ReaMark Group Orders – Combine your Orders to Maximize Your Discounts!

Posted by Rick on Jun 30th, 2020

Another way ReaMark helps you keep your business growing while minimizing your expenses is with our Group Orders. Group orders receive the combined quantity discount for all the agents in the group at the time the order is placed.

Each order within the group is treated as an individual order, so that each agent may select his/her own cards and personalization options. We send an individual layout proof to each agent, and begin production once we receive the agent’s layout approval. Orders do not need to wait for other agents approvals in the group.


Here’s what some of our customers have to say about ReaMark’s Group Order Program:

“We Saved Over $1,600 On Each Order!” “Our office has been ordering postcards from ReaMark for the last four years. I am very impressed with how easy and smoothly the entire process is when placing group orders. My colleagues and I have saved thousands of dollars by combining our orders and taking advantage of the great group discounts. Your quality products, customer service, and low prices are the best! Thanks ReaMark!”
Bev Younger
Leech Lake Realty–Walker, Minnesota


“I have placed over 20 orders with REAMARK since 2002 and have been quite satisfied with each one. I like using the REAMARK website, because you make it easy to order at any time from my office or home computer. You have a wide selection, plus when my fellow agents and I order together, we get our cards at a significantly lower price.”
Barbara Ostroth
Coldwell Banker-Oradell, New Jersey




For more information, to ask questions or place an order, call us at 800-932-2957 and visit our website at

Save Money on Postage with ReaMark Door Hangers!

Posted by Rick on Jun 30th, 2020

As the weather warms up, the summer selling season is on its way! A ReaMark Real Estate Door Hanger is the optimal sunny time real estate marketing tool that can’t be missed, and it doesn’t require you to pay for postage! ReaMark has over 20 styles of door hangers to choose from, including Just Listed, Just Sold, Open House, Neighborhood News and more! Either ReaMark will print your contact information directly on the door hanger, or the door hangers will come with die cut slits where you can insert your business card. Plus we can create your own custom designed door hanger too. This is the perfect opportunity to get you out in your farming neighborhoods and make your presence known. Want to door hang this weekend? Great, because ReaMark Door Hangers can ship next business day!


For more information or to place an order, call us at 800-932-2957 and view all available styles at our website at


ReaMark’s Refer-A-Friend Promotion

Posted by Rick on Jun 30th, 2020

As in Real Estate, referrals are an important part of ReaMark’s business too! Word of Mouth Marketing is one of the most credible forms of advertising and with that in mind we are proud to announce ReaMark’s “Refer-A-Friend” promotion.

To qualify, refer a new customer to ReaMark and each place orders of $150 or more in merchandise. In return, ReaMark will give you and your friend each $50 off your order, along with FREE Set-Up (A $30 value), FREE shipping, and we will combine your quantities so you both receive the volume discount. For example, if you each order 500 qty postcards, you would each receive the 1000 qty pricing.

As always, we absolutely, positively guarantee your complete satisfaction. No questions asked! If you are not happy with the quality of your order for any reason, we will replace the order at no additional charge. So what do you have to lose? Grab and friend and visit our website at For more information, or to place a telephone order, call us at 800-932-2957 today!

Why Direct Mail Works:

Posted by Rick on Jun 30th, 2020

What do virtually all Top-Producing Real Estate Agents have in common?

They use Direct Mail to generate their business. Ask the top salespeople in your office, they’ll tell you they use real estate postcards, real estate calendars or real estate newsletters to market themselves. It’s no secret, and you can use Direct Mail to build your business too.

Advertising is Critical to Your Success

Like any successful company, your business depends on 1 thing – getting customers. The simple truth is that no matter how good your service is, you won’t get someone’s business if they don’t know you exist.

You need to advertise your services, let people know who you are and that you’re the one to call for their Real Estate needs. Advertising with ReaMark Real Estate Marketing Tools can be your vehicle to get your name out there and get the listings and sales to build your business. 

Principles Behind Direct Mail

62% of all Sellers in Real Estate use the 1st agent they call. Your goal is to be that 1st agent. By sending clients’ and prospects’ Real Estate Postcards, Newsletters, Calendars, etc. you keep your information in front of them for when they’re ready to buy or sell. Here are the simple principles that make direct mail successful for so many agents:

1. Repetition is Key

Hands down the single most important factor in Direct Mail and most other marketing plans is repetition. For example: What if I told you ReaMark can save you up to 42% on your Real Estate Marketing Products over other companies. Will you remember that next month or even tomorrow? Now what if I reminded you that every month for the next year. You’d probably catch on right?

Statistics show that an average of 8% of all homeowners move every year…but not all 8% will move at the exact same time. Your targeted audience can be divided into 3 categories:

a. Those that need your services right now

b. Those that will need your services in the future

c. Those that don’t need your services

A small fraction of your targeted audience will need your service right away, but the larger majority are those who will need you in the future. By sending repeated mailings, you increase your chances of getting listings and sales from both the “nows” and the “laters.”

Repeat mailings establish your credibility. Each mailing makes you more familiar to your prospects, which helps to create a level of trust. Just as you are more likely to buy car insurance from a company you’ve heard of rather than from one you haven’t, your clients will be the same. A house is a huge investment for most, and people are more likely to trust you with it when they realize that your business isn’t a fly-by-night operation.

Lastly, let’s face it: people procrastinate. Although they may be considering using your Real Estate services, some need more time than others to make a decision. While they’re thinking about whether or not to use you they can get sidetracked, and you’re info can get put aside. By sending monthly real estate postcards or real estate newsletters, you’re info remains in front of them, and it also serves as a constant reminder to buy or sell their home.

2. Target Your Audience

Unlike a lot of other forms of advertising, you can target your audience with Direct Mail. Think about how many times you’ve seen ads on TV or in magazines for products that you would never buy because they are for men and you’re a woman or vice versa. With Direct Mail, you choose who sees your ads.

By selecting a residential neighborhood of homeowners, or getting a list of closings from a title company, you are able to market strictly to people who buy homes. You don’t have to waste money on advertising to people that won’t buy a home, because your audience is already homeowners. Or, if you’re targeting first-time homebuyers you can mail strictly to specific apartment complexes.

Either way, you know where each real estate postcard, real estate newsletter, real estate calendar, etc. is going. And by targeting your audience and sending repetitive mailings, you can expect an increased response.

3. Cost Efficiency

Direct Mail is the most cost-effective offline marketing medium to keep in touch with past clients and get new clients. It’s true. ReaMark can print and mail your existing and potential clients a postcard for as little as 36¢ each! Think about the thousands of dollars you could spend on other mediums such as newspaper/phonebook ads, T.V. commercials, bus stop ads, etc. None of these can give you the repeated market presence to your targeted audience that you need for as little cost.

For example, we can print and mail standard size black & white postcards for as little as $131 a month! Look below to see just how little it costs to help keep your business booming all year round:

For more marketing tips, to ask questions or place an order, call us at 800-932-2957 and visit our website at



Proven Back Panel Newsletter Designs

Posted by Rick on Jun 30th, 2020

ReaMark’s 4-page Real Estate Newsletters help you build your client base and increase your sales! ReaMark’s newsletters are the best in the industry, with 2 large customization areas, available in black and white or full-color imprint. What really sets ReaMark’s Real Estate Newsletters apart is that we reserve the top third of the back page to personalize anyway you want. I would like to share with you some of the best proven back panel designs:


Option A: Market Update

This is a great opportunity to let your customer’s know what is happening in their local real estate market. People who are getting ready to buy or sell will be particularly interested in this part of your newsletter and will look for your market update information month after month.


Option B: Just Listed/Just Sold Information

Many customers will use the back panel of the real estate newsletter to advertise their newest Just Listed or Just Sold properties. And with ReaMark’s full-color printing options, it makes the personalized panel blend right into the information packed newsletter.


Option C: Advertise with a Co-op

This is a fantastic way to cut your advertising costs! Find a local mortgage broker or title company that wants to co-market with you and we can split the personalization area any way you’d like. You ask them to pay a portion of your printing and postage costs and suddenly marketing is more affordable!


Option D: Advertise with a Local Business

Similar to advertising with a co-op, find a local business that would like to publish a coupon in your newsletter. Again, this is a great way to reduce your marketing costs by sharing the personalization space.


Option E: Create a marketing message

Use the back panel to connect with your customers by writing a marketing message, or by using one of ReaMark’s messages. Some people will use the same message month after month as a way to build familiarity with their contacts, while others will write a different message based on the current season or holiday. Whatever you want to say, ReaMark’s newsletters give you the space!


Option F: Customize it any way you want!

If you don’t want to choose from one of the previously mentioned back panel designs, ReaMark welcomes you to create your own layout. You are welcome to use any of ReaMark’s messages or photos, or provide your own. We will work with you to create a custom design you are sure to love.


Each of ReaMark’s newsletters are packed with interesting articles regarding real estate, finance, home improvement ideas, gardening tips, scrumptious recipes, health tips, and so much more. And with ReaMark’s unique personalization options, the newsletter will look and feel like a product all your own


Call 1-800-932-2957 today to order or request samples and visit our website at, where you can view all 60 newsletters in their entirety.


Why Our Customers Love ReaMark, In Their Own Words:

Posted by Rick on Jun 30th, 2020

We can tell you over and over again that ReaMark is different from other companies and that our products actually work. But why don’t you hear it from other Realtors like you, actual ReaMark customers. These are just some of the testimonials we have received over the years:

“Guaranteed to increase your business — no doubt about it! I’ve been using ReaMark’s professional postcards and newsletters for 10 years and I bank on the business they generate. My customers, sphere and farm love these mailers. ReaMark’s courteous, attentive customer service and good looking materials keep me coming back!
Thank you ReaMark.”

Jane Pedigree
Coldwell Banker-Winter Springs

“The folks at ReaMark are amazing” “They do more than take your order. They go out of their way to make sure the order is exactly what you want. The competition can’t come close to the value ReaMark offers.”
Mary Towler
Keller Williams Realty – Signature Partners

“I WILL NEVER GO ANYWHERE ELSE! I have been a customer since 2002 and have ordered with ReaMark over 20 times. I must say that each and every time I have received Exceptional Service. The product quality is always outstanding and I can definitely attribute the increase in my business directly to your professional products. You have a customer for life. In addition, if any of your customers would like to talk with me directly please feel free to give out my phone number.”
Rebecca Compton
Coldwell Banker–Boise, Idaho

“Five leads and one new listing!” “Thank you ReaMark! The response to my postcards has been outstanding. I received five new leads and one new listing in just the first two months. My postcard program is already profitable.”
Susan Keeble
Coldwell Banker–Jackson, Georgia

“Thank you! You’ve made a Believer of me!” “I’ve used postcard marketing before, but got fed up with being quoted two weeks for delivery, then waiting eight! My order was delivered in two weeks! Hooray! And, I really like being able to mix and match the designs I like best. The best part is that I don’t have to buy huge minimums! Now I can keep my budget in line—even when it changes month-to-month.”
Regina Noetzoldt
Realty Executives–Carlsbad, California

“ReaMark, you have a very satisfied customer in Royal Oak, Michigan.” “Since I started farming with your postcards, I couldn’t be happier with the results! Your card selections are wonderful and I know my customers love them. Another thing that I like is your service. Your friendly and professional staff process and ship my order to perfection each and every time! I plan to order from you for many years to come.”
Bill Bouscher
Prudential–Royal Oak, Michigan

“Ten calls and two new clients in just the first week!” “I could have never imagined the response that I have gotten from your recipe series. It has put my name in front of my existing clients as well as new ones. I will definitely keep sending your postcards.”
Jean Fenlon
Century 21–Egg Harbor, Wisconsin


“Ten new transactions— we know your postcards work!” “We received ten new transactions, both sales and listings thanks to ReaMark’s postcards. It was our best return on advertising last year. We have had people ask to be put on our mailing list because they like your monthly recipe cards so much.”
Alex Gniazdowski & Harriett Mclean
Century 21–Ft. Myers, Florida

“Thank you for the wonderful postcards” “You provided us with quality cards in a timely manner! Your website is the best for placing orders! We look forward to doing business again next year!”
David & Brenda Wakeman
Realty One–North Royalton, Michigan


I sold over 8 million dollars worth of real estate last year. I really like the way ReaMark does business! They have great products to help me promote my business. I sold over 8 million dollars worth of real estate last year. In addition, I have a 2-year old and I am also a co-owner of the company so I don’t have time to waste. ReaMark’s staff are knowledgeable, efficient and very helpful. They are also fun to work with. To me dealing with happy and helpful people always make my day! Ordering from ReaMark is a GREAT experience that I plan to keep repeating! I really value their professional assistance as well as their wonderful customer service. I highly recommend ReaMark to everyone! Thanks for everything!
Lana Muir Fowler
DeCaro Realty Inc.–Cordova, TN

I have been in direct sales for 35 years and I am not easily impressed… My business partner kept nagging me about this great company she had ordered some “marketing stuff” from and wanted me to call them. We receive tons of magazines and specialty item catalogs. She saw something different with ReaMark and emailed me copies of their products. WOW! They looked great! I started my own correspondence with ReaMark. They were extremely helpful, suggesting all the right things and were also great in timely communication. No matter how confused I got and how “wishy-washy” I was, everyone was patient and helpful. I have been in direct sales for 35 years, and I am not easily impressed, but my business partner was right! ReaMark has top-notch quality products and a staff I could almost call family! Everyone was always happy and helpful—a rare combination. I highly recommend ReaMark for great products, prices and a pleasant experience.
Pam Martello
DeCaro Realty, Cordova, TN

I have been a satisfied ReaMark customer for over 3 years now. Since I started mailing your newsletters to keep in touch with my clients, I couldn’t be happier with the results! I am getting more listings, and I can definitely attribute a large portion of the increase to the success of your newsletters. Your friendly and knowledgeably staff is always eager to go the extra mile in giving suggestions on how to maximize my return.
Donna Richardson
Moorestown, NJ

Your animal series was a tremendous, TREMENDOUS hit. I can’t believe I’m still getting calls a month later. Seriously, I just got another call this morning. I got like a 6% return response and have listed $1.5 million in property from it… and I am in a little rural community so that is a lot for me in my little market. I had to literally send a letter to 190 people that had lots for sale that I turned away. It was a real hit!
Greg Balk
Properties Unlimited, Inc., Rutherfordton, NC

Having researched many other companies I selected ReaMark and have been using them for the past 4 years for my advertising needs. I am extremely satisfied with the products and services that they have to offer. Their Customer Care Representatives are always available to offer support and suggestions to make my monthly mailings a success. I have been mailing around 5,000 newsletters a month, and have only been mailing them for four months. I have already received several new listings in return! My clients love the different home savings tips and recipes offered in each newsletter. I look forward to continuing to utilize ReaMark for my marketing needs for a long time to come.
Dave Sousa
Atlantic Realtors, Modesto, CA

My very FIRST mailing of 1100 recipe cards generated within 3 DAYS a $335,000 listing at 6% commission!!! This covers the cost of my whole year’s mailing plus several thousand dollars. Thank you ReaMark.
Pablo Hoffmann
Boardwalk Realty, Wellington, FL

“I have used ReaMark for several years. They have worked with me on several custom postcards and I have had tremendous results. I have appreciated their product quality and their thoroughness and smoothness in the process from creating to mailing. Their pricing has been competitive, the service and communication has been great. I would highly recommend looking into how ReaMark can help your business grow.”
Vince Grant
RE/MAX Northwest Realtors–Bothell, Washington

Another Way to Save: ReaMark’s Postcard Kits

Posted by Rick on Jun 30th, 2020

ReaMark’s marketing specialists know that the single most important factor in direct mail marketing is repetition. Monthly mailings help establish your credibility and better your chances of catching clients and prospects at that moment when they are ready to buy or sell. To make it easier and more affordable for you, we have created our ReaMark Postcard Kits.


For every 5 postcards you buy, ReaMark will give you an additional postcard style, at the same quantity for FREE. You can order as few as 100 postcards per style and you can mix and match any of ReaMark’s stock real estate postcards together. We offer the kit pricing with all customization options: standard size black & white, standard size full-color and jumbo full-color.







ReaMark will print and ship all of your postcards together, so you can manage when each card is mailed out. We even offer payment plans for order of 300 qty per style or more. And mailing customers can also take advantage of our kit pricing! Here at ReaMark, we truly are committed to making monthly marketing as easy and affordable as possible.

For more information, to request samples or to place an order, call us at 800-932-2957 and visit our website at today!


Creating Seller Interest with Free Home Valuation Offer

Posted by Marketing on Jun 18th, 2020

Interest rates are lower than ever, more people are applying for mortgage loans and we are in the prime time of the year for sales. With the average home sale price climbing to $330,000 in May, now is the time to grow your listing database. Attract interest with neighborhood marketing campaigns that let homeowners know what they have to gain, and offer a free home valuation to get your foot in the door.

Tips on Using a Free Home Valuation in Your Direct Marketing

Try our real estate marketing tools, such as door hangers and jumbo cards to create special offers. You can customize your message on one side and include contact information on the other. We recommend a free home valuation to establish trust and showcase your skills. You can also include contact information and highlight recent sales in the area.

On your customized marketing pieces, explain the value of using a licensed real estate agent — including a free estimate on how much their home is worth. As you gather this information, homeowners can think about whether it’s time to put their property on the market. If the homeowners ultimately decide not to sell, you have still gained their trust and contact information to follow up with them periodically, growing your prospect list. However, at least some homeowners you approach will want to move forward with a listing.

Virtual Walkthroughs

Sellers want to maximize their sales price but may not agree to a walkthrough of their property during the pandemic. Explain the importance of understanding any possible defects to obtain an accurate valuation. Additionally, they can walk you through the home using FaceTime, Facebook Video Chat, Zoom or other free apps. That way everyone stays safe and you get a general idea on the condition of the home. Some real estate agents are sending surveys or questionnaires to homeowners to calculate an accurate comparative market analysis without physically touring the home.

Remember to underscore the importance of up-to-date information available only to experienced real estate agents via the MLS and other tools. 

Build trust throughout the process. This goodwill pays off if the estimate falls short of their expectations. It may take sellers some time to decide to sell. In the meantime, build value through Home Tips postcards and other ReaMark products that deepen the relationship. Consider sending COVID-19 postcards to help families understand that we are in it together.

Home Valuation Packet

Highlight the advantages of using a real estate agent to sell their home by developing a market report that includes not only the CMA but the recent neighborhood sales used to create it. Send photos and information with the listed versus final sales price. This is a great opportunity to include endorsements from happy clients and personal marketing information that shows your expertise. 

Safety Precautions Agents Are Taking

The NAR continues to suggest virtual showings to limit in-person contact. Some states have reopened but stress the importance of maintaining social distancing and proper hygiene. Ensure prospective clients that when in-person showings resume, you will wipe down the doorknob and surfaces touched by clients following the showing. Print out some of the recommendations from the NAR to reassure your clients that you follow state and industry guidelines to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

It may be some time before things return to business as usual. However, there are ways to reassure clients and keep the industry going with a little common sense and client education on the precautions taken to ensure their safety.

NEW! COVID-19 Direct Mail Postcards

Posted by Marketing on May 12th, 2020

Keep in touch with clients and help them get through social distancing and all the concerns associated with the global pandemic. Our new COVID-19 postcards express a variety of sentiments for whatever mood you wish to convey. Find out more about the real estate direct mail postcards in this collection.

Choose the Message that Will Resonate with Clients and Prospects

Now, more than ever, showing empathy can uplift your clients and help you elevate your personal branding. These COVID-19 postcards let you focus your marketing campaign on the extraordinary circumstances clients find themselves in. 

Some of our recommended selections include:

  • “Thinking of You” postcard with a tranquil sunset front cover graphic. Remind customers to take care of themselves and that you remain available for them
  • Cute animal photos adorn several of these real estate postcards. Each one has a unique message
  • Although many of the cards are marketing in nature, others let you check in with your clients just to stay in touch
  • Spring Cleaning Checklist for those stuck at home and looking for projects
  • Remind your clients to take advantage of this extra time to have a BBQ by sending them BBQ Grilling Tips

If you want to vary your order of real estate postcards, we suggest ordering smaller batches, which start at 100 cards. This gives you flexibility in varying your message for different mailing lists and lead types.

Customize Your Message

The postcards come with the text displayed on our order pages. However, if you want to customize your message, we’ll work with you to ensure your cards faithfully represent your sentiments.

Some of the ways clients design their orders include:

  • Favorite quotes to inspire clients in this trying time
  • Personalized information on what precautions you take to keep your clients safe
  • Notification of recent real estate activity to assure them that business hasn’t stopped completely

Whether you choose your own words or select from our pre-printed messages, your clients will appreciate that you reached out to them. A few kind words can go a long way for stressed-out parents and workers trying to live their whole lives from home. 

Real Estate Direct Mail

Postcards are a safe and effective way to remind clients that, despite the restrictions, people still need to buy and sell homes. Some of our COVID-19 postcards have real estate themes and soft sells that offer advice on helping clients assess whether they are ready to jump into the market. Our messages stress that, although it’s a personal decision, there are precautions that can minimize their risks without postponing their plans indefinitely.

Remind Clients of Alternatives to Live Showings

Today, real estate agents have access to a variety of tools that make it possible to show or buy a property remotely. This includes virtual showings, direct and e-marketing techniques that leverage the internet to advertising listings and virtual meetings with you via Zoom, FaceTime and other apps. You can also add your own tips and tricks for maintaining social bonds within the restrictions of social distancing.Feel free to contact our ReaMark team with any questions you may have on our COVID-19 postcards and other real estate postcards. Be sure to check out our other direct marketing tools, such as calendars and newsletters, which can also be delivered safely via the mail.

Send Postcards to Touch Base with Clients During the Pandemic

Posted by Marketing on Apr 22nd, 2020

In these uncertain times, normal business relationships are disrupted. That’s why it’s so important to stay in touch with your clients and continue prospecting new customers. Even though you can’t meet people face-to-face, there are many ways to continue doing business — this includes “no-touch” marketing tools that will reach an audience staying at home.

Here’s another thought. Many clients have more time on their hands right now. That means they’re more likely to read marketing material; penetration and conversion rates may be very advantageous in the current environment.

Customizing Your Message During the Pandemic

First, choose whether you want to send a standard or jumbo size postcard. Jumbo size cards stand out and can deliver your message without going over the top. As long as your marketing isn’t tone-deaf, jumbo postcards give you more room to relate to customers under added stress. Let them know you are going through the same thing — trying to get the kids to do schoolwork, keeping the cat off the keyboard, and getting your own work down under less than ideal conditions.

Be the Neighborhood Champion

ReaMark‘s customized postcards give you full-color customization on both sides. Use this to focus on the areas that you farm. Now isn’t the time to blanket new neighborhoods with direct mail. Instead, show your strength as a local agent. On one side, highlight recent sales and listings, on the other, direct new and prospective customers to your social media page for tips and tricks to survive the pandemic.

In conjunction with your postcard campaign, set up accounts on NextDoor or start a new Facebook Group. Next, connect neighbors with volunteer groups willing to pick up prescriptions or groceries for the disabled and elderly. Include tips on how to keep kids occupied. You can even ask families to make a video diary of how they are coping with sheltering in place. 

Don’t forget to include your pandemic-related social media information on the postcard!

What Information to Share

Your postcards can serve two purposes, both of which help your brand. As always, you should include content that highlights your skills and includes your contact information. During this extraordinary time, you can also perform a real public service. Here are some ideas for your COVID-19 messaging:

  • Share local restaurants that still offer takeout.
  • Start an online “toilet paper” watch and ask people to post who is still selling toilet paper and other essentials.
  • List companies that are hiring extra help.

People are likely to keep postcards with valuable information longer than those with just marketing material. 

Doing Business During a Pandemic

By now, you’ve probably already adapted to social distancing in your day-to-day operations. Why not share with your prospects the lengths you’re taking to keep your clients safe while marketing and selling properties? 

For example, you can:

  • Offer to conduct virtual showings for buyers
  • Partner with a drone video company to create aerial videos of properties
  • Create video tours to reinforce live virtual showings

Contact us today to order your customizable postcards and other marketing materials during the pandemic.

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