Captivate Your Clients and Prospects With Real Estate Newsletters

Posted by Rick on Jan 30th, 2008

Only ReaMark makes the 4-page Real Estate Newsletters that have two huge personalization areas for you to really express your marketing message to clients and prospects. Both Full Color and Black & White personalization available! Each captivating newsletter is geared toward homeowners and renters, with articles that will keep them reading all 4 pages from beginning to end. Topics included range from real estate tips and knowledge, financing advice, tasty recipes, and real estate cartoons, to decorating and gardening tips. There is something for every reader in each issue, and because you send it out, each newsletter makes you look like their knowledgeable real estate agent. Here is a short clip from one of our articles, “Is Now the Best Time to Buy?” in issue N127 so you can get an idea of how ReaMark newsletters read:

You’ve probably heard the expression “timing is everything when buying real estate.” But for many homebuyers, deciding whether it is the right time to buy is never an easy task. Even real estate experts who have spent years tracking market trends often have conflicting viewpoints on the direction of the housing market. There are other factors that may help homebuyers make a sound buying decision instead of focusing solely on timing the market.   The market cycle is determined by the supply and demand of available homes for sale in the local real estate market. Interest rates, employment and the economy as a whole affect housing supply and demand. In order for homebuyers to perfectly time their purchase to the market cycle, several factors would have to occur simultaneously. There will need to be a surplus of homes available in the market where they want to live; they will need to be able to find a desired home for the lowest price; and interest rates must be low so they can choose the best loan … 

To continue reading this article or to see any of our other Real Estate Newsletters , please visit and search for newsletter “N127” or feel free to call us at (800) 932-2957 for FREE samples of our newsletters.

Why Spring Time Change Real Estate Postcards Work

Posted by Rick on Jan 28th, 2008

Why Spring Time Change Real Estate Postcards Work

It’s getting close to that time of year again when the clocks get moved forward by an hour and the days start getting longer. Yes, daylight saving time is approaching on March 9, 2008, and it is a great opportunity to remind your past and potential clients of your real estate services. But to get your cards on time, remember to order them by February 15th.

Spring time change postcards are one of our hottest items this time of year and are so popular, because people will hold onto them as a reminder to set their clocks back. Imagine the exposure you’ll get when your card is posted on the fridge for a few weeks. Also, it is important to take any opportunity you can to connect with your clients and prospects, and sending a time change postcard is a great and cost-effective way.

ReaMark has over 20 different spring time change postcard styles, and any of our postcards can have a time change reminder added to the backside message. All of our postcards are expertly designed by our graphics team to stand out in the mail, so your cards will get noticed. And with over 30,000 customers in Real Estate, we know what works. Also, if you order 5 different styles of postcards, your 6 style is FREE!

But to get your cards on time, remember you need to order them by February 15th.

For FREE samples of our Spring Time Change Real Estate Postcards , call us at (800) 932-2957 or visit our website at

Introducing New Full-Color Real Estate Newsletters

Posted by Rick on Jan 22nd, 2008

10% OFF New Full-Color Real Estate Newsletters at ReaMark! Only ReaMark has 4-page newsletters with 2 huge customization areas where you can print whatever you want. And because each custom area is an entire 3rd of a page, the possibilities for your marketing ideas are endless. Just think, you can put color pictures of houses you’ve just listed or sold, market updates or even coupons from other local businesses. And because newsletter customization is now available in full color, it will appear to everyone you send it to that you’re the local real estate expert that put it all together.

Each issue is packed full of fascinating articles geared towards homeowners, so your clients and prospects will enjoy reading all 4 pages every month. Some article topics include various real estate related topics, home improvement suggestions, financing explanations and tips, gardening ideas, home decorating advice, and delicious recipes. Also, every newsletter in all four of our 12-issue series contains only articles that are non-regional specific, so you can use any of them in your farm area.  You can read any of the real estate newsletters articles in full at, or request samples by calling (800) 932-2957.

Spot 6 Differences | Exclusive ReaMark Real Estate Postcards

Posted by Rick on Jan 17th, 2008

Spot 6 Differences | Exclusive ReaMark Real Estate Postcards

Have you ever turned to a page in a magazine and seen the Spot the Difference challenge? It’s where you see 2 pictures next to each other that at first look identical, but on further inspection, there are several subtle differences for you to find. You stop flipping through the magazine, focus your eyes and really concentrate on the pictures for 5+ minutes—they’re irresistible! That’s the concept of ReaMark’s new Spot 6 Differences Postcards!

These ReaMark exclusive cards are colorfully designed cartoons by our graphic artists, and all of them have real estate themes. Each of the 6 cards really pops out in the mail, and they’re sure to grab your clients and prospects attention (6 more Spot 6 Differences postcards to come soon). And because you put your name on the front of each card and on the back as well, you get double the exposure! Just imagine how long people will be staring at your cards and info. No other postcard out there gives you that kind of concentrated attention for that long! You can view these Spot 6 Differences Real Estate Postcards online at , or you can call us at (800) 932-2957 for a catalog and FREE Samples.

How To Build Your Business With Real Estate Postcards

Posted by Rick on Jan 4th, 2008

Did you know that sending out Real Estate Postcards is the most cost-efficient offline way to market to with past clients and reach new clients? It’s true! No other marketing medium allows you to have such an impact on your target audience for as little a cost.


By sending monthly postcard mailings, you keep your information continually in front of clients and prospects, so when they are ready to buy or sell, you’re the first person they think about. Not only do repeat mailings build your name recognition, they also establish your credibility. Receiving your repeated mailings shows your farm that you’ve been in the business for awhile and that you’re a true professional.


Unlike other advertising mediums like newspapers or TV, you are able to direct your marketing efforts solely to your targeted audience. Whether they are homeowners or renters, you know where each piece is going and you can easily track the response. Also you know by sending to homeowners that they have most likely used a REALTOR in the past and will be inclined to do so in the future.


And at ReaMark, our postcards are as low as 5 cents each so you know you’re getting a deal. Please don’t hesitate to call (800) 932-2957 or visit for FREE samples of our real estate postcards


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