3 Ways to Get Results With Real Estate Postcards

Posted by Rick on Feb 22nd, 2008

By sending out real estate postcards regularly, you can gradually build your client base and increase your referrals. Your monthly mailings will serve as a reminder of your services to past clients and will familiarize you to prospects. And by mailing regularly, you help to ensure that your cards will arrive at the key time when they are looking to sell or buy. All of ReaMark’s postcards are professionally designed by our graphics team to stand out in the mail. And you can bet that because over 30,000 Realtors use us for their marketing, we know what works. Also, right now if you order 5 styles of postcards, you get the 6th style for FREE. Here are some different ideas to set up your postcard mail campaign:

1. Choose from anyone of our 30+ series to mail out. We have a huge selection of series including Recipes, Home Tips, Animal Cards, Scenic/Inspirational, Comics, Spot 6 Difference Cards, and Feel Right at Home farming cards. Each series has 12 cards so you can mail out every month.

2. Seasonal postcards for monthly prospecting are a great way to connect with clients and prospects. Holidays and events are a great way to keep in touch, because most everybody has those things in common. Some special events during the year include Spring and Fall Time Change, 4th of July, Halloween, Memorial and Labor Days, Thanksgiving and the December Holidays.

3. Just Listed Postcards and Just Sold Postcards serve the excellent purpose of physically showing clients and prospects that you are active in the business and that you get results. It is important to send Just Listed/Just Sold cards out in neighborhoods that you have listings in, so the neighbors can see that you are their local expert. It is also crucial that you send these out at the very least to your past clients, so they’ll remember that you get the job done when they (or somebody they know) are ready to buy or sell.

For other marketing ideas using Real Estate Postcards or any other promotional products, please call ReaMark at (800) 932-2957 or visit ReaMark.com

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