Testimonials from ReaMark Customers

Posted by Marketing on Mar 16th, 2021

At ReaMark, we understand that customer relationships are essential to building your real estate business. When you partner with us, you benefit from the help of a seasoned real estate marketing team that puts customer relationships at the top of our priority list. — but don’t just take our word for it.

“I’ve been using ReaMark for many years for my farming postcards. I’m the postcard king in my office! … I can get a little nitpicky about design and layout sometimes, but their art department and customer service folks are always VERY helpful and accommodating, – Mark Signs of Ruhl & Ruhl Realtors in Coralville, Iowa.

Making the Connection with Customized Postcards

Before you can connect with prospective clients, you have to show them who you are as a real estate professional – and prove what you can do for them. As our customer testimonials show, real estate marketing works when done correctly, and our clients trust our expertise to help them build a strong marketing strategy.

“I’ve been ordering a monthly market update postcard for the past year and have seen wonderful results. Every listing I received this last year came from those mailings … It’s been great working with you, and I plan to continue for many years to come!” – Amy Bremer of Windermere Real Estate.

We know better than anyone that happy customers return to buy more products which increases revenue and benefits everyone involved. Satisfied clients also help to build a better relationship with your target audience. Let us help you get your contact information and message into the hands of clients who need your services.

Customer Loyalty Starts With Top Quality Products

ReaMark postcards, door hangers, calendars and recipe cards are printed on high-quality paper stock with colorfast ink and beautiful images. Your customers will be proud to pass them on to a neighbor or friend looking to buy or sell a home. Even longtime professionals are impressed when they first handle samples of our work.

“I have been in direct sales for 35 years, and I am not easily impressed, but my business partner was right! ReaMark has top-notch quality products and a staff I could almost call family! … I highly recommend ReaMark for great products, prices and a pleasant experience.” – Pam Martello of DeCaro Realty in Cordova, Tennessee.

Great Service and Effective Direct Mail Campaigns Work Hand in Hand

We know that our next sale starts with consistent service and timely delivery on the current order. So, we’ve based our company culture around positive customer experiences. When you follow up your direct mail campaign with responsive service and fast results, your brand reputation will soar too.

“We know your postcards work! We received ten new transactions, both sales and listings, thanks to ReaMark’s postcards. It was our best return on advertising last year. We have had people ask to be put on our mailing list because they like your monthly recipe cards so much.” – Alex Gniazdowski & Harriett Mclean of Century 21 in Ft. Myers, FloridaContact our customer service team to find out how you can reach your prospective customers with effective direct mail pieces from ReaMark.

Contact our customer service team to find out how you can reach your prospective customers with effective direct mail pieces from ReaMark.

Direct Marketing Tips for Realtors

Posted by Marketing on Feb 23rd, 2021

Direct mail gives you a great way to connect with customers and prospective clients. Follow the tips below to get and keep the attention of your target audience. By sending various marketing materials frequently, you can stay in touch with your clients without overwhelming them.

Do you want to improve your direct mail conversion rate? Follow these tips to increase your ROI and improve your branding strategy.

How Often Should You Contact Your Clients?

As a general rule of thumb, contacting your clients once a month can keep you top-of-mind without irritating them. You can also learn by trial and error by tracking your response rates with campaigns using different frequencies.

Maximize your conversion rate by bumping up your contact rate in the selling season from spring through fall. You can save money by sending out fewer mail pieces during the holidays and offseason in your farming area.

How Can You Catch Your Audience’s Attention?

Standing out enough to attract your clients’ attention is tricky. People glance through their mail prior to throwing it in the trash. Therefore, give them the information they need at the first glance.

Once you determine your audience, focus on their interest and concerns regarding buying or selling real estate. If you have a unique message on one side of the postcard, you can use the other side to go into depth regarding your services.

Compelling images and catchy titles can help your client understand that it’s worth their while to read through your newsletter or a door hanger. If you want to direct their attention to online listings, make your social media and marketing website stand out.

For example, we have several self-promoting postcards that help you build your reputation in the community, express your thanks and let prospective clients know more about your recent transactions. We even have postcards that promote you twice!

Optimize Your Content

Effective direct mail pieces tell the recipient what they need to know. If you want them to hang on to the door hanger or postcard, cater to their interests and needs.

· Home tips

· Cartoon humor

· Animal themes

· Recipes

Follow Up

Once you get your client’s attention, make sure that you are available to answer their questions. The fastest way to lose a warm lead is to ignore their text, email or phone call. If you wait too long to respond, they will find someone else to handle their real estate needs.

When you begin a direct mail campaign, focus on the long-term goal. You may not see a spike in sales with the first round of postcards you send out. However, by increasing brand awareness and generating leads, you will see your revenue increase over time.

Customized Postcards

If you have very specific goals, we can help you personalize your direct mail campaign to your target audience. Customized postcards allow you to choose your images and message to maximize the impact of your marketing dollars.

Contact us today to find out about our specials and discounts or for guidance on how to kickstart your direct mail campaign.

Creative Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Realtors

Posted by Marketing on Feb 11th, 2021

When people hire you to sell their home, they want to feel confident that you have the skills to move their property or find them the home they’ve been searching for. With comprehensive marketing campaigns, you can reach your target clients online and through strategic direct mailing campaigns to stay top-of-mind in their Realtor search.

If you feel like you’ve run out of ideas to capture people’s attention, review the suggestions below and mix and match your online marketing efforts with physical promotional pieces. Newsletters, door hangers and postcards give prospective clients information they can review without the distraction of the internet.

Optimize Your Listing Campaigns

If you want to highlight your ability to sell homes, start by letting homeowners know about your recent success stories. Include homes that you have sold and ones currently on the market to give homeowners an idea of prices they could command if they put their home up for sale. Use a variety of channels to reach your target demographic, including:

  • Emails and door hangers highlighting information about your services as well as recent sales.
  • Postcards featuring Just Listed properties that may appeal to homebuyers and sellers.
  • Newsletters distributed via social media, email and print formats.

Reach your prospective audience where they spend the majority of their time. Right now, that’s online or at home.

Newsletters Delivered to Your Clients’ Doorsteps

Develop your newsletter into a visual experience for your prospects with colorful imagery and useful information that enhances your branding message. It can be worth the cost to print and deliver physical mail since many residents receive dozens or hundreds of emails every week. A multi-page document with photos, statistics and recent listings and sold properties will help you establish authority and trust with current and future clients.

Choose one of our templates for a four-page newsletter or work with our team to create a free customized layout to meet your needs. Great topics include:

  • Recently sold properties
  • Recent listings
  • Tips for homebuyers and sellers
  • Tips for home improvement projects
  • Recipes

Just Listed/Sold Postcards

You can connect the dots between your online marketing and direct mail campaigns. If you have your own web page, include that information on just listed and sold postcards sent to residents in your farm area. Brokers and agents also include their social media information on direct mail pieces so clients can connect with them electronically.

High-quality mailers can help you reach your local market and provide contact information that clients can pass on to friends and neighbors. Choose interesting content and graphics that promote your services and experience and don’t forget to add testimonials. Contact a ReaMark representative for assistance with your marketing campaign. You don’t pay until you have approved the design, content, and features for your direct mail pieces. Choose from jumbo postcards, four-page newsletters, door hangers, and myriad other promotional pieces.

Provide Valuable Home Improvement tips & recipes your Real Estate prospects will use

Posted by Marketing on Jan 26th, 2021
valuable home improvement tips

Realtors are always looking for new ways to get their name and contact information in front of prospective customers. Creative marketing helps you push ahead of the competition and establish a real connection with potential clients. Nothing does this better than direct marketing tools such as tear-off calendars. 

Tear-Off Calendars Are Great for Real Estate Promotion

Homeowners will appreciate quick-reference magnetic calendars they can stick to the refrigerator or a filing cabinet at work. Every time they look at the calendar to get the date, they will see your contact information. This keeps you top-of-mind when prospective clients are ready to buy or sell a property. It also makes it easy for them to pass your card on to someone who is ready to list or buying in the near future!

Peel and Stick Your Business Card

Peel off the protective covering and attach your business card at the top left so clients can connect with you when they need real estate representation. Every time they cross off a day to count down to vacation or circle a date for a special event, the magnetic peel-off calendar gives you more exposure. 

We can also print your customized business card, depending on what calendar style you choose.

Tear-off Recipe Calendars

On the front of each tear-off recipe calendar, homebuyers and sellers see a deliciously prepared dish and the calendar itself. On the back, the ingredients and directions help them create delicious, nutritious food for their families. 

Tear-off Home Tip Calendars

From insurance renewal tips to spring home maintenance how-to’s, tear-off home tips calendars offer summary tips below the printed calendar and in-depth advice on how to perform the task on the back. 

Using Tear-Off Calendars Effectively in Your Marketing

Here are some tips for using tear-off calendars to promote your real estate services:

  • Use your branding and ensure that your prospects know who provided the calendars (include a business card)
  • Include calls-to-action to contact you, along with a phone number and website
  • Direct clients to your social media sites
  • Make the promotional information of interest to the client

You can use tear-off calendars throughout the year and add new leads to your distribution list for next year. Contact us today to speak with a ReaMark sales specialist for more marketing ideas for your real estate marketing services!

Spring Marketing Ideas for Realtors

Posted by Marketing on Jan 21st, 2021

Interest rates continue to drop to historic lows, and this is an ideal time to remind home sellers and buyers that you are great at your job. Stir up interest and take advantage of spring fever to help your clients finally commit to listing or buying.

Valentine’s Day Post Cards

Our Valentine’s Day postcards come in a nice selection that varies from sophisticated to sweet and neighborly. You can wish your prospects a sweet holiday with chocolate-themed postcards, or send direct mail pieces with hearts and flowers on one side and your contact info on the other!

Time Change Post Cards

Even though smartphones and tablets change the time automatically, many homeowners and prospective buyers forget to change their analog or digital wall clocks. Also, it’s always a great idea to get mentally prepared for the time shift.

Time change postcards feature spring themes such as flowers, butterflies, animals and outdoor scenery. Give your customers an emotional boost and get your information in front of their eyes in time for the spring selling season.

Home Improvement Tips Postcards

Send out informative home tips, such as choosing an area rug or building an emergency kit, to help your prospective sellers brighten areas of their home. Easy home improvement projects include adding outdoor lighting and getting started on home repairs. Send these helpful home improvement postcards to clients. After your clients get their homes curb-ready for a potential listing, you’ll be the first one they call!

Just Listed and Recently Sold Are Always Effective

We have tons of cards to help you celebrate sales and purchases in your farm area, such as:

  • Just listed and just sold postcards remind clients and prospects of what you can do. Real estate professionals can even put their contact information on both sides of the card.
  • Market update postcards containing the information on recent sales and listings can surprise reluctant homeowners and encourage them to put their property on the market.
  • 6-photo collage postcards highlight recent sales in the area so homeowners and buyers get an idea of the most recent sales prices in the areas.

Free Postcards, Anyone?

When you buy five postcard styles you can get one free!

With thousands of styles to choose from this is a great way to expand your postcard selection to test which ones work best in your market. Order several styles at once so that you have plenty of great material to help you convert warm and cold leads.

Need ideas to revitalize your spring marketing campaign? Contact our team at ReaMark for the latest selections and most effective postcard themes for the season. 

Preparing for Spring Real Estate Season

Posted by Marketing on Dec 28th, 2020

In the spring, the weather starts to warm up and families begin to think about getting their homes ready to sell again. Once income tax refund checks hit client bank accounts, they have more money to put down on their first home or dream house. For these reasons and more, spring is a great season to focus on your marketing strategy. 

Remind Clients Who You Are and What You Do

Now is the time to send postcards to tweak interest in listings and catch new home shoppers’ attention. You can’t beat the classics, so don’t forget to send out the following postcards showing customers that you can deliver:

Implement March and April Sales Strategies

According to Zillow, homes sell 15% faster from mid-March to mid-April and prices are slightly above average at this time. Make sure you bring your A-game to attract sellers looking for experienced agents and brokers. As the school season winds down, families have more time to stage their homes, make any necessary repairs and upgrade or downsize, depending on their situation.

Now that the days are getting longer, you can show homes after hours and take advantage of the warmer temperatures. Send out March and April postcards featuring spring themes such as:

  • Tulips
  • Landscaping tips 
  • Fun St. Patrick’s Day themes

Get Involved in the Community

Although most marketing happens online these days, direct marketing gives clients something they can touch, see and feel. Showing your sensitivity for things your clients care about can keep you top of mine when they’re ready to buy or sell a home. 

Take advantage of opportunities to get involved in local community events. As part of your branding strategy, get out and meet your neighbors by sponsoring a softball team or a local park cleanup. This is excellent marketing for your business. 

The following postcards emphasize your sense of community and solidarity: 

Remind clients that curb appeal plays a vital role in attracting home buyers. Spring is the ideal time to trim hedges, mow the lawn and list their home for sale with an experienced, knowledgeable real estate agent!

Custom Post Cards

Many ReaMark postcards have messages in place and ready to send out. However, you can also create customized messaging and layout with custom postcards.

Contact us today for help choosing postcards and other direct marketing tools to boost your spring listings and sales.

Customize Your Direct Marketing

Posted by Marketing on Dec 22nd, 2020
Customize Your Direct Marketing

You work hard to become an expert in your farm area. So, don’t be afraid to claim that in your marketing campaigns. Our Area Expert Postcard comes with a brand-boosting message to inspire trust and increase your conversion rates. Of course, we’ll customize your postcards to match your branding and information. Go with our prepared message or customize your cards however you see fit!

Here are some interesting ideas to boost your branding and stand out from other Realtors in the area.

Inject Some Humor into the Process

While pitching your services and establishing trust remain the top priorities, there’s nothing wrong with lightening up the mood for busy prospects. Besides working and homeschooling, many families are dealing with the reality of a global pandemic. A little humor can lighten the load and help keep your name on their minds.

Are you courageous enough to send a postcard with a baboon to offer a free home value estimate to prospective clients? You know your area and your target audience. Let us help you reach them with humorous cartoon postcards featuring real estate and remodeling themes.

Promote Your Tech

As a real estate professional, you invest in technology such as the multiple listing service and online real estate marketing sites. It takes time and energy to establish and maintain a technical skillset that helps your clients sell or buy homes faster. Highlight your tech and your expertise by including this in your messaging.

Whether you send out newsletters or postcards, customers love hearing about new technology that will help them reach their real estate goals. With social distancing still in place, virtual tours and aerial photography are more popular than ever. If you are taking advantage of this technology, highlight that to clients. Let them know that they can take a virtual tour of your listings or FaceTime you for home showings.

Include Customer Reviews

Including customer reviews from the past three months can increase your conversion rate. Up to  85% of clients use customer reviews to make a final decision on products and services. Make it easy for your target demographic to see positive customer reviews about your real estate services. Our jumbo postcards are available in color and allow you to customize your message on both sides of the cards. You can even add reviews and personalized messages to postcard envelopes.

Hand lettering, stylized fonts and other elements can complement your branding and help give your direct mail pieces a custom look. Need help choosing postcards and other marketing pieces to get the word out about your services? Contact us today and we’ll listen to your goals and make some suggestions to get you started.

Start Your 2021 Real Estate Marketing Planning Now

Posted by Marketing on Nov 30th, 2020

Who’s ready for a do-over from 2020? We know we are. Follow our tips below to wrap up your marketing plans for the new year. 

Even if you generate leads online and carefully plan out email and social media campaigns, nothing has the personal touch of a promotional tool that your prospective clients can hold in their hands. Follow our suggestions below or contact us for great ideas on how to promote your real estate services.

What Kind of Content Works With Real Estate Direct Mail?

At ReaMark, we get this question a lot. So, we have put together suggestions for each month of the year. Use these suggestions and browse through our postcards, calendars, newsletters, and door hangers to create a unique marketing package for your mailing list. Unlike emails, direct mail pieces are received, read and often appreciated by current and future customers. 

Recipes, home improvement tips and updates on your recent listings and sales all provide valuable information that keeps you in the minds of your clients. 

We suggest sending 1-2 postcards a month, including holiday wishes, special events and fun facts. 


Neighborhood marketing tools such as door hangers and postcards remind residents in your farm area that real estate sales are still robust. You can customize door hangers with information about recent transactions. 


Sweet Valentine’s Day postcards featuring chocolate, hearts and flowers help lovers young and old get in the mood for cupid’s big day. Customize the message on the back with your photo, contact information and tips for dining out in local restaurants. 


Fun postcards to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and Easter help you connect with your client base and remind them that spring is a great time to sell or buy. Don’t forget to order your first quarterly newsletter!


Check our What’s New category frequently for fun ideas and our latest products. Spring is a great time to send out a schedule for local sports teams. Promote your brand and show your community spirit. 


Summer is coming! Home cleaning and improvement tips help homeowners prepare their homes for sale and put you top of mind when they need an experienced real estate agent. Put your door hangers in bags in preparation for seasonal showers. 


Economize with discounted newsletters that inform your clients of local real estate trends and showcase your sales and listings.


Choose from dozens of patriotic designs on July 4th postcards that connect you to the country’s biggest national holiday.


Summer is a busy time in real estate. Don’t forget to order postcards that highlight just sold/just listed properties and scoop up fall listings early. 


Remind clients to set their clocks for the fall time change in October. Now is a great time to put together your quarterly newsletter. 


Wrap up your year-end sales with a big marketing push. Now is a great time for recipe postcards prospective home buyers and sellers can use for the holidays. 


Order wall calendars and magnetic calendars that help your clients plan for the coming year. 


Customize your marketing with greeting cards for the holidays. We offer “Happy Holidays” cards appropriate for every faith.

Need more ideas? Contact us today for help boosting business at any time of the year.

Get More Referrals this Holiday Season. Send Greeting Cards

Posted by Marketing on Nov 18th, 2020

According to the National Association of Realtors, 2020 remains an incredible time to sell your home.  Low interest rates combined with declining inventory make this a seller’s market. More people want to buy than sell, with national inventory declining by 38.3% over last year. At the same time, listing prices continue to rise, with the median home price at $350,000, 12% higher than last year. Homes are selling within 53 days, 13 days less than October 2019.

How Will You Stand Out in the Crowd?

Sellers have their pick when it comes to choosing a realtor to represent them. Now is the time to let them know what you have to offer. Differentiate your direct marketing with customized holiday greeting cards.

Remember: ReaMark has a Dec. 5th cut-off on holiday greeting cards orders to avoid upgraded shipping costs. So, avoid the hassle of rush shipping charges by choosing your favorite cards now. We work in an industry based on personal branding. Say what you want how you want to say it on a color-printed greeting card. 

Which Card Will You Choose?

Choose the Home for the Holidays greeting card for wide appeal or save money on our clearance cards, which you can buy for as little as 24 cents each. Humorous greeting cards can boost the spirits of families who are feeling down in this tumultuous year.

One of our favorites features Santa’s hat on a tropical beach while other cards provide scrumptious recipes for family gatherings. No matter what holiday cards you choose, your branding on the back makes it convenient for homeowners to save the cards for future references.

All greeting cards come with free envelopes for easy mailing and to protect the card during shipping and delivery to your prospective clients.

Other Ways to Get the Word Out

How else can you get the word out that real estate goes on despite the pandemic? Design a year-round campaign that includes greeting cards, postcards featuring your most recent sales, and 2021 calendars that clients can refer to when they’re ready to contact you. Need more ideas? We have plenty. Contact our helpful, knowledgeable sales staff today for assistance picking out greeting cards that best represent your brand. We can help you come up with a direct mail package that keeps you top of mind with area homeowners ready to sell their properties.

Order Your Real Estate Marketing Calendars Now

Posted by Marketing on Oct 19th, 2020

It’s a seller’s market, and now is the time to connect with prospective clients to get more listings. Buying activity that slowed due to COVID-19 rebounded in June and shows no signs of slowing down. Buyers are making offers quickly to take advantage of interest rates hovering near 3%. While demand continues to grow, homeowners are the biggest winners, thanks to higher asking prices. However, the supply of homes for sale falls well short of demand. 

Realtor.com reported that 400,000 fewer homes were listed since March when compared to the 2019 statistics. Homes are selling much faster as a result. Also, mortgage applications rose 24% year over year in September. 

Now is the time to push for listings and close out the year strongly. Communicate this historic opportunity to hesitant homeowners with effective direct mailing campaigns powered by ReaMark.

Calendars Are a Great Way to Attract Listings

Typically, the first calendar in the home gets the coveted wall space that advertisers aim for. We are seeing stronger sales early in the last quarter, indicating that your competitors may already have placed their calendar orders. Choose a calendar design, such as our Exclusive Recipe and Home Tips calendars, to provide value. Even if there’s a calendar on the wall from the auto shop down the street, you can stay in people’s kitchens by providing yummy recipes and useful home improvement tips. 

Choose from Over 400 Styles

What makes ReaMark the best place to get your calendars? Here are just some of the perks that come with your branded ReaMark calendars:

  • Hundreds of calendar designs ranging from house shapes to animals to inspirational images
  • 10 different layouts, including portrait or landscape orientation, front and back printed, business card or tear-off designs 
  • Full-color printing is available for attractive images, including yours
  • Choose from magnetized tear-off calendars in business cards, 3.5″ x 4″ and 4″ x 7″ sizes
  • Select from hundreds of prepared messages or add your own 

Strategize for the Best Marketing Conversion Rates

You can choose a 3.5″ x 9″ UV-resistant magnetic calendar so clients can hang it at work or in their home office. We also like the idea of sending Just Sold postcards and following it up with a calendar geared toward educating clients on the advantages of a low-inventory market.

Contact us at any time for more ideas on how to choose the best calendars to meet your marketing needs. The sooner you place your order, the faster you can get the calendars in front of clients before the competition. Contact us online or call 1-800-932-2957 for more ideas and information on calendar campaigns and all your real estate direct mailing needs.

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