The Secret to Starting Your Referral Engine

Posted by Rick on Dec 30th, 2013


Generate Referrals with Recipe Real Estate Calendars for Your Clients

It’s clear that home tip calendars and recipe calendars are some of the most effective real estate calendars for clients, but what some agents may not realize is that these handy little mailers are also excellent referral generators.

Here’s why:

  • People keep them – Whether you choose real estate calendars with home tips or recipes, your clients will want to save them for the valuable information they contain (aside from your personal info, of course!).
  • Clients recognize you – Most calendars are kept on the refrigerator, and the refrigerator is visited 18 times per day, so it won’t take long for homeowners to start seeing your face whenever friends and family talk about finding an agent.
  • They’re free gifts – At least, this is how your contacts will perceive them. Rather than listing bait, your real estate calendars will come across as thoughtful and giving.

Sending real estate calendars that feature quality recipes or valuable home tips have staying power – not only on refrigerators but also in the minds of clients.

These are two of the best places to be when someone asks, “Do you know a good real estate agent?”

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