate referrals.

Brand Big on Direct Mail

Real Estate Photo Labels let you put your smiling face and contact information on postcards, letters and envelopes. Turn your direct mailing pieces into professional branding tools. 

Generating leads through direct mail can be a grueling but effective way to initiate contact. It also reminds past and present customers to spread the word about you in your farm area. To save money on mailing costs, concentrate on homes in the vicinity of recent sales. These homeowners may drive by your listing or recent sale every day. If they want to sell their own home, a direct mail piece reminds them of who to call. Adding a photo mailing label with a professional portrait leaves a positive impression.

What If You’re New to Real Estate?

If you are just starting your career in real estate, it’s difficult to get your name out there unless you take every opportunity to do so. Direct mailing by letter or postcard accompanied by a professional label paints an image of an organized, savvy professional. Customized messaging for patriotic holidays or special events links you to important life events and helps prospective buyers and sellers remember your name when they or a friend need your services.

If possible, conduct some research to help you narrow down your target audience by more than geography. These insights lead to long-term relationships that result in multiple sales.

Don’t Take Things Too Seriously

Although you want to be professional, there’s nothing wrong with adding an element of fun to the mix. For example, a Happy Face Sold label brings a smile to your prospective client’s face. If a grateful client is open to referring you to friends, seeing a label with a heart stating that I Love Referrals may be the boost they need to pass along your contact information. 

Whatever real estate label you use, it adds to your advertising arsenal and can put more leads in the pipeline.

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6 Effective Ways to Market with Door Hangers

Posted by Marketing on Feb 6th, 2020
effective ways to market door hangers

Door hangers are a great way to advertise your accomplishments and generate interest in your real estate services. Additionally, you don’t have to pay postage since they are delivered to the target market directly.

The copy and design of your door hanger varies based on what you want to accomplish. Here are some common uses that encourage engagement and help you build your brand in a neighborhood. Mix and match these ideas with Reamark door hangers to get the word out about your services.

1. Open House Invitation

Bring door hangers along when you advertise an open house. Knock on the door to personally invite neighbors. If no one is home, leave a door hanger with the event time, date and your contact information. You can customize the details for each event.

2. Just Sold

When you hang a door hanger in your farm territory, word spreads quickly that you can successfully sell homes in the area. This is a terrific way to generate seller leads. Be sure to include the selling price and details about the sale that highlight your success. This could include multiple offers, whether it sold in just a few weeks and other pertinent details. Get these door hangers out as quickly as possible when you sell a home for top dollar.

3. Just Listed

Use just listed door hangers to spread the word about a new home for sale in the area. residents may have friends and family looking to move into the area or may wish to upgrade or downgrade their own living situation. Here are a few ideas for effective messaging:

  • “Your neighbor recently listed their property. Curious what yours could sell for?”
  • “A home was recently listed in your neighborhood. Do you want to know if that impacts your equity?”

4. Free Comparative Market Analysis Offer

When farming a new neighborhood, offer a complimentary CMA. If you don’t have any recent sales in the neighborhood, you can always try for seller leads using an offer for a free comparative market analysis (CMA). Put a QR code or a link to your landing page to make it easy for interested homeowners to contact you. Keep your message short, because they may not even look if they believe you’re just trying to reel them in.

5. General Advertisements

These are more open-ended door hangers. When designed properly, they can generate plenty of leads. Highlight your expertise in order to reach homeowners and buyers in genuine need of your expertise.

6. Specialty Door Hangers

For a softer sell or to follow up with warm leads, you don’t have to promote your services directly. Try a simple message to wish good luck to new graduates or happy holidays to potential clients in the neighborhood.

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School Calendars

Posted by Marketing on Jan 20th, 2020

Help parents get organized for the first year of the decade by giving them a complimentary calendar. List your services and contact information while providing color-coded reminders of the first and last day of school, in-service days, holidays and early release days. When parents want to plan vacations or days off for R and R, they can glance at the condensed calendar posted on their refrigerator, bulletin board or desk. Every time they do, they see your smiling face to remind them who to call for real estate services.

Cross-Branding with School Names Is a Winning Strategy

The school name displays across the top, which makes our real estate calendars the perfect promotional item to give to teachers, school secretaries and parents who want to show school pride. One option leaves space for frequently used numbers to the right of the calendar. Customize this section with the number for local pizza shops, nearby schools, emergency numbers, and other must-have numbers that parents can use for quick references. The more useful the calendar, the more often parents and visitors will use it, increasing your exposure many times over.

School Calendars Make Great Direct Mail Stuffers

Mail out these calendars with brochures or letters of welcome to new families in the area. They mail at the 2 oz. rate, which keeps your marketing budget down. Be sure to check out our customized envelopes, which you can order with your calendars for a sharp, professional delivery.

School Dates Calendars

At 4 x 7 inches, school calendars are small enough for students to place in their lockers and for parents to carry in purse, totes, and briefcases. The School Date Calendars provide a cheat sheet of important dates, as well as prominent display areas for your contact information and graphics, as well as the months of the year. The months contain color-coded dates for holidays, in-service days and other milestones. Further, this is another marketing tool that will generate leads and help your previous clients remember to refer you to friends and family members who are ready to buy or sell a home.

Available graphics for the school name and address include a collage of children and various chalkboard themes. There are many designs and options to help you customize your orders, such as black and white or color printing, landscape or portrait orientation and a selection of information options that let you choose the best way to service your clients and potential clients.

ReaMark calendars, postcards, pens and other products are made of quality materials for long-lasting use to your clients for longer exposure time and greater return on investment. Call us today at 1-800-932-2957 to discuss any products you feel can help you market your real estate services. We are happy to strategize with customers looking for great ideas.

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