Real Estate Calendars a Must for 2014

Posted by Rick on Sep 26th, 2013

Agents Get a Head Start with Realtor Calendars

Your mother-in-law calls to schedule a family dinner. Then your dentist wants to reschedule your appointment, and your son’s teacher asks to set up a conference. Where do all of these situations lead? Straight to your calendar.

That’s exactly why realtor calendars are a smart marketing tool for any real estate agent. With real estate calendars that feature personalized realtor information on the calendar – such as a photo, website and telephone number – it’s simple to keep your name in front of potential buyers every day of the year.

Real estate calendars give realtors maximum exposure.

         Real estate calendars give realtors maximum exposure.

 With specialized calendar formats including school calendars, sports schedules and even seasonal recipes, you’ll give recipients even more reasons to come back to your calendar and personalized information again and again.

But it isn’t just about getting real estate calendars to these potential buyers; it’s about getting them out at the best time: right now.

Why is this the best time?

Because you aren’t the first person to think of sending a calendar. In fact, insurance companies and auto repair shops already have theirs in the works.

The good news? You can still be ahead of the competition by placing your order now for Reamark real estate calendars and be the first calendar that potential buyers put up on the refrigerator at home or their desk at the office.

How are you preparing to get in front of customers ahead of everyone else?

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