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Posted by Rick on Nov 10th, 2007

With the new year quickly approaching, Recipe Real Estate Calendars are once again a huge success. The phones are ringing off the hook everyday, many of the calls from repeat customers, for our exclusive business card recipe calendars. Almost just about every real estate pro knows that you get the most marketing value for your dollar by sending out calendars every year. But what you also need to figure is that recipe calendars serve a dual function. These tear-off calendars are so popular year after year, because each month has one of our top-selling recipes, so clients and prospects keep them for the calendar and the recipe. Any type of product that serves multiple purposes has that much more chance of getting kept if not for one function than maybe the other.


Let’s look a little more in detail at the Recipe Real Estate Calendar. These tear off calendars have 13 months (December 2006 is in there too, so you can get an early jump onto people’s fridges). With delicious recipes like Sesame Crusted Salmon, Peanut Chicken Kabobs, and Pumpkin Praline Pie featured each month, you’ll probably want to try cooking some of these yourself! At the top of each calendar is a magnetic backer that you can adhere your business card to, so every time people check out their calendars they won’t forget who sent it to them. The magnetic backer also has a magnet that pops out that you can use to magnetize another one of your business cards (great for open house giveaways). Recipe Calendars are now 20% OFF and they come with FREE Envelopes. Also, these ship out next day so you’ll get them fast.  For samples of our recipe real estate calendars or to order visit or call (800) 932-2957.

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