Real Estate Calendars | How to Get More Out of Your Holiday Mailers

Posted by Rick on Oct 11th, 2007

Real Estate Calendars | How to Get More Out of Your Holiday Mailers

Holiday greeting cards are a great goodwill mailing and a perfect opportunity to connect with past clients and prospects. But there is a way to add that much more to your greeting card mailers this year: send them with a calendar. A magnetic calendar is a great add-in that the majority of those in your farm will most-likely keep. Why? Because calendar magnets serve two purposes that just about everyone can use: they tell the date –and- they can be used to post things such as pictures, coupons, etc. to a refrigerator or other magnetic object. Most people put them on their fridges, an added benefit for you as the kitchen on average has the most traffic in the house.

By putting a calendar in your greeting card mailer this year, you are also giving what is perceived as a gift in the spirit of the season. In a lot of cases, the calendar will even cost less than the greeting card itself! And because your clients and prospects hold onto your calendar, you get even more value for your marketing dollar. Postage will most likely cost a little more if you do a greeting card / calendar combo mailing, but you’ll save money on postage if you mail them as one piece as opposed to sending two separate mailings. You will also save the time and effort needed to do an extra mailing, and you won’t have to type up any extra marketing letter to insert with your real estate calendars

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