Real Estate Marketing Tools | How Direct Mail Works

Posted by Rick on Oct 25th, 2007

Real Estate Marketing Tools | How Direct Mail Works

What is Similar About Almost All Top-Producing Realtors? 

They utilize direct mail to build their business. Just ask the top producers around the office, and they will let you know they use postcards, newsletters, and/or calendars to keep in touch with past clients and find new business. This is no secret, and you too can use direct mail to get more listings and sales.

Marketing is Crucial to Your Success.

Like most companies, your business is dependant on one aspect – earning customers. The fact is that no matter how great you are at buying or selling homes, you aren’t going to get somebody’s business if they aren’t aware you exist.

By marketing your services, you are telling people that you are the person to call when it comes to Real Estate. And ReaMark’s marketing products are the key to getting your name in front of potential clients to start building your business.

About 62% of Sellers Use the First Realtor They Contact.

Your #1 objective is to be that Realtor. When you send your past clients and prospects real estate marketing tools like postcards, newsletters, and calendars, you put your services right in front of them so they’ll know who to call when they are ready to sell or buy.

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