Millenials Are Skipping Starter Homes

Posted by Rick on Sep 13th, 2013

A recent trend that doesn’t seem to be ebbing is that of younger buyers buying high-priced real estate. Where has this come from and how long has it been happening? More importantly, how long is this expected to last?

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, this is a trend that’s only become more and more a reality of the real estate market over the last several years. It’s also been increasingly commonplace.

Often scared by the stock market and its fluctuation, younger buyers put more stock in property and its sustainable worth. This is a definite plus for us real estate agents if only we know how to capitalize on it properly. How do we deal with non-traditional buyers who are purchasing real estate they don’t traditionally buy?

We believe that it’s quite simple really. Using such tactics as real estate newsletters, real estate postcards, realtor calendars: this is what we’ve found to work. What’s more, when drafting your real estate news letters, why not include news references such as the above to pique the interest of potential buyers and also show that you’re aware of their interests.

Make sure to also be consistent. Continually letting your potential buyers know that you are particularly well-suited to be of service to them means that they will think of you first. What ideas do you have for reaching them or perhaps targeting them with custom real estate postcards?

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