How to Market Yourself in a Slow Market with Real Estate Postcards

Posted by Rick on Jan 30th, 2009

How to Market Yourself in a Slow Market with Real Estate Postcards


Even though the market can be tough right now, abandoning your marketing plan can be detrimental to your business. If you’re depending on all your past clients to just remember you, then you may be shocked to hear this fact: On average, only 35.5% of homebuyers would use the same agent again without regular contact. That means that you can be losing a whopping 64.5% of your business if you do not market yourself regularly.


In a slow market, rather than cut your marketing plan altogether, trim your expenses to accommodate your budget. Direct mail is proven to be the most cost-effective offline marketing medium. By sending postcards, you can market to each client/prospect every month for as little as 37 cents! 


Your past clients and their referrals on average should account for about 80% of your business. So before you spend a dime prospecting, make sure you market to your client and personal contact list first. Direct mail allows you to track your response rate so you can segment your client list and prospect list and make cuts where necessary.


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