A Note From Rick Brown: President of ReaMark

Posted by Rick on May 30th, 2013

Dear Fellow Real Estate Professionals,

Hello I’m Richard Brown and the president of ReaMark. I have been in direct marketing for over 20 years with the last nine years helping Real Estate Professionals, just like you, substantially increase their listings, sales and ultimately their income.

In our business, we are always talking, meeting with and working with realtors to understand your business bettor so I can do my business better in making you successful.

Each year I personally take hundreds of calls and the same question keeps popping up time and time again. “Rick, what works best? How can I make more money?”

So last week I sat down, got away from the kids, and really thought about all of the success stories I have heard during my nine years as owner of ReaMark. What does actually work? What has been proven time and time to be the Golden Truth’s of success. What makes a top agent? And I came up with the four things you should be doing if you are serious about increasing your yearly income.

1.     You MUST contact  your past clients contact list at least every month.

Over 50% of your business should come from referrals. If you are not mailing your contact list you are losing money. Your contact list should include anyone who knows you, your friends or your family. The larger the list the more successful you will be. You really need to sit down and put this lists into a workable database.

2.      Mail Just Listed/ Just Sold / Market updates and Open House Postcards.

Announce your success. Since referrals are the largest part of your business and you want to build up your contact list, these are the second most effective tools at your disposal. You should mail the entire neighborhood and also your current contact list. If your budget is strained these could be part of your planned monthly but for better results you should be doing these mailings in addition to your contacts.

3.     Track your results over time.

The beauty of direct marketing is that it is affordable and trackable. If you have 400 contacts then you could be mailing them twelve times per year for as little as 47 cents each or $188 per month. One sale and you pay for the entire year.

4.     Become known as a specialist of your farm.

A business with no prospects will die. You need a reliable consistent source of leads. Since most consumers perceive all real estate professionals to be pretty much the same you must find ways to differentiate yourself. I get calls everyday from customers thanking me two years later telling me that they now get 50% plus of all listings in their neighborhood.  Walk your neighborhood twice per year, create, submit articles and or advertise in the neighborhood newsletters and finally educate them on community activities, including the local real estate market.

I feel great about sharing these strategies with you for a very simple reason; if I can help you become more successful in your business than ReaMark will be more successful in our business.

I hope this letter has been helpful and has confirmed what you are doing or inspired you to call us to help.  If I can help directly, please don’t hesitate to call me.

Best Regards,

Richard J. Brown



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