Realtor Marketing Testimonial: Highly Effective Postcards

Posted by Rick on Jan 30th, 2014

Custom postcards are effective postcards, and here is why one agent makes them a part of the overall realtor marketing strategy.

Effective real estate marketing strategies should include custom postcards. 

When Vince Grant, an agent from the Pacific Northwest region, contacted us about helping him with a real estate marketing plan, we were happy to apply what we knew from working with other realtors over the years.

Eventually, it developed into a conversation about how effective postcards are for business, not only for generating leads but also for staying in front of existing clients.

Now, several years later, Vince still turns to ReaMark for realtor marketing products because of the continued effectiveness of the postcards and the service.

Here is his take on the ReaMark experience:

“I have used ReaMark for several years. They have worked with me on several custom postcards and I have had tremendous results. I have appreciated their product quality and their thoroughness and smoothness in the process from creating to mailing. Their pricing has been competitive, the service and communication has been great. I would highly recommend looking into how ReaMark can help your business grow.”

Does your current real estate marketing partner evoke the same sentiment from you?

Custom Realtor Marketing Programs: (800) 932-2957

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Real Estate Daylight Savings Time Postcards: Twofold Effect

Posted by Rick on Jan 20th, 2014


Remind real estate clients of spring time change with daylight savings postcards.

Do you know which day to set your clocks ahead this spring? Your clients probably don’t either, and that’s exactly why real estate agents should send daylight savings time postcards right now.

Why Real Estate Spring Time Change Postcards Work

The benefits of sending daylight savings time information via postcards are twofold:

  • provide valuable information to your clients, and
  • give them a reason to put your name up on their refrigerator.


After all, now that they have the date, they certainly don’t want to forget it! (It’s Sunday, March 9, for those who are wondering.)

As with any realtor prospecting strategy, the key is to send postcards on key dates.

Real estate spring time change postcards hit clients’ mailboxes at the very first important event: daylight savings time.

But in order to get daylight savings time postcards out in time, realtors need to place their orders soon.

You should plan on having the postcards in the homes of your clients no later than the week of February 24.

Timeliness is everything in real estate, and you can reflect the importance of it in your own business by alerting clients to the next time change.

Realtor Marketing Strategies: Regional Expertise is Key

Posted by Rick on Jan 14th, 2014

Realtor Marketing Insights: Post Cards, Calendars and Newsletters

Real estate behaves differently around the country; we know that because we’ve seen how quickly homes move off the market in one area and how painfully stagnant the situation is in another.

This is what makes realtor marketing difficult for agents, especially those that are new to the profession. Do you send real estate marketing post cards or will newsletters be more effective?

What is working in your area?

Realtor marketing strategies: post cards could be your best bet.

ReaMark works with more than 30,000 agents across the U.S., so we know what works and what doesn’t in each region.

It makes sense. If you think about it, realtor marketing can be done with post cards, calendars, newsletters or other direct mail pieces.

But while the brevity of post card mailers may be appealing to one audience, the long format of newsletters may be better suited for a different set of customers.

At ReaMark, we have spent the past 13 years getting to know our customers (the realtors) and their customers (the home buyers and sellers), so that we can guide agents toward the best communication style for their area.

Whether that’s real estate marketing post cards or realtor calendars and newsletters, ReaMark is an advocate for realtors and effective marketing strategies.

Let us put our knowledge to work for your career…your success.

The Real Estate Market is Returning: What Should I Be Doing?

Posted by Rick on Jan 7th, 2014

Fifty-two housing markets out of the approximately 350 nationwide metro areas have returned to or have exceeded the levels of activity they enjoyed before the recession (NAHB), and agents are turning to real estate promotional materials as a way to gain visibility.

According to the National Association of Home Builders, the housing market is running at 85 percent of normal activity on a nationwide scale.

That’s promising data for realtors that are just entering the field as well as those that are eager to take advantage of the returning market.

When asked which realtor promotional tools an agent should focus on, our answer is real estate marketing post cards that can be sent throughout the year.

Promotional Post Cards for Real Estate Agents

Promotional post cards are a key part of real estate marketing strategies.

Most of the successful realtors in today’s market employ the use of real estate post cards to help increase name recognition and sales.

But that’s not the only real estate promotional material that can help agents with their marketing; in fact, Reamark specializes in helping realtors customize a marketing program based on experience, target market, budget and sales goals.

For more information on promotional items or to contact us, visit


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