3 Reasons Your Real Estate Prospecting Isn’t Working

Posted by Reamark Marketing on May 29th, 2014


Are you sending out prospecting mailers and not seeing results? When real estate prospecting efforts aren’t getting results, there are three common reasons why. Your real estate prospecting isn’t working because you aren’t using the best mailing list, don’t have a clear call-to-action, and lack diversity.

Not Using the Best Mailing List

Postcards are essential to any real estate prospecting strategy. However, Realtors won’t have success if they aren’t sending real estate post cards to the best mailing list. When sending mailers, always include your personal mailing lists. Additionally, make sure you are not mailing to an area already dominated by a realtor or a particular real estate company. An area can be considered “dominated,” and therefore undesirable for mailings, when the realtor or company has 75% or more of the area listings.

Real Estate NewsletterNo Clear Call-to-Action

Sending real estate prospecting postcards without a clear call to action is a waste of time. A clear call-to-action differentiates you from other realtors and drives website traffic. Entice buyers and sellers to call you by using appealing offers. Attractive offers can be a free market analysis or lower commission rates. A great offer and a clear call-to-action will set you apart from your competitors.

Lacking Diversity

Increase engagement by sending out a variety of mailers to your prospects and leads. Mix it up by sending out newsletters, calendars, and postcards. Also, be sure to include variety in your real estate postcards. Showcase your wins with Just Listed or Just Sold postcards, get better engagement with a recipe card or by sharing home tips, or educate your audience with market updates. By varying the look and feel of your mailers and postcards, you keep your message fresh.

By including these tips in your contact strategy, you will attract more new business. Don’t forget that frequency is key to a successful strategy. Send a mailing at least every two months, but keep in mind that monthly mailings are better. If necessary, you can cut your list size to stay within budget and continue to send monthly mailers.

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