Create Amazing Descriptions on your Real Estate Marketing Materials

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Apr 28th, 2015

At Reamark, every day we work with agents and brokers on real estate marketing ideas. One common denominator is the search for just the right descriptive words for real estate marketing materials. According to a recent study from Zillow, using certain words in your marketing materials can actually assist in a higher final home sale price. Here are some real estate synonyms to spice up your property descriptions and marketing materials.

Essential Real Estate Marketing Terms

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Extended list of Terms for Real Estate Marketing Materials

PRISTINE: immaculate, refined, spotless, untouched, pure, clean, unspoiled, original, youthful, fresh

UNUSUAL: authentic, unique, original, rare, hard to find, limited, singular, uncommon, scarce, one-of-a-kind, special, memorable, extraordinary, refreshing, out of the ordinary, unparalleled, distinct, personality, different

EXQUISITE: marvelous, exemplary, superb, luxurious, sleek, enticing, sophisticated, refined

SMALL: petite, quaint, charming, efficient, modest, diminutive, adorable, cute, humble, slight

LARGE: impressive, generous, spacious, roomy, bright, open, rich, liberal, panoramic, stately

PRIVATE: secluded, tranquil, peaceful, discrete, personal, isolated, independent, individual

EXCLUSIVE: highly sought, desired, acclaimed, premier, superior, executive style, designer, first-class, distinguished, prominent, noted

NEW: modern, state-of-art, current, contemporary, recent, fresh

OLDER: classic, timeless, traditional, character, vintage, time-honored, long standing

INEXPENSIVE: affordable, economical, modestly priced, cost-effective, nominal, reasonable, fair, budget, efficient

ATTRACTIVE: handsome, lovely, fine, beautiful, appealing, enticing, engaging, alluring, pleasing, good-looking, captivating, tantalizing, seductive, beckoning, enthralling, tempting

CONVENIENT: available, easy, advantageous, favorable, conducive, handy, accommodating, well suited

IN DEMAND: desired, coveted, sought after, targeted, popular, fashionable, trendy, celebrated

LANDSCAPE DESCRIPTIONS: park like, lush, trimmed, resort like, retreat like, natural, picturesque

VIEW DESCRIPTIONS: stunning, awe-inspiring, sensational, impressive, striking, dazzling, remarkable, winning, unparalleled, panoramic, outstanding

AGENT PERSONALTY: ambitious, aggressive, attentive, personable, caring, customer-focused, detail oriented, communicative, experienced, educated, empathetic, knowledgeable, goal-oriented, results oriented, hard-working, caring, professional, market-savvy, ethical, integrity, honest, upfront, refreshing

Verbiage has always been critical in successful real estate descriptions and marketing materials. Expanding your creative use of words can help you stand out from the crowd and can increase the final sales price of a home according to a recent Zillow study. So can using the right advertising materials.

Reamark is a long standing leader in the real estate promotional and real estate marketing materials industry. We have customization services available at no additional charge. Our customer service representatives are here to help you move prospects to leads, leads into listings, and listing into sales. Contact Reamark today and let’s discuss your goals.

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6 Months of Real Estate Postcard Marketing Ideas

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Mar 31st, 2015

It has been said that “What you say times how many times you say it is the only thing that works in marketing.” That is why real estate post cards are so valuable in a marketing plan today. When you touch base with a specific market consistently over the course of time, it serves to brand you and your business as being a local expert. You are demonstrating you will be there over the long term.

Right now, real estate season is in full swing and it is the perfect time to lay out your six month real estate postcard marketing plan and ReaMark is here to help. We are offering a Buy 5 Get One Free offer on our postcards for realtors. This will give you six straight months of “touches” with your desired prospects.

What’s more, we’re even giving you six ideas to use in your new marketing plan!

6 Month Real Estate Post card Marketing

April – Just Listed Postcard

Early Spring is a perfect time to show activity is blooming with a “Just Listed” mailing. We have over 190 styles to choose from. One will be perfect to help you encourage new listings.

May – Just Sold Postcard

When you follow up your “Just Listed” April mailing with a “Just Sold” postcard, it shows there is movement in the market and demonstrates your capabilities. Ask about our custom options.

June/July – Summer Recipe or 4th of July Postcard

Select a recipe card that has a timely summertime or Fourth of July recipe. We have over 260 styles of recipe cards to give you the widest selection of easy to make recipes your prospects will love. We’ve tried them all! Recipe cards give you long-lasting exposure and are often shared. We also have a great selection of 4th of July Postcards to choose from.

August – Activity or Cartoon

The heat of summer is the perfect time to lighten things up with one of our “Cartoon Humor” cards or fun “Spot the 6 Differences” cards. It also communicates you have a sense of humor and are approachable.

September – Home Tips

The kids are back in school and it’s time to get your home ready for the colder weather ahead. Your “Home Tips” card will arrive just in time! Choose from 100 styles with everything from maintenance suggestions to money saving energy tips.

October – Fall Time Change Postcard

It is time to “Fall Back” and your prospects will appreciate this “timely” reminder to set clocks back an hour.

Real estate postcards have been proven effective time and time again. With our special Buy 5 Get 1 Free offer there may be no better time to give it a shot! You may discover it’s your new favorite way to farm a neighborhood.

At ReaMark we specialize in real estate marketing products. We work with our professional real estate clients to develop promotional and marketing products that work. If you are ready to increase your listings, sales, and income, contact ReaMark today!

EDDM: Get more Leads, Listings & Sales

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Mar 23rd, 2015

EDDM for Real EstateReal estate season is coming into full swing and now is the time to take advantage of it. One of the most successful tried and true marketing tactics is Every Door Direct Marketing or EDDM. This real estate marketing strategy allows you to target every home in an area you wish to farm using colorful, attractive and informative postcards.

These cards allow you to showcase a newly listed property or a property that recently sold. You can share convenient household tips or recipes with them or highlight community events or other information about your town. These cards can position you as the real estate expert in an area and help build your brand and name recognition.

At ReaMark, our real estate marketing experts can help lay out your design in a choice of two postcard sizes. Just email us your photos or logo. You will get a proof of your design within 48 hours and there’s no added cost. Once you proof your artwork, your cards will soon be ready to be delivered by postal carriers to the postal zone of your choice.

With EDDM, you do not need to buy a mailing list, and no permit is required. Postage is as low as 17.5 cents per delivery. Minimum orders are just 250 cards, but be sure to check the quantity discounts for substantial savings.

ReaMark is an industry leader in real estate marketing and promotional materials. Our entire business is based on assisting real estate brokers and agents develop leads and grow their business. Many of our clients rely on us throughout the year for valuable marketing materials that consistently touch the community, helping them secure listings and sales. Our products have been tried and tested.

We are the only real estate marketing company that still produces a printed catalog for your convenience. Feel free to request one. If you prefer, search our website of over 2,000 real estate marketing and promotional ideas. Of course our team of professionals are also available by telephone to answer your questions or suggest products to help you reach your goals.

Real estate season is coming into full gear. Make sure you are prepared to make the most of it with trusted marketing products like EDDM postcards from ReaMark real estate marketing products.

Real Estate Marketing Tips that Work

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Feb 23rd, 2015

Real Estate Marketing Tips That WorkThere is strategy and planning that goes into real estate marketing that isn’t unlike other industries. Some marketing campaigns can be planned in advance, while other need to be flexible as the market changes. However, in real estate, constant communication is necessary for company and agent branding, since growth in housing availability can quickly produce new opportunities.

There are real estate marketing tools you can use each quarter, such as newsletters and real estate postcards, to help you meet your goals, but don’t feel like you have to be limited to using only one at a time.

To get the most bang for your marketing buck, use the resources you have to complement each other and plan around the potential each month has. For example, March ushers in the start of the spring season, but it’s also the month of St. Patrick’s Day and the beginning of March Madness for college basketball. You can use a combination of these events to your advantage and create fun marketing themes based on your audience and what you’re trying to promote in that month.

Larger pieces like a magnetic sports calendar or note pads can be sent each quarter with small materials sent on a monthly basis as a friendly reminder of upcoming open houses, new listings, and real estate news updates. Your branding should be consistent with your contact information and logo listed every time, but your marketing message can change when a new property becomes available or there is an event planned for your client base.

Don’t forget to take notes of the successes (and failures) of your marketing strategies and analyze what has been most effective in the past. If you feel like you’ve reached a stagnant period, switch up your tactics with fresh material. With ReaMark, you have all the real estate marketing tools directly available at a price that can fit into any budget. We’re always adding new styles and designs to our product line (over 1,000 new items every year) to help real estate professionals keep up with the pace of the fast-moving marketing world.

Spring Is Nearly Here! Time to Send Your Quarterly Real Estate Newsletter

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Feb 3rd, 2015

Newsletters for Real Estate AgentsGet your clients excited about what you have in store by keeping them up-to-date with quarterly real estate newsletters. Now is the time plan for what your theme will be for this first quarter and what news you want to share. When it comes to real estate marketing tools, newsletters allow you the opportunity to feature one of your properties, include your logo or contact information, list information about the neighborhood, or provide home buying tips for first time homeowners.

People want to know why they should select a particular area and what makes it a good place to call home. Newsletters give you a chance to feature all the benefits and amenities your home listings and neighborhoods have to offer. Think of using your real estate marketing tools as a personal guide for potential clients to peak their interest about the housing options available to them.

There are two types of printable newsletters to choose from: half-fold and tri-fold. Depending on the type of marketing message you want to send, large customization areas are available for both types of newsletters. Creative ideas of what to include in your real estate newsletters are:

  • neighborhood market updates
  • community event calendars
  • home selling tips
  • information about the area

This is your chance to approach your clients in a friendly, informal way, but also leave them with valuable information and insight as they hunt for the perfect home. It is a way to keep your name on their radar as a professional who can lend a helping hand when it comes to all their real estate needs.

First time buyers or people new to your city are especially looking to rely on the opinion of someone who’s knowledgeable in the industry and can help answer any and all questions about the area. Let them know they can turn to you with confidence for all their real estate inquiries. Order your quarterly newsletters for the upcoming spring season and receive 15% off your order.

Spring Time Change Postcards: Time for Your Business to “Bloom”

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Jan 21st, 2015

Spring Time Change PostcardsWith less than two months away from the official start of a new season, now is the perfect time to spring ahead and put your marketing strategy into action. Reaching out to prospects with real estate postcards is an engaging and effective way to remind clients of the time change, while also encouraging them to contact you about their real estate needs.

Sending real estate postcards allows your branding and message to be placed in front of a client at every possible opportunity. Even if the client reminder is to change the clocks ahead one hour for daylight savings time (taking place on March 8th) or simply a friendly spring greeting, seeing your information may be the spark necessary to get the conversation going in regards to their 2015 real estate decisions.

Make sure regular brand visibility is part of your marketing strategy for 2015. Occasion postcards provide an easy and inexpensive way to make sure your messaging stays consistent and your clients know you are engaged. Our company has several styles to choose from including:

    • Animal designs;
    • Motivational quotes;
    • Cartoon humor; and
    • Scenic photographs, just to name a few!

Now is the time to order your real estate postcards to ensure there is adequate time to print and ship your selections. We have postcards for realtors to fit any situation. Send one as a fun reminder of the new spring season. Provide spring cleaning tips for those clients who may want to sell their home this year. Or, let your clients know of new listings appearing in your Spring 2015 Real Estate “Collection.” Whatever you want the message to be, you can customize your real estate postcards to market specifically to your particular audience, so make them your own.

For every five postcards you order from ReaMark, you receive one free. Get your prospects excited about what’s in store for the months ahead and invite them to take advantage of your special spring offers and showings. Our real estate marketing products are designed to fit your every need. Make sure your prospects know how they can contact you. Customize and order your real estate postcards today.

2015 Recipes for Success

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Jan 6th, 2015

Many of us plan for success. More importantly, we need to take the action to be successful. At ReaMark, we specialize in real estate marketing and promotional products to help take your business to the next level. A choice that has proven itself time and time again is our very popular selection of real estate post cards. Postcards for realtors come in a wide choice of themes, but perhaps none are more anticipated by those receiving them than our recipe postcards. They are truly a recipe for your success!

Recipe postcards for realtors

Sending recipe postcards into your farm is a terrific way to position yourself while keeping your name visible. As people get used to seeing them come in the mail they begin to look forward to receiving them, and just as importantly, trying them and sharing them with family and friends.

Through the years we have built an amazing array of delicious recipes, each tried by the staff here at ReaMark. We have also gotten feedback from many of our realtor clients who will testify their popularity. Each is designed to be easy to make, using minimal and common ingredients. We are particularly proud of our most recent 12 recipes added within the last several months.

With ReaMark, you can select from over 200 styles of one-sided postcards, or over 60 styles of two-sided postcards that promote you both on the front and back. Right now, when you order our recipe postcards for realtors, we’ll include a FREE bonus! Order 5 months of our proven recipe cards and you’ll get the 6th month real estate postcard free. Choose 10 months of these business-building cards and you get TWO months free.

We even offer two shipping options. We can print your cards and ship them to you, or you can choose to have us mail to your list directly. Our recipe real estate postcards come with free professional design services, allowing your cards to be customizable for you and your agency.

Make this the year you discover the power of recipe postcards for realtors with the wide selection from ReaMark. See our selection online or request our printed catalog. Sharing recipes is a tried and true way to build relationships and we can help. Contact us today to order yours!

Save on Recipe post cards

Your 2015 Real Estate Marketing Guide

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Dec 10th, 2014

‘Tis the season to plan for success in 2015. As the year comes to a close and your phone rings less frequently, it’s time to put the right real estate marketing tools to work next year. A little planning now sets you up for a successful and busy 2015. Don’t wait until after the holidays to start thinking about your real estate marketing plan for the New Year.

At ReaMark, we have the experience, knowledge, and tools to create an effective marketing plan for Realtors that gets measurable results. By incorporating time-tested real estate marketing tools into your plan, you can make 2015 another great year in your local market. We have put together a comprehensive, yet simple, marketing plan for you with monthly tasks to keep you on track throughout the entire year. Pin this infographic, Your 2015 Real Estate Marketing Guide, to save it and make it readily accessible for use all year.

2015 Real Estate Marketing Guide


It’s official, 2015 is here! Hit the ground running with timely real estate marketing tools that will garner the attention of clients and prospects alike. Assist your neighbors in planning the ideal Valentine’s Day meal with a themed recipe postcard sent in early February. They will be calling you for more tasty recipes!


The shortest month of the year always seems to speed by. Before you know it, it’s time to Spring Forward. Put in your order for Spring Time Change postcards to deliver before the March 8th time change. The lovely spring images on the postcards are a great way to touch base with clients and prospects, as well as remind them to change their clocks ahead.


The weather starts to warm up, the grass gets green, and baseball season is right around the corner. Now is the time to order your promotional Baseball Season Calendars to ensure they show up in time for spring training. An effective marketing plan for Realtors includes handy calendars to track America’s favorite pastime: baseball.


As the days get longer, clients and prospects start thinking of selling and buying. Place your order for a custom Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) to make contact with potential prospects in your farm. Purchasing your EDDM now ensures delivery in early May to put you in front of your local clients and prospects at the right time.


The busy real estate season has started. Maximize on the start of the season by establishing yourself as a local authority in the real estate market. Put in your order for 4-page real estate market update newsletters to mail at the beginning of June. Increase your client base and sales with a timely newsletter sharing the latest in your neighborhood.


With all the activity in June, it can be easy to put off your next real estate marketing tools. Don’t let all the showings and listings deter you from an opportunity to stay in touch with your farm. Be sure to buy your 4th of July postcards now to make certain they arrive on time.


The summer is over before you know it and the kids are back to school. Plan ahead for the end of summer by placing your order for Back to School and important dates calendars. Be the first Realtor in your neighborhood to get your calendar on the fridge by shipping your calendars at the start of August.


It might not feel like it, but Fall is right around the corner and that means football! Score a touchdown and give your clients what they want with football schedules customized for your business. Deliver your football schedule in time for preseason by putting in your order now.


The end of September signals the beginning of the fall season. Everyone loves a great fall recipe. Purchase your Fall Recipe postcard or Market Update postcard to stay in front of your clients and prospects. A great recipe will get you noticed in your neighborhood.


The fall time change is upon you before you know it. Reach out to the clients and prospects in your local neighborhood by sending out fall time change postcards before the end of October. Order your time change postcards & Thanksgiving Greeting Cards now to ensure they both show up on time.


The year is beginning to wind down as we head into the holidays again. Don’t forget that all your success in 2015 was the result of great real estate marketing tools and a proven marketing plan for Realtors. Now is the best time to order Holiday Greeting Cards & your customized 2016 Calendars to start planning for another successful year in your local market.


The holidays are typically a slower time for listing and showing real estate. A great marketing plan for Realtors takes advantage of the seasonal lull in the market to launch a strong start in January and take advantage of New Year’s Resolutions to sell or own. In December, get your order in for a “Happy New Year” market update postcard to deliver at the beginning of

Set the stage for a successful 2015. Pin this infographic, Your 2015 Real Estate Marketing Guide, to keep it as a handy reference all year-round. Visit the ReaMark website today to get the real estate marketing tools you need to succeed.

Spread Holiday Cheer with 2015 Calendars and Holiday Cards

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Nov 13th, 2014

The holiday season is already here and before you know it, it will be the first of the New Year. Now is the time to spread goodwill and lay the groundwork for your success in 2015. Holiday greeting cards are a simple way to reach out to your contact list, show your appreciation, and increase your listings. Select from a variety of ReaMark holiday greeting cards to show your clients and prospects you care and stay in their thoughts.

The holidays are also the time to start planning for next year. What’s the best way to get the maximum return on your marketing dollar and keep your name in front of prospective and existing clients all year long? A calendar branded with your name and contact information. Real estate calendars are a time-tested, proven marketing tool to help get more listings and sales throughout the year.

2015 Calendars for Real Estate AgentsReal Estate Calendars: The Perfect Holiday Gift

Getting your branded magnetic calendar on a prospective or existing client’s fridge or kitchen wall will help you build a foundation for a profitable year. Real estate calendars also make the perfect holiday gift for residents in your neighborhood. As people are flooded with bills and holiday flyers, you stand apart as a neighbor offering something of value to the household.

Order Before Calendar Stock Runs Out

However, it’s important to get your wall, peel-n-stick, school, or magnetic calendar to the household before a competitor. Claim that sweet spot in the center of the home with a professionally branded calendar. Additionally, placing your order now increases the chance you will be the first to deliver a 2015 calendar to your prospective or existing clients. Take the extra step and create a fully customized calendar for only $10 more. Don’t delay placing your order since the calendar stock will run out by the end of November.

Place your order for holiday cards and real estate calendars together to get the most value for your marketing dollar. Order by December 1st and save up to 35% off!

Tear Off Magnetic Calendars: The Best Value for Your Budget

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Nov 6th, 2014

When farming a neighborhood for potential listing and to elicit referrals, the right promotional tool is essential for your success. Tear-off magnetic calendars are a proven marketing tool that easily accommodates any real estate agent’s budget. The calendars stay on the home owner’s fridge all year, so prospects and existing clients see your name and business card every day.

Get Results with Tear-Off Magnetic Calendars

Tear-off magnetic calendars are a time-tested marketing tool for real estate agents that provide the most ROI for any size budget. ReaMark’s 2015 real estate calendars enable you to continuously solicit leads and new home listings throughout the year without any extra effort on your part. Choose from a wide variety of styles and designs to customize your magnetic calendars, including recipes, home tips, scenic views, and real estate calendar designs.
Every order of magnetic calendars includes free envelopes and ReaMark’s exclusive reinforced page design. Customize your calendar with your own business card and enjoy the confidence that your ReaMark real estate calendars for 2015 will last the entire year.

Tear-off magnetic Calendars

Why Purchase Calendars from ReaMark?

ReaMark has over 14 years of experience providing real estate agents with high quality, effective marketing tools. Our promotional tools are proven to be powerful, successful marketing tools for real estate agents looking to increase referrals and win potential listings.

We offer free custom designs provided by our professional in-house designers with every tear-off magnetic calendars order. Personal service is a core value at ReaMark. When ordering your magnetic calendars, you will speak to a live customer service representative who works with you to create a design that fits your needs and budget.

Get the real estate marketing tools you need to attract new leads, listings, and home sales today. Be the first Realtor in your neighborhood to deliver these valuable magnetic calendars. Order your real estate calendars for 2015 by December 1st and save up to 20% off your calendar magnets. View our selection of designs and options for tear-off magnet calendars.

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