How to Create Your 2019 Marketing Plan in 5 Steps

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Jan 9th, 2019

Securing leads isn’t always easy, but as a real estate agent, it’s essential to get over the hurdles. As consumers evolve, their tastes also change, and 2019 is almost certain to bring new norms in outreach. Your old campaign strategies might not cut it. Confused about how your marketing plan fits into an uncertain future? Here are five simple pointers for better real estate branding in the coming year.

1. Coordinate Marketing Across Multiple Channels

Realtors who want to establish ties have a variety of touch points at their disposal. For instance, sales agents commonly send out calendar magnets at the beginning of the year to ensure people keep them in mind for months to come. House flippers, on the other hand, might focus on image-packed social media posts showing their latest before-and-after successes.

Start coordinating your efforts. For instance, your calendar magnets should definitely include social media links. When people subscribe to your email newsletters, your database software ought to place them in a different mailing list reserved for nurturing established leads. You’re fighting a war for attention on multiple fronts, so ensure that your attacks support each other.

2. Regularly Refine Your Marketing Metrics

Tired of feeling like you’re drowning in a sea of campaign stats? Effective marketers periodically reassess their data collection and analysis practices. This highlights trends and helps you make wise branding choices.

If you’re like most agents, then you’re probably tracking social media engagement on several platforms. For clarity’s sake, organize your dashboards to automatically show the few sites with the highest numbers and group the rest into a general low-performance category.

Sanitizing your data will make you less likely to mistake noise for noteworthy trends. The new year is also a logical time to conduct a strategy audit and identify the most important performance indicators.

3. Recognize the Power of Good Timing

People respond to the same messages differently depending on when they receive them. Although you can’t always anticipate when the mail carrier will deliver your latest greeting cards or door hangers, you can definitely set the pace for followup interactions.

Don’t think that timing is a big deal? Try cold calling someone late at night or early in the morning, and you’ll quickly realize how important it is. You might be making social media posts in the wake of a printed mailer blitz or sending emails, but it’s critical to accommodate your audience’s habits.

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4. Organize Your Campaign Analyses to Complement Your Market Segments

Whether you’re farming different neighborhoods or sending out cards for different holidays, you need clarity. Why not make it easier to track leads on a per-campaign basis by including unique QR codes for each group of mailers? From there, you can use engagement software or normal spreadsheets to organize the response data to reveal which types of outreach correspond to the biggest successes.

Client personas are essential in an era where people expect highly personalized marketing. Facebook and other tools may give agents unprecedented access to fine-grained consumer information, but it’s vital to associate the feedback with the right audience pockets.

5. Create a Brand, Not Just a Campaign

Your marketing doesn’t have to be super sleek, but it must be polished and coordinated. It doesn’t matter if you’re targeting consumers who might favor the appeal of quaint aesthetics and plain language. Using consistent marketing elements reinforces your message and highlights your professionalism.

You’ve probably already got a few core brand assets, such as your logo, trademark or tagline. Start the year off right by finding a design team that can help you create universal marketing standards using these critical components.

Imagine that you mail out completely different postcard designs every few months. You might restrict your use of fonts to make your value proposition more noticeable or keep the contact information in the same position so that people know where to look. These advertising design fundamentals will become even more essential as 2019 forces you to compete with new marketing techniques and technological distractions for people’s attention.

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