Preparing for Spring Real Estate Season

Posted by Marketing on Dec 28th, 2020

In the spring, the weather starts to warm up and families begin to think about getting their homes ready to sell again. Once income tax refund checks hit client bank accounts, they have more money to put down on their first home or dream house. For these reasons and more, spring is a great season to focus on your marketing strategy. 

Remind Clients Who You Are and What You Do

Now is the time to send postcards to tweak interest in listings and catch new home shoppers’ attention. You can’t beat the classics, so don’t forget to send out the following postcards showing customers that you can deliver:

Implement March and April Sales Strategies

According to Zillow, homes sell 15% faster from mid-March to mid-April and prices are slightly above average at this time. Make sure you bring your A-game to attract sellers looking for experienced agents and brokers. As the school season winds down, families have more time to stage their homes, make any necessary repairs and upgrade or downsize, depending on their situation.

Now that the days are getting longer, you can show homes after hours and take advantage of the warmer temperatures. Send out March and April postcards featuring spring themes such as:

  • Tulips
  • Landscaping tips 
  • Fun St. Patrick’s Day themes

Get Involved in the Community

Although most marketing happens online these days, direct marketing gives clients something they can touch, see and feel. Showing your sensitivity for things your clients care about can keep you top of mine when they’re ready to buy or sell a home. 

Take advantage of opportunities to get involved in local community events. As part of your branding strategy, get out and meet your neighbors by sponsoring a softball team or a local park cleanup. This is excellent marketing for your business. 

The following postcards emphasize your sense of community and solidarity: 

Remind clients that curb appeal plays a vital role in attracting home buyers. Spring is the ideal time to trim hedges, mow the lawn and list their home for sale with an experienced, knowledgeable real estate agent!

Custom Post Cards

Many ReaMark postcards have messages in place and ready to send out. However, you can also create customized messaging and layout with custom postcards.

Contact us today for help choosing postcards and other direct marketing tools to boost your spring listings and sales.

Customize Your Direct Marketing

Posted by Marketing on Dec 22nd, 2020
Customize Your Direct Marketing

You work hard to become an expert in your farm area. So, don’t be afraid to claim that in your marketing campaigns. Our Area Expert Postcard comes with a brand-boosting message to inspire trust and increase your conversion rates. Of course, we’ll customize your postcards to match your branding and information. Go with our prepared message or customize your cards however you see fit!

Here are some interesting ideas to boost your branding and stand out from other Realtors in the area.

Inject Some Humor into the Process

While pitching your services and establishing trust remain the top priorities, there’s nothing wrong with lightening up the mood for busy prospects. Besides working and homeschooling, many families are dealing with the reality of a global pandemic. A little humor can lighten the load and help keep your name on their minds.

Are you courageous enough to send a postcard with a baboon to offer a free home value estimate to prospective clients? You know your area and your target audience. Let us help you reach them with humorous cartoon postcards featuring real estate and remodeling themes.

Promote Your Tech

As a real estate professional, you invest in technology such as the multiple listing service and online real estate marketing sites. It takes time and energy to establish and maintain a technical skillset that helps your clients sell or buy homes faster. Highlight your tech and your expertise by including this in your messaging.

Whether you send out newsletters or postcards, customers love hearing about new technology that will help them reach their real estate goals. With social distancing still in place, virtual tours and aerial photography are more popular than ever. If you are taking advantage of this technology, highlight that to clients. Let them know that they can take a virtual tour of your listings or FaceTime you for home showings.

Include Customer Reviews

Including customer reviews from the past three months can increase your conversion rate. Up to  85% of clients use customer reviews to make a final decision on products and services. Make it easy for your target demographic to see positive customer reviews about your real estate services. Our jumbo postcards are available in color and allow you to customize your message on both sides of the cards. You can even add reviews and personalized messages to postcard envelopes.

Hand lettering, stylized fonts and other elements can complement your branding and help give your direct mail pieces a custom look. Need help choosing postcards and other marketing pieces to get the word out about your services? Contact us today and we’ll listen to your goals and make some suggestions to get you started.

Start Your 2021 Real Estate Marketing Planning Now

Posted by Marketing on Nov 30th, 2020

Who’s ready for a do-over from 2020? We know we are. Follow our tips below to wrap up your marketing plans for the new year. 

Even if you generate leads online and carefully plan out email and social media campaigns, nothing has the personal touch of a promotional tool that your prospective clients can hold in their hands. Follow our suggestions below or contact us for great ideas on how to promote your real estate services.

What Kind of Content Works With Real Estate Direct Mail?

At ReaMark, we get this question a lot. So, we have put together suggestions for each month of the year. Use these suggestions and browse through our postcards, calendars, newsletters, and door hangers to create a unique marketing package for your mailing list. Unlike emails, direct mail pieces are received, read and often appreciated by current and future customers. 

Recipes, home improvement tips and updates on your recent listings and sales all provide valuable information that keeps you in the minds of your clients. 

We suggest sending 1-2 postcards a month, including holiday wishes, special events and fun facts. 


Neighborhood marketing tools such as door hangers and postcards remind residents in your farm area that real estate sales are still robust. You can customize door hangers with information about recent transactions. 


Sweet Valentine’s Day postcards featuring chocolate, hearts and flowers help lovers young and old get in the mood for cupid’s big day. Customize the message on the back with your photo, contact information and tips for dining out in local restaurants. 


Fun postcards to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and Easter help you connect with your client base and remind them that spring is a great time to sell or buy. Don’t forget to order your first quarterly newsletter!


Check our What’s New category frequently for fun ideas and our latest products. Spring is a great time to send out a schedule for local sports teams. Promote your brand and show your community spirit. 


Summer is coming! Home cleaning and improvement tips help homeowners prepare their homes for sale and put you top of mind when they need an experienced real estate agent. Put your door hangers in bags in preparation for seasonal showers. 


Economize with discounted newsletters that inform your clients of local real estate trends and showcase your sales and listings.


Choose from dozens of patriotic designs on July 4th postcards that connect you to the country’s biggest national holiday.


Summer is a busy time in real estate. Don’t forget to order postcards that highlight just sold/just listed properties and scoop up fall listings early. 


Remind clients to set their clocks for the fall time change in October. Now is a great time to put together your quarterly newsletter. 


Wrap up your year-end sales with a big marketing push. Now is a great time for recipe postcards prospective home buyers and sellers can use for the holidays. 


Order wall calendars and magnetic calendars that help your clients plan for the coming year. 


Customize your marketing with greeting cards for the holidays. We offer “Happy Holidays” cards appropriate for every faith.

Need more ideas? Contact us today for help boosting business at any time of the year.

Get More Referrals this Holiday Season. Send Greeting Cards

Posted by Marketing on Nov 18th, 2020

According to the National Association of Realtors, 2020 remains an incredible time to sell your home.  Low interest rates combined with declining inventory make this a seller’s market. More people want to buy than sell, with national inventory declining by 38.3% over last year. At the same time, listing prices continue to rise, with the median home price at $350,000, 12% higher than last year. Homes are selling within 53 days, 13 days less than October 2019.

How Will You Stand Out in the Crowd?

Sellers have their pick when it comes to choosing a realtor to represent them. Now is the time to let them know what you have to offer. Differentiate your direct marketing with customized holiday greeting cards.

Remember: ReaMark has a Dec. 5th cut-off on holiday greeting cards orders to avoid upgraded shipping costs. So, avoid the hassle of rush shipping charges by choosing your favorite cards now. We work in an industry based on personal branding. Say what you want how you want to say it on a color-printed greeting card. 

Which Card Will You Choose?

Choose the Home for the Holidays greeting card for wide appeal or save money on our clearance cards, which you can buy for as little as 24 cents each. Humorous greeting cards can boost the spirits of families who are feeling down in this tumultuous year.

One of our favorites features Santa’s hat on a tropical beach while other cards provide scrumptious recipes for family gatherings. No matter what holiday cards you choose, your branding on the back makes it convenient for homeowners to save the cards for future references.

All greeting cards come with free envelopes for easy mailing and to protect the card during shipping and delivery to your prospective clients.

Other Ways to Get the Word Out

How else can you get the word out that real estate goes on despite the pandemic? Design a year-round campaign that includes greeting cards, postcards featuring your most recent sales, and 2021 calendars that clients can refer to when they’re ready to contact you. Need more ideas? We have plenty. Contact our helpful, knowledgeable sales staff today for assistance picking out greeting cards that best represent your brand. We can help you come up with a direct mail package that keeps you top of mind with area homeowners ready to sell their properties.

Order Your Real Estate Marketing Calendars Now

Posted by Marketing on Oct 19th, 2020

It’s a seller’s market, and now is the time to connect with prospective clients to get more listings. Buying activity that slowed due to COVID-19 rebounded in June and shows no signs of slowing down. Buyers are making offers quickly to take advantage of interest rates hovering near 3%. While demand continues to grow, homeowners are the biggest winners, thanks to higher asking prices. However, the supply of homes for sale falls well short of demand. reported that 400,000 fewer homes were listed since March when compared to the 2019 statistics. Homes are selling much faster as a result. Also, mortgage applications rose 24% year over year in September. 

Now is the time to push for listings and close out the year strongly. Communicate this historic opportunity to hesitant homeowners with effective direct mailing campaigns powered by ReaMark.

Calendars Are a Great Way to Attract Listings

Typically, the first calendar in the home gets the coveted wall space that advertisers aim for. We are seeing stronger sales early in the last quarter, indicating that your competitors may already have placed their calendar orders. Choose a calendar design, such as our Exclusive Recipe and Home Tips calendars, to provide value. Even if there’s a calendar on the wall from the auto shop down the street, you can stay in people’s kitchens by providing yummy recipes and useful home improvement tips. 

Choose from Over 400 Styles

What makes ReaMark the best place to get your calendars? Here are just some of the perks that come with your branded ReaMark calendars:

  • Hundreds of calendar designs ranging from house shapes to animals to inspirational images
  • 10 different layouts, including portrait or landscape orientation, front and back printed, business card or tear-off designs 
  • Full-color printing is available for attractive images, including yours
  • Choose from magnetized tear-off calendars in business cards, 3.5″ x 4″ and 4″ x 7″ sizes
  • Select from hundreds of prepared messages or add your own 

Strategize for the Best Marketing Conversion Rates

You can choose a 3.5″ x 9″ UV-resistant magnetic calendar so clients can hang it at work or in their home office. We also like the idea of sending Just Sold postcards and following it up with a calendar geared toward educating clients on the advantages of a low-inventory market.

Contact us at any time for more ideas on how to choose the best calendars to meet your marketing needs. The sooner you place your order, the faster you can get the calendars in front of clients before the competition. Contact us online or call 1-800-932-2957 for more ideas and information on calendar campaigns and all your real estate direct mailing needs.

How Has the Pandemic Affected Home Sales?

Posted by Marketing on Sep 12th, 2020

July home sales made a record rebound over the June sales slump. With low inventory, prices are going up too. In fact, the national average home sale price topped $300,000 for the first time ever. Are your customers aware of how low-interest rates and high demand have impacted the value of their homes?

Now is the time to sell! So, remind your customers and prospective customers that you’re available to handle their listings.

60+ New Fall Postcard Designs to Choose From

Choose from 60 new designs to nudge homeowners to connect with you. We know that everyone needs to freshen up their direct marketing periodically, so we just added dozens of new postcard designs. When you provide valuable information, prospective clients remember your name and save the card to contact you when they are ready to buy or sell.

Don’t forget to order your Fall/Thanksgiving cards before the deadline!

Times Are Changing

Stock up on seasonal cards with the November 1st time change information. Remind clients and prospects to set their clocks back an hour with a cute animal theme or fall foliage color postcard. Your name and contact information on the back makes it easy for homeowners to reach you with new listings!

Order before the October 14th deadline and before the last-minute rush. 

Ease Concerns About COVID-19

You can customize a message or go with cards designed to address buyer and seller concerns related to the pandemic. We suggest the following designs for client messaging that can get you new listings:

Need Help Designing a Customized Card for Your Clients?

Postcards featuring recipes, homeowner tips and useful information help you build your brand and encourage new clients to connect with you. We can design a card just for you, so contact us today to get started.

The new fall line is so popular, we have extended our hours to 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. PST (9 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST) to better serve you.

Finish Your Real Estate Marketing Year Strong with Reamark Real Estate Marketing Products

Posted by Marketing on Aug 18th, 2020
Real Estate Marketing Products

It’s time to round out 2020 with a comprehensive marketing campaign that takes COVID-19 considerations into account. With inventories down, prices remain strong, with the average listing price for July hitting $349,000, up 8.5% compared to last summer, according to The typical time on the market remains at 60 days year-over-year despite the current constraints on the market. This is good news for real estate professionals and homeowners alike. 

Tips for Adding Value to Your Quarter 4 Marketing

Have you finalized your marketing plan for the rest of the year? Reamark has made things a bit easier by grouping COVID-19 related postcards together in one convenient memo. Choose from these uplifting messages that provide value — and your contact information — to customers and prospective customers:

  • Inspirational cards such as “We’re in this together” and “Social Distancing is Hard”
  • Informational cards that help families cope with COVID-19, including “Social Distance To Dos” (funny) and “Coronavirus Cleaning Tips”
  • Motivational cards for sellers and buyers worried about moving forward during the pandemic

Mix and match cards to provide happy distractions for families spending more time at home. 

Recipe Cards Help Home Chefs Improve Their Menus

Check out our wide selection of recipe postcards for casual dining, stress-free cooking and delightful desserts. These colorful, high-quality cards are designed for lasting use. Your customers and prospects can collect them and add great recipes to their lunch and dinner menus. With more people cooking at home, these high-interest mailers are a big hit. Choose from 250 recipe cards and 192 recipe cards that promote you on the front and back. 

Calendars – Order Early and Save!

Don’t let the new year catch you unprepared for your calendar marketing campaign. Order 2021 calendars early to avoid the year-end rush and save up to 30%!

Choose specialty calendars that fit the times, such as our magnetic tear-off calendar with an original recipe for each month. Wall calendars display your contact information as a constant reminder of your services.

Buy Five and Get One Free

Reamark always offers this special postcard promo to thank our loyal customers. Buy five postcards style and get one free. Save money, plan ahead and finish the year strong despite the challenges we all face during the pandemic. 

Add your customized content, promote your “Just Listed” or “Just Sold” properties to encourage homeowners and buyers that need a confidence boost to get their family ready for a move. Need more ideas? Check out our list of direct mail marketing postcards for inspiration. Homeowners can always benefit from hundreds of home tips and other relevant topics that help you plan your fall mailings.  for time change reminders and holidays as well.

Don’t forget to add fall time change reminders to the list. We have dozens of styles featuring beautiful fall foliage and promoting your real estate services. If you need help with marketing ideas or finding the perfect marketing tools on our website, contact us today for assistance. We would love to help you wrap up your fall marketing strategy to ensure that you finish the year in the black.

Virtual Home Tours in Times of COVID-19

Posted by Marketing on Jul 9th, 2020

Despite social distancing and PPE requirements, it’s still possible to show and sell homes safely. By taking advantage of digital technology, real estate agents can direct homeowners on how to stage the property and conduct virtual tours with home buyers sitting safely at home. Let’s take a look at what applications agents are using to show homes virtually and how you can maximize your exposure with smart direct marketing. 

Virtual Showing Technology

For empty properties, you can still do live showings, walking the client through the home, pointing out features and lingering in certain rooms remote buyers want to see more of. Some owners invest in virtual reality home tours that give prospective home buyers a panoramic, 3D view of each room. Virtual neighborhood walks and drives provide even more context for buyers to make an informed decision. 

Thanks to new technology, virtual showings reveal much more than clicking through gallery pictures. Best of all, you can maintain social distancing rules and help all parties stay safe and healthy.

Best Apps for Video Tours

There are a number of ways to conduct digital tours from your Android or iPhone. Whether you’re using FaceTime, Facebook Live, Zoom or What’s App, you can film your tour to post on social media or to clients expressing an interest in the home. 

This marketing method lacks the sophistication of glossy video tour productions, but gives the tour a personal feel, much like regular in-person showings do. There are also many free, open-source applications you can experiment with for videos that allow you to virtually stage the home for different clients.

Some Companies Are Buying Ad Time

National and regional real estate firms are buying ad time on cable and network television touting COVID-19 safe practices, including virtual tours. This raises awareness for this type of home showings for potential buyers and sellers and helps normalize the practice. Whether  you fall under the umbrella of a regional or national real estate company or out of a smaller local office with smaller marketing budgets, direct mail is a great way to communicate to local sellers in your market. And if you don’t have the support of a mass media budget, it’s the best way to reach your local target market. 

Direct Mail Fits In Your Marketing Budget 

Direct mail campaigns allow you to reach target homeowners who might be ready to sell and worry about having buyers in their homes. Choose from jumbo full-color postcards that contain your latest sales in the area, as well as your contact and other important information. ReaMark also has a full selection of COVID-19 postcards designed to help families get through the pandemic together. 

You can add recipes, home selling and maintenance tips, and advice on how to stay entertained during lockdown. Instead of going big, you are micro-targeting certain neighborhoods and homeowners in an impressive yet personalized advertising channel. Just make sure you are memorable and sincere in your messaging!

Creating Seller Interest with Free Home Valuation Offer

Posted by Marketing on Jun 18th, 2020

Interest rates are lower than ever, more people are applying for mortgage loans and we are in the prime time of the year for sales. With the average home sale price climbing to $330,000 in May, now is the time to grow your listing database. Attract interest with neighborhood marketing campaigns that let homeowners know what they have to gain, and offer a free home valuation to get your foot in the door.

Tips on Using a Free Home Valuation in Your Direct Marketing

Try our real estate marketing tools, such as door hangers and jumbo cards to create special offers. You can customize your message on one side and include contact information on the other. We recommend a free home valuation to establish trust and showcase your skills. You can also include contact information and highlight recent sales in the area.

On your customized marketing pieces, explain the value of using a licensed real estate agent — including a free estimate on how much their home is worth. As you gather this information, homeowners can think about whether it’s time to put their property on the market. If the homeowners ultimately decide not to sell, you have still gained their trust and contact information to follow up with them periodically, growing your prospect list. However, at least some homeowners you approach will want to move forward with a listing.

Virtual Walkthroughs

Sellers want to maximize their sales price but may not agree to a walkthrough of their property during the pandemic. Explain the importance of understanding any possible defects to obtain an accurate valuation. Additionally, they can walk you through the home using FaceTime, Facebook Video Chat, Zoom or other free apps. That way everyone stays safe and you get a general idea on the condition of the home. Some real estate agents are sending surveys or questionnaires to homeowners to calculate an accurate comparative market analysis without physically touring the home.

Remember to underscore the importance of up-to-date information available only to experienced real estate agents via the MLS and other tools. 

Build trust throughout the process. This goodwill pays off if the estimate falls short of their expectations. It may take sellers some time to decide to sell. In the meantime, build value through Home Tips postcards and other ReaMark products that deepen the relationship. Consider sending COVID-19 postcards to help families understand that we are in it together.

Home Valuation Packet

Highlight the advantages of using a real estate agent to sell their home by developing a market report that includes not only the CMA but the recent neighborhood sales used to create it. Send photos and information with the listed versus final sales price. This is a great opportunity to include endorsements from happy clients and personal marketing information that shows your expertise. 

Safety Precautions Agents Are Taking

The NAR continues to suggest virtual showings to limit in-person contact. Some states have reopened but stress the importance of maintaining social distancing and proper hygiene. Ensure prospective clients that when in-person showings resume, you will wipe down the doorknob and surfaces touched by clients following the showing. Print out some of the recommendations from the NAR to reassure your clients that you follow state and industry guidelines to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

It may be some time before things return to business as usual. However, there are ways to reassure clients and keep the industry going with a little common sense and client education on the precautions taken to ensure their safety.

NEW! COVID-19 Direct Mail Postcards

Posted by Marketing on May 12th, 2020

Keep in touch with clients and help them get through social distancing and all the concerns associated with the global pandemic. Our new COVID-19 postcards express a variety of sentiments for whatever mood you wish to convey. Find out more about the real estate direct mail postcards in this collection.

Choose the Message that Will Resonate with Clients and Prospects

Now, more than ever, showing empathy can uplift your clients and help you elevate your personal branding. These COVID-19 postcards let you focus your marketing campaign on the extraordinary circumstances clients find themselves in. 

Some of our recommended selections include:

  • “Thinking of You” postcard with a tranquil sunset front cover graphic. Remind customers to take care of themselves and that you remain available for them
  • Cute animal photos adorn several of these real estate postcards. Each one has a unique message
  • Although many of the cards are marketing in nature, others let you check in with your clients just to stay in touch
  • Spring Cleaning Checklist for those stuck at home and looking for projects
  • Remind your clients to take advantage of this extra time to have a BBQ by sending them BBQ Grilling Tips

If you want to vary your order of real estate postcards, we suggest ordering smaller batches, which start at 100 cards. This gives you flexibility in varying your message for different mailing lists and lead types.

Customize Your Message

The postcards come with the text displayed on our order pages. However, if you want to customize your message, we’ll work with you to ensure your cards faithfully represent your sentiments.

Some of the ways clients design their orders include:

  • Favorite quotes to inspire clients in this trying time
  • Personalized information on what precautions you take to keep your clients safe
  • Notification of recent real estate activity to assure them that business hasn’t stopped completely

Whether you choose your own words or select from our pre-printed messages, your clients will appreciate that you reached out to them. A few kind words can go a long way for stressed-out parents and workers trying to live their whole lives from home. 

Real Estate Direct Mail

Postcards are a safe and effective way to remind clients that, despite the restrictions, people still need to buy and sell homes. Some of our COVID-19 postcards have real estate themes and soft sells that offer advice on helping clients assess whether they are ready to jump into the market. Our messages stress that, although it’s a personal decision, there are precautions that can minimize their risks without postponing their plans indefinitely.

Remind Clients of Alternatives to Live Showings

Today, real estate agents have access to a variety of tools that make it possible to show or buy a property remotely. This includes virtual showings, direct and e-marketing techniques that leverage the internet to advertising listings and virtual meetings with you via Zoom, FaceTime and other apps. You can also add your own tips and tricks for maintaining social bonds within the restrictions of social distancing.Feel free to contact our ReaMark team with any questions you may have on our COVID-19 postcards and other real estate postcards. Be sure to check out our other direct marketing tools, such as calendars and newsletters, which can also be delivered safely via the mail.

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