Real Estate Daylight Savings Time Postcards: Twofold Effect

Posted by Rick on Jan 20th, 2014


Remind real estate clients of spring time change with daylight savings postcards.

Do you know which day to set your clocks ahead this spring? Your clients probably don’t either, and that’s exactly why real estate agents should send daylight savings time postcards right now.

Why Real Estate Spring Time Change Postcards Work

The benefits of sending daylight savings time information via postcards are twofold:

  • provide valuable information to your clients, and
  • give them a reason to put your name up on their refrigerator.


After all, now that they have the date, they certainly don’t want to forget it! (It’s Sunday, March 9, for those who are wondering.)

As with any realtor prospecting strategy, the key is to send postcards on key dates.

Real estate spring time change postcards hit clients’ mailboxes at the very first important event: daylight savings time.

But in order to get daylight savings time postcards out in time, realtors need to place their orders soon.

You should plan on having the postcards in the homes of your clients no later than the week of February 24.

Timeliness is everything in real estate, and you can reflect the importance of it in your own business by alerting clients to the next time change.

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