Every Door Direct Mail FULL Service Now Available

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Jul 26th, 2016

If you have yet to discover the efficiency and value of Every Door Direct Marketing (EDDM) now is the time to contact ReaMark. EDDM allows you to reach every single home in a target community without the hassles or waste. This is especially valuable when you are farming specific areas. When you employ EDDM tactics with real estate marketing flyers or postcards or even real estate promotional products, get ready to see the results!

every door direct mail

Highlight recently sold properties in the area. Remind residents why now is a great to time consider selling. Tell them about your free home assessment service. Give them a reason to contact you and watch your farm grow and grow!

ReaMark is pleased to offer you our complete turnkey, full-service EDDM service for as little as .40 cents each. You don’t have to worry about bundling, strapping, or even waiting at the post office. There’s no permit necessary. We offer FREE design, FREE proofs and you don’t pay until you approve the proofs! EDDM is now as easy as identifying your target neighborhood, deciding on the piece you would like to have delivered, and working with our customer service specialists to design a winning marketing campaign. Then it’s a matter of continuing to nurture that farm until it bears the fruit of new prospects, listings and sales!

ReaMark is unique in that we specialize in real estate marketing and real estate promotional products. We offer a wide-range of attention-getting real estate marketing flyers, calendars, household tips, time-change reminders and more. You can trust ReaMark with over 16 years of experience servicing more than 35,000 real estate professionals. We’ve worked with these professionals through the years in tracking results and refining designs and strategies. Our products and services are proven effective in situation after situation.

If you would like to know more about EDDM or any one of our thousands of other marketing ideas and products, contact us. Request our catalog or review our thousands of products online. Remember, should you have any questions, we have real people here to help. We look forward to helping you grow your business!

Real Estate Marketing in Today’s HOT Market

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Jul 12th, 2016

It’s time to ride the sellers market we are currently experiencing in the real state business and ReaMark is here to help! Existing home sales are reaching new highs and ReaMark’s tried and true strategies can help you make the most of this crest. Many of our customers are maximizing their listings and sales through our proven techniques that are keeping listings and sales HOT!

Strategies include newsletters that can update your farm on what exactly is happening in their neighborhood through sales and listings. Just sold postcards are a powerful way to grab the attention of those who may be underestimating the value of their properties. Just listed postcards can have a similar effect. Our EDDM services are very very popular with agents and brokers who want to make sure every potential customer is covered. Remember, we offer free design and customization services to help you properly communicate your message and build your brand.

For those staying on a budget, we’ve moved a few styles of newsletters and 4-up lasers to our clearance section. This gives you the powerful ability to market those new listings and sales at lightning speeds from your own printer!

ReaMark specializes in real estate marketing products and promotional materials. Through the years, we have built our business by listening to our customers and continuing to develop marketing products that work. We are pleased to offer professional, personal service, consultations and advice to help you grow your real estate business.

Technology has become an important part of the real estate business. But it is still, very much, a one-on-one, personal business that relies on relationships, trust, branding, and image. Our products can help you do just that.

Take advantage of the sellers market right now by ordering newsletters and postcards from ReaMark. Let your prospects know that you are in touch and you are their real estate resource for the latest information available. Contact us today and let’s grow your business together!

New Real Estate Postcard Series – Motivation & Inspriation

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Jul 1st, 2016

Real estate postcards have long been an effective way to farm a community. They keep your name in front of potential clients and remind them you are there when needed. A long term marketing strategy using postcards for realtors can be a very effective way to increase leads, prospects, listings and sales. ReaMark is proud to introduce our latest line real estate postcards, our motivational and inspirational postcards for realtors.

Motivational postcards are a terrific way to brand you and your real estate business. They are uplifting and inspirational. They are thought provoking and created to motivate. Our new line of motivational postcards are available in 72 different designs in order minimums as little as 300 postcards. Motivational postcards often ͞hit a note͟ with prospects, causing them to save the card, perhaps displaying it on a bulletin board or refrigerator. Your name can be associated with the positive emotions these motivational postcards elicit.

Now is the time to plan your motivation postcard marketing strategy. Create your own six month, or year long marketing kit. Buy today and get a month free with the purchase of five months. Purchase ten months of postcard designs and get two at no charge. Putting your marketing kit together is as easy as selecting your designs and ordering them right online. Remember, we offer free design help and you don’t pay until you approve your proofs.

ReaMark has worked with real estate brokers and agents developing a variety of marketing products that have proven time after time to be effective. We understand the real estate business and our professionals are available to assist you in creating plans that will work for you. We encourage you to view our complete line of promotional and marketing products.

Remember, order 5 months now and get the six month free. Order 10 months now and get two months free. That gives you a solid real estate postcard marketing program to use for months and months. Don’t wait! Order your motivational postcards from ReaMark today!


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