Why the Traditional Farming Strategy of Sending Calendars Still Works in an Increasing Digital World

Posted by Rick on Nov 18th, 2019
Traditional Farming Strategy of Sending Calendars

Real estate professionals have faced career change at a faster pace than many of those who work in other industries. An excellent example of this is the lightning speed at which digital marketing has succeeded in overshadowing more traditional options for reaching potential buyer and seller clients, such as farming by neighborhood or by specific demographics. 

However, brokers and agents who no longer farm or those who are guilty of second-guessing its value may want to take a second look. Now, with 2020 fast approaching, is the perfect time to learn more about the potential a good farming campaign can have as a complement to a modern digital marketing strategy.  

The Physical VS Digital Introduction

One of the reasons that farming has worked so well in the real estate industry in years past is its ability to provide an introduction that prospective clients can see and touch. When someone receives an attractive calendar or a well-designed postcard that can be held in their hand, there is an instant perception of value that helps the sender become more memorable. 

The average person today likely finds themselves targeted by hundreds of digital marketing ads each week. Because of this, many have become somewhat immune to digital messaging, especially when there is no prior introduction or existing connection.  

Agents who opt to use high-quality memorable materials as proactive farming tools are helping to provide a warm, non-threatening introduction to their company, brand, and services. Prospective clients on the receiving end of this type of marketing will have been effectively pre-introduced to the agent, a process that can foster and promote mutually beneficial ongoing relationships.

Building Long-Term Relationships VS Getting Digital Impressions

Online marketing success is often measured in digital impressions, but this type of interaction may not be enough in an industry such as real estate, where trust and familiarity are required for a successful, long-term relationship.  Agents and brokers who want 2020 to be their most successful year yet can use a timely gift of a tasteful wall or desk calendar to introduce themselves and their services. This initial introduction can then be followed with periodic, affordable postcard mailings, all of which serve to familiarize prospective clients with your photo, brand, logo, and website. 

Prospective clients who receive tangible farming messages from an agent or broker over several months will also be more receptive of their digital marketing efforts because they are able to easily recognize them from their farming efforts. 

Agents who would like to learn more about the benefits of using high-quality calendars and postcards as farming aids to enjoy greater success in 2020 can depend on Reamark for the answers and marketing advice they need. Calls and inquiries are answered by specially trained order consultants who work with each agent or broker to develop a marketing strategy that is simple, effective, and budget friendly in any market. 

Feeling Thankful? Holiday Season Gifting Tips to Show your Appreciation and generate more referrals

Posted by Marketing on Nov 13th, 2019
Holiday Season Gifting Tips

Thanksgiving is often thought of as the traditional starting point of the long holiday season. It is a time when both private citizens and businesses tend to feel thankful for their health, happiness, and success. 

For the real estate agent or broker, the Thanksgiving holiday can offer even more. Instead of being just a time of passive reflection, agents and brokers can also use the season to actively give thanks and appreciation for both past and current clients. Agents who would like to make the most of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday season can benefit from these gifting tips. 

Offer a Tasty Treat for Long-Time or Repeat Clients

Most successful real estate agents have more than a few special long-time or repeat clients. These clients are the ones that may have only purchased or sold one or two properties, yet formed a bond with their agent that has fostered many more transactions over the years through referrals of friends, relatives, and coworkers. 

These are the past clients that you know well enough to send a basket of tasty treats with a favorite bottle of locally produced wine or cider.

In addition to food and beverages which will likely be savored soon after receipt, agents and brokers can also enclose a timely, but more lasting gift, such as a beautiful wall calendar or a tasteful magnet for their refrigerator. This type of gift, specially chosen based on the agent’s knowledge of their client’s preferences, offers both immediate appeal and a tangible reminder of your services and appreciation that will continue to generate referrals. 

Give Something That Gives Back 

When food is not an appropriate gift for past clients due to dietary restrictions or health concerns, real estate agents may want to consider gifting them with something that gives back. In keeping with the Thanksgiving theme, agents may want to make a donation in their client’s name to a favorite local cause or charity or volunteer in their client’s name. 

Notice of even a small donation or service, accompanied by tasteful Thanksgiving card and a 2020 wall calendar will help to ensure that past clients continue to feel a warm bond with the real estate agent that they quickly began to regard as a treasured friend. 

In addition to gifts inspired by the Thanksgiving season, real estate agents and brokers should consider making proactive changes to their ongoing marketing strategies that will continue to grow their business in the future. ReaMark, along with their specially trained consultants, can provide the products and marketing advice real estate agents and brokers need to grow their business throughout 2020 and the years to come. 


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