3 Reasons Your Competition is Using Holiday Greeting Cards to Strengthen Client Relations

Posted by Marketing on Aug 29th, 2019

In this technology-rich age, when everything seems to be about automation and electronic connections, a traditional holiday greeting card may seem a bit archaic and outdated. However, incorporating old-fashioned holiday greeting cards into your real estate business marketing plan can be quite effective.

Here are three reasons your competition is going old-school this holiday season, and you should, too.

Using Holiday Greeting Cards

Make Emotional Connections

Connecting with past and current customers from time to time helps you develop strong, lifelong relationships built on loyalty and mutual respect. The sales boost you get from referrals is just a bonus.

When you personalize 2019 greeting cards with a handwritten note, your mailer will trigger memories of positive experiences sure to bring a smile to your clients face. There’s just something about knowing that a company invested time (and money for printing, stamps, etc.) to send a personal note rather than go the modern route of email or text which only takes few seconds and is practically free.

And, research shows that the more comfortable a consumer feels with a brand, the more likely they are to form a bond with a brand. Stronger bonds mean repeat business and a satisfaction level that leads to more referrals and recommendations in person and on social media sites.

Prioritize Relationships

Most of us can send a text or email in our sleep – literally. About 10 percent of the population suffers from sleep texting disorder, a medically recognized condition associated with bedtime activities. Taking the time to add a handwritten note to a customized holiday greet card allows us to prioritize our business relationships. When you are only going to write a few words, you’ll want to think about the message before you start writing. Handwritten notes allow us to prioritize relationships by giving them the attention they deserve.

The time you invest creating a mailing list, and crafted personal notes is time and effort well-spent growing your business that will reward you with a healthy ROI in the future. Would you rather get an email inviting you to contact a brand if you need a product or service, or a handwritten note in a card that invites you to drop by to discuss your needs over a cup of freshly brewed coffee and a fresh-from-the-oven pumpkin spice cookie?

Generate Gratitude

While many real estate professionals send annual mailings to generate new business within their communities, others see the holiday greeting card season as a perfect opportunity to express their appreciation and gratitude for existing clients.

The cards you send to your clientele speak volumes. They provide hints about your work ethic, the quality of your relationships and even how you run your business. When you express genuine gratitude for your customers, not only do your clients feel valued, you experience all the warm-fuzzy feelings that naturally flow between friends. Expressing gratitude also elevates your own mood, attitude and self-worth.  Expressing your thankfulness for support and loyalty is a win-win.

Technology has a place in real estate marketing plans. But, when it comes to holiday greeting cards, a personal touch trumps convenience every time. Contact Reamark for help designing holiday greeting cards, promotional calendars, door hangers and memo boards.

Home Tips Calendars That Your Real Estate Clients Will Love

Posted by Marketing on Aug 21st, 2019

If you are a real estate agent or broker, you need ways to make your name known to homeowners in your community.  Calendars that display your name, picture, and contact info are great for ensuring you will be on the top of homeowners’ minds all year round. When the calendars also offer useful information, such as home tips, they will be referred to even more. The right type of home tips calendar is one of the most cost-effective and useful tools that real estate agents can use.

Home Tips Calendars

People Love Home Tips

Homeowners can always use new tips on how to successfully complete projects such as making over a room. When you give away home tips calendars, homeowners are more likely to want them, to actually use them, and to look at them often. The home tips peel-n-stick classic cover magnet calender made by ReaMark offers intriguing home tips that homeowners appreciate. Every time they look at their calendar, they will see your business card. Think of how many times per year they will be glancing at your name and logo. This is publicity that is priceless.

Free Envelopes Make It Easy for You to Send Out Your Personalized Calendars

When you order 2-in-1 magnetic calendars from ReaMark, you get free envelopes that make it convenient for you to reach out to your potential customers. You don’t have to wait for people to come to your office.  On the outside of each envelope is an inscription saying “A special gift for you!” That builds anticipation when people see it. The ReaMark company specializes in real estate marketing products, and they know how to help real estate agents and brokers increase their name recognition in an efficient and pleasant way. 

Everyone Needs Calendars

Calendars are popular promotional items because they are so useful. The home tips calendar from ReaMark is compact and attractive. Your potential customers can use it at home or at work. They can put it on the wall or on a desk. The front side of each month features a large calendar, a detail from a photo, and teaser information about that month’s home tip. On the back is an easy-to-read full description of the tip along with the full photo. The pages are printed on glossy, high-quality paper. People will be proud to display these attractive and useful calendars in their homes or work spaces.

Home tips calendars are an economical and powerful way to spread your name and contact information throughout your community.  ReaMark’s high-quality calendars are designed exclusively for the real estate community. Check out our full line of promotional products for real estate professionals on our website, or call us at (800) 932-2957 for a free catalog and samples. 


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