Real Estate Postcards | Why Repeat Mailings Work

Posted by Rick on Oct 22nd, 2007

When sending out real estate postcards , repeat mailings are crucial to the success of your direct mail marketing campaign. Only through repetition can you build and maintain the name recognition that you need to build your client base. Here’s why repeat mailings increase your chances of getting more listings and sales:

An average of about 8% of homeowners will move this year. But the whole 8% won’t move at the same time. You can separate your targeted audience into three divisions: 

1. People who need your service now

2. People that are going to need your service later

3. People that are not going to need your service

The smaller portion of your audience is going to need a Realtor right now, but more of them will eventually need one in the future. When you send mailings repetitively, you up your chances of getting business from those who need you now and those who will need you later.

By sending repeat mailings, you build your credibility. As your name and picture becomes more familiar to clients and prospects, you start creating a level of trust. You are conveying that your business is established, and that they can trust their real estate needs will be secure with you.

Lastly, a lot of people have a tendency to procrastinate. Even though they could be thinking about using your services, they may take a little more time to make a decision. Sometimes people can get sidetracked, but sending real estate postcards continuously reminds them about their real estate needs and of your services.

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