Something Different: Real Estate Calendars

Posted by Rick on Jul 22nd, 2013

Working in real estate for many years can mean getting stuck in a rut when it comes to creative ways of presenting oneself to prospects, whether farming a new area or covering old ground. Being in the business of helping realtors just like yourself with new ways of reaching prospects, we’re always thinking of ways in which we could help you increase your reach and, hopefully, your business.

Something that we’ve found to work with great success? Real estate calendars. So how does that work? Fewer people are buying calendars so we’ve found that, by distributing calendars in neighborhoods before other realtors, prospects usually realize the utility of having a calendar around the house for listing chores or birthdays or any number of other events.

Exposure is important and by having your realtor calendars in the homes of prospects they will see your name repeatedly. With this exposure comes the increased likelihood of them thinking of you when looking to buy, sell or rent a property. Other than real estate calendars, how do you make sure prospects are aware of you?

–The Team at ReaMark

Real Estate Trends

Posted by Rick on Jul 19th, 2013
Real Estate Tips
Credit: James Thompson

As we’ve mentioned before, the market is beginning to come around. In fact it’s considered that we have just passed that point of both low home prices and rock bottom mortgages however you, as a real estate agent, can still help those looking for homes. With deals still to be had, it’s important to get your name out there with some sort of promotional tool such as real estate postcards or real estate newsletters. It doesn’t really matter so long as you get your name out there.

So what’s the approach for capitalizing on the market’s current condition? There are a couple of different ways of catching the attention of potential homeowners. Buying a home with the idea of long-term ownership is an important idea to mention. Collaborating with your prospects makes them feel like you are both on the same side and working toward a common goal (which you are). Having the latest knowledge of the market is a sure way to assuage any fears your prospects might have about buying in this market.

What might be the best way to convey all of the above with a real estate postcard or real estate newsletter? Make sure to emphasize that this is a collaborative effort and that your knowledge of the market along with their vision for a home can come together for great results (a home they love and, for you, a commission you love). Speaking of different strategies, what do you find to be the most effective out there in this market?


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