The Role of Calendars in Building Client Relationships

Posted by Marketing on May 10th, 2024

Realtor marketing calendars are more than great promotional items, they provide true value to recipients. While reminding clients of important dates, real estate calendars also keep your name and contact details in front of potential buyers and sellers. ReaMark offers a variety of wall and magnetic calendars to choose from — and you can try them all! First, let’s explore the role of calendars in building client relationships.

How Real Estate Marketing Calendars Bring You Closer to Clients

Whether you choose magnetic or wall calendars, these promotional items solidify your brand and keep your contact information at eye level. Recipients will display your calendars on the refrigerator, wall, desktop, and other highly visible areas.

Attracting Leads With Magnetic Calendars

With the help of the ReaMark team, you can choose the most appropriate graphics and content for your magnetic calendars. Do you want to reach young families? Feature important school dates and holidays for maximum impact. That’s just one way to connect to your clients through full-color calendars.

Highlight key dates relevant to your target audience. For example, many realtor marketing calendars feature local sports teams, so fans remain aware of important games. You can also design school sports schedules (Now 30% off!) in honor of local athletes.

Choose from the following categories of magnetic realtor calendars:

  • Recipe calendars
  • Home tips calendars
  • Scenic calendars
  • Other real estate calendars

    Wall Calendars Build Relationships

    With wall calendars, you have more space to entertain, delight, and educate your prospective clients. High-quality printing enhances local landmarks and homes and makes it easy to highlight your familiarity with the area. By including local events and homeowner tips, you increase the utility of your real estate calendars. At the end of the day, you want to position yourself as an expert in all things local. Realtor calendars make it easy to do so. Offer limited edition wall calendars with a personalized message to connect to recipients on a deeper level.

    Multiple Sizes & Formats for Tailored Calendars

    Which ReaMark real estate marketing calendar best suits your needs?

    • 4″ x 7″ Full Magnet Calendars: Perfect for placement on refrigerators and 140 designs.
    • Magnetic Tear-Off Calendars: Our 3.5″ x 6″ calendars come in 12-month formats with many design choices and cover options. You also receive free envelopes to facilitate distribution.
    • Large 3.5″ x 9″ Full & Strip Magnet Calendars: This is the perfect format for school and sports schedules.
    • Jumbo Postcard Calendars with Magnetic Strip: Purchase UV-coated jumbo cards (8.5″ x 5.5″) for maximum impact and easy-to-install magnetic strips.
    • Medium 3.5″ x 6″ Full Magnet Calendars: This is one of our most popular choices. There are dozens of designs to choose from.
    • Wall Calendars: For broader reach, consider sending out real estate marketing calendars that can be ready in 12-18 business days.
    • School Calendars: Cater to families with calendars packed full of important school events.

    Build your client relationships with gorgeous, practical calendars they’ll appreciate. Contact the team at ReaMark for assistance with your realtor calendars for the school or calendar year.

    How to Create a Winning Real Estate Newsletter

    Posted by Rick on May 2nd, 2024

    You can create winning real estate newsletters with well-planned content strategies that appeal to your target audience. In this guide, the pros at ReaMark offer tips on content selection, design, and distribution strategies to help you engage readers and turn your prospects into clients. If you aren’t sure what to write about in your realtor newsletter, remember to keep it personal, use great photos, and offer value to your readers. Don’t forget to include content that highlights your professional experience to promote your brand and get the phone ringing!

    Personalize Content in Your Realtor Marketing

    Whenever possible, customize content to maintain the interest of your audience. That includes getting personal by sharing your interests as well as your expertise. While hundreds of clients may receive the same newsletter — Don’t forget that you can create more than one for different stages of the sales funnel! — you want to create a connection by showcasing your individuality.

    How can you do that?

    • Write your realtor newsletters using friendly, conversational language. Use “I,” “we,” and “you,” instead of the more impersonal third person point of view.
    • Mention the neighborhood/farm area you’re targeting. That means creating unique newsletters for different communities.
    • Talk to the ReaMark marketing team about pre-written content that you can customize for your needs.
    • Address your readers by name if you’re working with a curated distribution list.
    • Introduce yourself to new prospects, such as those living in a new farm area. Include local listings and sales you’ve made recently.

    What Should You Write About?

    When in doubt about what content to include in your real estate newsletters, stay close to home. Find ways to target local organizations and events, as follows:

    • Local Businesses: Are there new bars, shops, or other businesses opening nearby? Show that you stay on top of changes in the area and share important information new and long-time residents can use. It doesn’t hurt that this will deepen your connection to local business owners.
    • Local Events: Everybody loves calendars. They create a compelling visual even if you just list upcoming events. Ask recipients of your real estate newsletters to send you upcoming events you can post in your next newsletter.
    • Throwback Thursdays: Share vintage pictures of your farm area. This is another golden opportunity to source content from readers. Long-time residents may have amazing photos that show how much the neighborhood has grown and changed.
    • Local Charities: Partner with local charities to assist with fundraising or raise awareness while showing support for the community.

    Design Tips for Realtor Newsletters

    ReaMark’s four-page newsletters are designed to catch the eyes of your readers. You can optimize your content with beautiful photos of local homes and landmarks in the Throwback Thursday section. Use our eye-catching templates to engage readers or work with a professional designer to customize your look.

    Keep your newsletter short and to the point. Most importantly, you need a call to action that includes your personal contact details to help you close the deal.

    Save on ReaMark newsletters today!

    Always Use Great Photos

    ReaMark offers full-color printing that showcases your amazing photos. Make your real estate newsletters pop with stunning images that reflect the demographic and neighborhood you serve.

    Distribution Strategies

    There are many ways to deliver your newsletters, and this is a great way to maintain continuity across your digital and direct real estate marketing. Keep the following tips in mind:

    • Email: Highlight stories in mailed newsletters or tease content for your next one.
    • Social Media: Share your social media links and realtor website on your newsletter.
    • Website: Go deeper into topics addressed in your newsletters to optimize your cross-channel marketing.
    • Print: Direct mail provides a tangible way to connect with your audience. Readers are more likely to look at physical copies of your newsletter.

    Need more tips on how to create and distribute memorable realtor newsletters? Contact the knowledgeable team at ReaMark today!


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