Not too late to order your Football Schedules

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Sep 28th, 2015

Full Magnet Football SchedulesScore with your prospects by sending our 2015-16 football schedules. Football season is just heating up and our bright, colorful, schedules come in a variety of styles and your choice of teams.

Our football schedules come in several styles such as our full magnet schedules that stay on your prospects refrigerator all season! Other styles include our business card magnetic schedules that you instantly customize by attaching your business card or the Magna-Card football schedule that has your business card printed right on it. We also have jumbo football schedule postcards that are 5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″, and come with a strong magnetic strip applied on the back. These jumbo postcards come with free UV coating on the front and with free blank envelopes.

Agents and brokers get the most our of these football schedules by mailing them into their local areas or even making them available at local restaurants. You can choose from pro, college or even high school football schedules.

Right now, you can save up to 30% off of your football schedule order AND get free shipping until September 30, 2015. There are still plenty of games left and the excitement will grow as the season progresses.

Magnetic football schedules are just a few of the choices of marketing materials for Realtors offered by ReaMark. We pride ourselves on offering real estate marketing and promotional materials that work. We understand that even with technology, real estate is still a very personal, one-on-one business. That’s why we still offer a printed catalogue and have live operators to answer your calls. We offer free design services to customize your marketing materials and have lots of great marketing ideas to share with our customers.

For magnetic football schedules and throughout the year, count on ReaMark to help build your real estate business. Contact us at 1-800-932-2957 to get started on creating your next marketing piece!

Reamark Exclusive: Magnetic Tear-off Calendars in Several Designs

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Sep 27th, 2015

Tear off calendars for real estate agentsNow is the time to plan your strategy to have your 2016 promotional real estate calendar the “first in the home and the first on the fridge.” ReaMark’s exclusive magnetic tear off calendars are one of our most popular promotional items. This real estate marketing tool is a must have for real estate agents and brokers looking to maximize their promotional dollars.

When you choose ReaMark magnetic calendars, you can select from designs that offer more than just days and dates. Select from a “Home Tips” calendar or “Recipe” calendar, both of which offer valuable and shareable content. With ReaMark, you can choose from our peel-n-stick or our Magna-Cal design where we actually print your contact information right on the calendars. Our exclusive reinforced page design keeps calendar pages from falling out prematurely. As an added bonus, all of our tear-off magnetic calendars come with free envelopes.

How popular are our calendars? In almost 15 years of providing these popular calendars, they have been ordered by over 30,000 realtors to the tune of over 10,000 million items!

Now is not only the right time to order your 2016 calendars, it is the best time to save. Not only can you can get free shipping until September 30, 2015, you will save an additional $30 off when you order 300 or more. Like us on Facebook and take another $10 off. Make sure you mention the Facebook special when you call 1-800-932-2957 to place your order. If you would like us to do the math for you that means you can get 300 of these magnetic tear off calendars for $141 TOTAL! That makes your price just 47 cents each for a marketing piece that will last all year!

Don’t wait! Start implementing your plan for the most successful year ever with this proven real estate marketing tool. Our Peel-N-Stick calendars will ship in 2 days. We ask that you allow 8 days for printing of Magna-Cal’s.

At ReaMark, our goal is to help real estate professionals gain more leads, more listings and more sales. We are the leader in real estate marketing and promotional products because our products WORK! See for yourself and order your 2016 magnetic tear off calendars today!

Fall Back with Time Change Postcards

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Sep 16th, 2015

Fall Time Change Postcards for Real Estate AgentsMark the date on your calendar – Sunday, November 1, 2015. This is the date we’ll all gain an extra hour of sleep-time as we adjust our clocks. A few more winks isn’t the only benefit in store for real estate agents and brokers. This is a perfect opportunity to reach out to your farm, reconnecting with past customers, touching base with current clients actively looking for a new home and creating touch points for lead generation and referrals.

Fall time change post cards are a budget-friendly way to get your name in front of the community and create valuable touch-points. This year you can save even more money with a special promotion in our postcards for realtors catalog section. When you order 5 different postcards, you get one free. We have more than four dozen standard postcard design featuring glorious fall colors, endearing animal graphics and scenes that evoke pleasant thoughts of home. As always, we offer free customization assistance if you want to create a unique postcard that represents your personality or your agency.

High-quality Fall Time Change Postcards for Realtors

Professionally printed postcards are inexpensive, but make your agency stand out from the crowd with brilliant, full-color fronts and either black and white or color messaging on the back of 12pt. cardstock. Two sizes are available, 4 1/8” X 6” and 5 ½” X 8 ½”. Add fall time change postcards to your regular monthly or quarterly mailing marketing efforts.

Building a Real Estate Marketing Plan with ReaMark

If you’ve never used a seasonal postcard mailing campaign to build your business, give us a call and allow us to explain the benefits of building a marketing campaign with color brochures, calendars, direct mail pieces and seasonal postcards. Prices for mailing your Fall time change post cards are as low as .32 per card, plus, when you order 5 sets of postcards, we give you the 6th FREE!

ReaMark values our relationship with all of our current agents and brokers and we welcome the opportunity to help you build your brand and grow your business. Need help exploring marketing concepts to connect with your farm? ReaMark can help.

Leverage the Power of Sharing with ReaMark 2016 Real Estate Marketing Calendars

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Sep 4th, 2015

2016 Wall CalendarsRealtor calendars are one of the least expensive and most powerful marketing tools for real estate professionals. Everyone loves to get a gift. Gift your farm with calendars that keep them on schedule, empower them with inspirational quotes or simply help them put the correct date on their mortgage check. Our portfolio of calendars for Realtors has something to make everyone smile and hundreds of designs sure to complement any décor from the boardroom to the game room. Here’s a few options for you to consider from our 2016 real estate calendars line up.

Custom Real Estate Calendars

For a nominal fee, you can personalize calendars to your unique farm. We’ll help you create a community calendar that highlights coming events or features local venues, appeal to the cooking crowd with sumptuous recipes for every month and season throughout the year.

House Shaped Magnet Calendars

A popular traditional choice that visually connects your brand with the real estate market.

Wall Calendars

Our long-time favorites and new designs include adorable baby animals, styles that will appeal to vintage car enthusiasts and many other beautiful designs with spiral bound edges or center staples. So you can reach your target audience easier, you can also order large envelopes or oversized plastic door hangers. Order your wall calendars early because they tend to sell out fast!

Magnetic Calendar Options

You’ll find a variety of calendar styles with super strong magnets available in the 2016 calendar print and online catalogs including:

Fall is almost here, it’s time to get your order placed for your 13-month real estate calendars and holiday greeting cards. Everyone loves receiving a gift. Give your customers something that will keep you in the forefront of their minds for the next year. Build your contact files, generate leads and enhance your brand awareness in the community for just pennies a day.
We specialize in helping real estate professionals grow their business.

Contact us today to place an order or request a print catalog.

3 Reasons Your Real Estate Marketing isn’t Working

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Aug 2nd, 2015

Get More Leads from Your Real Estate MarketingFocusing on consumer perception and relationship building before a need arises has never been more important than it is today. In the same way that you hand out business cards and extend your hand to people you meet in person, your real estate marketing campaign is an introduction that creates a lasting first impression.

If your current lead generation efforts aren’t working for you, maybe you need a new lens. Ask yourself these three questions to find out if it’s time to revise your marketing strategy.

Are you creating value with your real estate marketing tools?

Most real estate professionals invest in marketing campaigns during the lean times, but if that is your primary strategy you’re missing opportunities.

Statistics show almost two thirds of people looking to sell or purchase a home engage the first realtor they call. Keeping your name in front of potential clients is critical for success. SOLD postcards mailed on a monthly or quarterly schedule ensure your name is visible when the time is right for new buyers.

Is your plan for success on an “as-time-permits” basis?

You’re busy – professional development conferences, showing properties, staffing an open-house event. No matter how busy you are, carve out time to write a detailed twelve-month touch-point marketing plan, similar to the one we’ve laid out.

Don’t have a plan yet? Get your calendar out and schedule your contacts. Consistency builds recognition – and brand recognition creates recall. When a need arises, your brand will be the first one that comes to mind.

Outline times, dates and target demographics for mailing thank you cards, calendars, postcards and newsletters. Consider social media timing and frequency, too.

Is your message clear and concise?

Remember those irritating late night infomercials where the host keeps repeating over and over, “But, that’s not all!” Although the strategy was annoying, it worked because an emotional pitch to keep listening led to a clear call to action. Your goal should be to lead the reader toward your purpose with engaging content that creates value; then tell them what their next step should be. A great example of a call to action might be, “Call today to find out how much your home is worth!”

Right now, while it’s on your mind, grab your pen and paper and make an outline for developing your real estate marketing campaign. Follow-up postcards are a cost effective tool to put you on the road to success to building relationships and generating leads for the future. Browse through our selection of promotional real estate tools to select your style, then contact us to get started!

7 Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Jul 14th, 2015

Unique real estate marketing tools help professionals connect  and interact with prospects in personal ways to build new relationships. Personalized messages create opportunities to generate leads without a hard push.

This no-strings-attached method of marketing is highly effective today. Some campaign managers use online business directories to provide value-packed information about their local area, with only a subtle offer of assistance.

Here are seven off-line real estate marketing ideas to build relationships without shouting at your prospects.

Personalize Postcards

Summer Recipe PostcardsGive your current clients something to look forward to with a monthly recipe postcard. Mailing seasonal recipes and easy-fix dinner ideas on real estate postcards throughout the year keeps your brand visible and adds value.

Newsy Newsletters

Showcase your new listings, highlight community events or share success stories with your farm about recently sold properties in the area. A mix of non-marketing news and industry focused topics keeps the content engaging.

Organization Opportunities

Everyone is busy today. Managing hectic schedules is easier with helpful aids like calendars and bulletin boards. Sending your client base a school calendar magnet is a real estate marketing tactic that works 24/7. Every time someone visits the fridge, your brand is there, helping them stay organized.

Fans and Fun

Magnetic football schedules also stay on the refrigerator in plain sight. Your agency gets a full season of exposure. Magnets are a constant reminder you care about your community and not just getting to the closing table.

Thankfulness and Thanksgiving

Take advantage of the Thanksgiving season to remind your clients you value their business and their support. Thanksgiving is about appreciation. A personal note goes a long way in relationship building after the sale – even if your connections happened weeks or months before the holiday rolls around.

Well Wishes and Wall Calendars

December is a month of celebration and anticipation of the new year ahead. Sending holiday cards with a complementary wall calendar early gives people an opportunity to prepare for the future. Order your supply before November so your gift has time to arrive before January 1st.

ReaMark real estate marketing materials help you connect with clients. Design your own or browse more than 800 real estate postcard standards that include recipes, helpful tips for homeowners, new listings and so much more.
Browse our inventory today online or request a catalogue.

Measuring ROI with Real Estate Marketing

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Jun 26th, 2015

Some people believe it is challenging to track ROI on printed real estate marketing materials. They may hear about real estate marketing ideas but fail to act upon them if they can’t track them. The reality is technology makes it easier than ever to run effective integrated marketing campaigns. Real estate postcards, newsletters and brochures can all be more effectively tracked in combination with technology.

Tips for Tracking Real Estate Marketing ROI

Improve Your Real Estate Marketing ROI MeasurementTry some of these tips to not only help you track your printed marketing pieces but to help you in determining how to tweak them into becoming increasingly effective.

  • Include QR codes on your printed materials. QR codes are those little box-like boxes that look like they are meaningless, yet direct people who scan them into their smartphone to a specific sales message. You can learn more and get started using this simple QR code generator.
  • Use an SMS system (text messaging) to get leads. Make an offer to your reader to “text and get a free home evaluation” or “text to get our five tips to selling your home quicker” or even “text to win a prize”. There are inexpensive SMS systems available online to help you.
  • Create short URLs for your website so people can remember it more easily and type it in their browser. Create specific landing pages where you can direct them and track visits to those pages.
  • Make sure your site is mobile capable. This is more critical than ever as more people are using their mobile devices to search real estate and agents. Check out this article on how Google is empowering mobile users and rewarding mobile capable websites.
  • Use telephone tracking numbers – Tracking phone numbers are available through a wide variety of vendors and can help you tell when one marketing piece is working better than another. There are a few pros and cons to this method of tracking, so be sure to use this tactic with caution.
  • Use A/B testing to check the effectiveness of your headlines and calls to action. Keep improving what works better for you.

At ReaMark, we have been helping real estate professionals build their businesses through an array of printed and promotional materials that have been proven successful. Our professionals can help create and track a program that will work for you. Contact us to learn more about real estate marketing ideas that work. Our real estate marketing materials are effective and available. Contact us today and let us help you increase your prospects, leads, listings and sales.

10 Things to Include in your next Real Estate Newsletter

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Jun 8th, 2015

Providing valuable information to prospects has always been a good way to turn them into leads in the real estate industry. This has been a proven effective way to build your brand and trust. Real estate newsletters have been a tried and true way to stay in contact with prospects, customers and leads. Realtor newsletters fall into what marketers refer to as “content marketing.” The point is to position yourself as the neighborhood expert in real estate. If you use real estate newsletters as part of your real estate marketing materials, here are 10 tips to keep in mind for your next one.

Newsletters for Real Estate Agents

1. A Local Market Update – Your potential clients want to know what the real estate market is in their neighborhood. Bring them into the loop with info such as local inventory and length of time on the market.

2. Recently Listed and Sold Properties in your Farm – This can be a real eye opener and motivator for those in your farm. You don’t have to just include your listings either. Include a disclaimer and as many listings as you’d like.

3. Community Involvement – Showcase charitable work you’ve and your team has done or community events you have participated in. If you are having a hard time coming up with events, maybe you need to be more proactive in this area.

4. Real Estate Trivia – Challenge your readers with trivia or real estate definitions. Get them to participate mentally while reading.

5. Include a Real Estate Joke, Pun or Cartoon – Make sure material isn’t copyrighted or you have permission. This can show a less serious side.

6. Have a Coupon for a Local Business – Team with a local business to give the business exposure and your readers something they will view as having value. Make sure the coupon is worth redeeming.

7. Include Several Calls to Action – “Send us referrals”, “Enter our contest” or “see how much your home is worth” are examples.

8. Client Testimonial – These are powerful ways to show how your efforts are paying off for other people in your farm.

9. Social Media URLs – Be sure to include your website address and social media connections with a call to action to follow you on social media. You may even include a teaser to find the answer to a newsletter question on your social media.

10. Upcoming Area Events – Demonstrate you are connected by including a list of upcoming area events. People may eventually seek you out to help them promote their event.

Let ReaMark help you create a custom marketing piece today. We can efficiently and effectively show you how to use a real estate newsletter and other printed promotional material to increase your leads, listings and sales. Contact ReaMark today and save 15-30% on a customized newsletter!

Time to order your 4th of July Postcards

Posted by Reamark Marketing on May 25th, 2015

4th of July PostcardsIn the real estate marketing business, we are always looking ahead. That is because we believe you need to be prepared for success. Now is the time to focus on touching your prospects for the 4th of July with a real estate postcard.

Few things are as American as home ownership. It is part of the American dream. You can be front and center through this patriotic period with our All-American collection of real estate postcards. Our 4th of July postcards will show your patriotism, allow you to ask for referrals, and touch base with your farm. You can choose from over 40 designs of 4th of July postcards in standard sizes that are 4 1/8″ x 6″, or in jumbo sizes of 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″. Order now for your second half of the year campaigns and choose five designs and get the sixth one FREE! Not only is it a terrific value, but you will love having your real estate postcard marketing program laid out and organized for months ahead. When ordering, be sure to check out the BIG savings available on a per piece basis when increasing your order size. After all, there’s a fourth of July every year!

A ReaMark, we are a full service real estate marketing and promotional products company. That means we offer services not available elsewhere. Services include our ReaMark mailing options that make your life and marketing efforts even more efficient and easier. Our mailing prices include a free database that improves the quality of your deliveries, addressing and barcoding your postcards, processing, delivery of your cards to the post office as well as the cost of postage. Call us at 1-800-932-2957 and request our no-obligation printing and mailing quotes today.

Real estate postcards are a proven effective way to build your real estate business. They will help you turn prospects into leads, leads into listings and listings into sales. But you have to stay ahead of the curve and be ready for approaching touch points on the calendar. Now is the time to get started with our 4th of July postcards for realtors. Our five for the price of six postcard offer and free printing and mailing quotes are designed to help convince you to try this effective marketing tactic.

Contact our professional and experienced team and let us answer your questions. We will walk you through the process and make it as easy as possible. At ReaMark, we are dedicated to your success in real estate. Contact us today and let’s get started!

Create Amazing Descriptions on your Real Estate Marketing Materials

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Apr 28th, 2015

At Reamark, every day we work with agents and brokers on real estate marketing ideas. One common denominator is the search for just the right descriptive words for real estate marketing materials. According to a recent study from Zillow, using certain words in your marketing materials can actually assist in a higher final home sale price. Here are some real estate synonyms to spice up your property descriptions and marketing materials.

Essential Real Estate Marketing Terms

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Extended list of Terms for Real Estate Marketing Materials

PRISTINE: immaculate, refined, spotless, untouched, pure, clean, unspoiled, original, youthful, fresh

UNUSUAL: authentic, unique, original, rare, hard to find, limited, singular, uncommon, scarce, one-of-a-kind, special, memorable, extraordinary, refreshing, out of the ordinary, unparalleled, distinct, personality, different

EXQUISITE: marvelous, exemplary, superb, luxurious, sleek, enticing, sophisticated, refined

SMALL: petite, quaint, charming, efficient, modest, diminutive, adorable, cute, humble, slight

LARGE: impressive, generous, spacious, roomy, bright, open, rich, liberal, panoramic, stately

PRIVATE: secluded, tranquil, peaceful, discrete, personal, isolated, independent, individual

EXCLUSIVE: highly sought, desired, acclaimed, premier, superior, executive style, designer, first-class, distinguished, prominent, noted

NEW: modern, state-of-art, current, contemporary, recent, fresh

OLDER: classic, timeless, traditional, character, vintage, time-honored, long standing

INEXPENSIVE: affordable, economical, modestly priced, cost-effective, nominal, reasonable, fair, budget, efficient

ATTRACTIVE: handsome, lovely, fine, beautiful, appealing, enticing, engaging, alluring, pleasing, good-looking, captivating, tantalizing, seductive, beckoning, enthralling, tempting

CONVENIENT: available, easy, advantageous, favorable, conducive, handy, accommodating, well suited

IN DEMAND: desired, coveted, sought after, targeted, popular, fashionable, trendy, celebrated

LANDSCAPE DESCRIPTIONS: park like, lush, trimmed, resort like, retreat like, natural, picturesque

VIEW DESCRIPTIONS: stunning, awe-inspiring, sensational, impressive, striking, dazzling, remarkable, winning, unparalleled, panoramic, outstanding

AGENT PERSONALTY: ambitious, aggressive, attentive, personable, caring, customer-focused, detail oriented, communicative, experienced, educated, empathetic, knowledgeable, goal-oriented, results oriented, hard-working, caring, professional, market-savvy, ethical, integrity, honest, upfront, refreshing

Verbiage has always been critical in successful real estate descriptions and marketing materials. Expanding your creative use of words can help you stand out from the crowd and can increase the final sales price of a home according to a recent Zillow study. So can using the right advertising materials.

Reamark is a long standing leader in the real estate promotional and real estate marketing materials industry. We have customization services available at no additional charge. Our customer service representatives are here to help you move prospects to leads, leads into listings, and listing into sales. Contact Reamark today and let’s discuss your goals.

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