Real Estate Postcard Ideas: Your Neighborhood

Posted by Rick on Mar 4th, 2014

Agents that live in the neighborhoods where they sell the majority of homes have a unique marketing opportunity – promoting their first-hand knowledge of area properties.

Our Neighborhood real estate postcards are designed with this mind.

Each real estate postcard using the Our Neighborhood theme offers specific messaging to communicate the realtor’s familiarity with property values in the area.

It’s the perfect idea for realtors looking to capitalize on local marketing.

Our Neighborhood Real Estate Postcard

Reach out to neighbors with this idea for realtor postcards.

When to Send a Real Estate Postcard to Neighbors

If a real estate prospecting plan is in place, then postcards can be integrated within the existing schedule.

Another good realtor postcard idea to increase listings is to set a repetition mailing. That is, make it a consistent effort to mail postcards to the same neighbors every month, or every other month, etc.

A small portion of the people who receive a real estate post card will need services now, but a larger portion of that audience will need services down the road.

Sending a real estate postcard showing familiarity with the neighborhood on a consistent basis will help agents stay at the front of customers’ minds.

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