Real Estate Marketing Tools | How to Develop Your Mailing List

Posted by Rick on Dec 8th, 2007

Real Estate Marketing Tools | How to Develop Your Mailing List 

The overriding key to success is to develop a personal list of people to become your referral base. This list should include anyone who knows you including past clients, friends, neighbors, school teachers, old business acquaintances, your kids friends parents, your fellow church members, etc. Again anyone who knows you and could act as a referral. Your list may start off small, as few as 100 people, you goal is to develop this list and grow it to its maximum size. Most successful realtors have at least 400 or more people on this list.

Once you have developed your personal list you should be in contact with these people at least once a month before spending any money on farming and prospecting. These contacts should include the following:

1)      Mail monthly at least one of the following marketing communication pieces: a postcard, newsletter, greeting card, or a calendar.

2)      You should always mail your personal list all Just Listed and Just Sold properties that you are involved in. Announce your success and you will be sure to get referrals.     

3)      You should mention somewhere on most pieces that you rely on referrals and that their referrals are greatly appreciated.

By using real estate marketing tools regularly, you can keep your services in front of clients and prospects for when they’re ready to buy or sell.

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