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Effective Real Estate Marketing for 2016

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Dec 30th, 2015

If you are working on your real estate marketing plan for 2016, now is a great time to consider your options from ReaMark. By buying your marketing materials now, like postcards for realtors, just sold post cards and real estate newsletters, you can take advantage of 2015 write-offs. You can also take advantage of our end-of-year savings where you can get $30 off your purchase of $175 or more or choose free shipping.

A 2016 Real Estate Marketing Plan That Works

Based on some of our experience with thousands of realtors and brokers for 15 years, here is a sample 2016 real estate marketing plan that can work for you.Newsletters for Real Estate Agents

January – Send out your quarterly newsletter. Make sure you highlight the recent sales in the area (yours or not) and give tips on home improvement ideas to get houses ready to sell. You’ll want to include a personal note asking for referrals.

February – This is the time to order and send out your Spring-time change postcards. Prospects and clients alike appreciate the reminder that could end up on their refrigerator.

March – As weather improves, this is a good time to order and distribute door hangers that go to all of the houses in your “farm”. This can generate some terrific leads for the busy season ahead.

April – Fuel the emerging real estate season with a “Just Sold” postcard campaign into your farm. Highlight a recent sale and be sure to ask for referrals.

May – It is time for your quarterly newsletter. This is a good time to show all the homes for sale in the area to give people an idea of their own home’s value. It is also a good time to highlight a local business, outdoor activity, community event, or give tips on landscaping.

4th of July PostcardsJune – Order your 4th of July postcards and have them ready to go by the end of the month. Stay top of mind and again, ask for referrals!

July – This is the perfect time to send a delicious summer recipe postcard that may include a barbecue recipe.

August – Time to order back to school magnets that include important dates, phone numbers, and a school calendar. We can produce these fully customizable to your local school.

SeptemberFootball schedule magnets are an excellent choice this time of year. Schedules can include NFL, college, or your local high school teams. These customizable calendars stay on the fridge for months.

October – Remind prospects of the upcoming fall time-change keeping your name and brand top of mind.

November – It is time, once again, for holiday greeting cards and your quarterly newsletter. It’s a good time to express gratitude and keep prospects updated on home prices in the neighborhood. Local holiday events and entertaining tips are appreciated.

December – Make sure you are delivering your 2017 calendars from ReaMark that stay on the wall or refrigerator all year!

New Year Sale-sqContact ReaMark today to take advantage of end of year savings, tax advantages and to better propel you to your 2016 goals! We look forward to assisting you!

Take advantage of our 15th Anniversary Sale now through January 22nd! Take $30 off your order of $175 or more* with code: BLOG15.

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10 Things to Include in your next Real Estate Newsletter

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Jun 8th, 2015

Providing valuable information to prospects has always been a good way to turn them into leads in the real estate industry. This has been a proven effective way to build your brand and trust. Real estate newsletters have been a tried and true way to stay in contact with prospects, customers and leads. Realtor newsletters fall into what marketers refer to as “content marketing.” The point is to position yourself as the neighborhood expert in real estate. If you use real estate newsletters as part of your real estate marketing materials, here are 10 tips to keep in mind for your next one.

Newsletters for Real Estate Agents

1. A Local Market Update – Your potential clients want to know what the real estate market is in their neighborhood. Bring them into the loop with info such as local inventory and length of time on the market.

2. Recently Listed and Sold Properties in your Farm – This can be a real eye opener and motivator for those in your farm. You don’t have to just include your listings either. Include a disclaimer and as many listings as you’d like.

3. Community Involvement – Showcase charitable work you’ve and your team has done or community events you have participated in. If you are having a hard time coming up with events, maybe you need to be more proactive in this area.

4. Real Estate Trivia – Challenge your readers with trivia or real estate definitions. Get them to participate mentally while reading.

5. Include a Real Estate Joke, Pun or Cartoon – Make sure material isn’t copyrighted or you have permission. This can show a less serious side.

6. Have a Coupon for a Local Business – Team with a local business to give the business exposure and your readers something they will view as having value. Make sure the coupon is worth redeeming.

7. Include Several Calls to Action – “Send us referrals”, “Enter our contest” or “see how much your home is worth” are examples.

8. Client Testimonial – These are powerful ways to show how your efforts are paying off for other people in your farm.

9. Social Media URLs – Be sure to include your website address and social media connections with a call to action to follow you on social media. You may even include a teaser to find the answer to a newsletter question on your social media.

10. Upcoming Area Events – Demonstrate you are connected by including a list of upcoming area events. People may eventually seek you out to help them promote their event.

Let ReaMark help you create a custom marketing piece today. We can efficiently and effectively show you how to use a real estate newsletter and other printed promotional material to increase your leads, listings and sales. Contact ReaMark today and save 15-30% on a customized newsletter! http://credit-n.ru/offers-zaim/ezaem-zaim-online-za-15-minut.html http://www.tb-credit.ru/dengi-na-kartu.html

Spring Is Nearly Here! Time to Send Your Quarterly Real Estate Newsletter

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Feb 3rd, 2015

Newsletters for Real Estate AgentsGet your clients excited about what you have in store by keeping them up-to-date with quarterly real estate newsletters. Now is the time plan for what your theme will be for this first quarter and what news you want to share. When it comes to real estate marketing tools, newsletters allow you the opportunity to feature one of your properties, include your logo or contact information, list information about the neighborhood, or provide home buying tips for first time homeowners.

People want to know why they should select a particular area and what makes it a good place to call home. Newsletters give you a chance to feature all the benefits and amenities your home listings and neighborhoods have to offer. Think of using your real estate marketing tools as a personal guide for potential clients to peak their interest about the housing options available to them.

There are two types of printable newsletters to choose from: half-fold and tri-fold. Depending on the type of marketing message you want to send, large customization areas are available for both types of newsletters. Creative ideas of what to include in your real estate newsletters are:

  • neighborhood market updates
  • community event calendars
  • home selling tips
  • information about the area

This is your chance to approach your clients in a friendly, informal way, but also leave them with valuable information and insight as they hunt for the perfect home. It is a way to keep your name on their radar as a professional who can lend a helping hand when it comes to all their real estate needs.

First time buyers or people new to your city are especially looking to rely on the opinion of someone who’s knowledgeable in the industry and can help answer any and all questions about the area. Let them know they can turn to you with confidence for all their real estate inquiries. Order your quarterly newsletters for the upcoming spring season and receive 15% off your order. http://credit-n.ru/offers-zaim/migcredit-dengi-v-dolg.html http://www.tb-credit.ru/kredit-na-kartu.html

New Newsletter Designs out TODAY!

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Aug 15th, 2014


Real estate newsletters are a terrific way to farm for leads and listings. They demonstrate your expertise as a real estate professional and personally reach out and touch your prospects and customers. When used regularly, they help brand your business and position you as a leader in your field.

New Newsletter Designs Out Today!

ReaMark’s latest real estate marketing newsletters are a half-fold design, created using attention-grabbing, vibrant color printing. Two large custom areas are included to allow you to add your own customized designs and content. These areas have proven to be a powerful and popular way to build real estate listings and sales. It also makes your newsletters much more personal.

Robert & Jodi Costin of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, Fox & Roach, Realtors have been customers of ReaMark since 2007, ordering over 40 of our 4 page newsletters. They have this to say:

We like that you allow two large custom panels on the newsletters for personalization and advertising—unlike other companies where they only have room for the agent’s name and contact numbers. Finally you save us time and money by mailing them for us. We have received steady client referrals over the years from our mailings!

See more testimonials!

ReaMark is pleased to offer free custom creative from our team of in-house professional designers. They will work with you to create a message suited to build your business. Also ask us about our custom direct-mailing services.

Newsletters for Real Estate Agents

The ReaMark Difference

ReaMark focuses on helping real estate professionals grow their business through promotional and marketing pieces created specifically for agents and brokers. When you call ReaMark for your real estate marketing products, you will talk to a real person who can help guide you through your options. We are the last such company that still produces a physical catalog we mail to our clients. We also offer fresh products updated on our 2,000 item website.

Why wait? Order now and save 15% on your Real Estate Newsletter order and get more leads, listings, and sales today! http://credit-n.ru/trips.html http://www.tb-credit.ru/articles.html

3 Reasons Your Real Estate Prospecting Isn’t Working

Posted by Reamark Marketing on May 29th, 2014


Are you sending out prospecting mailers and not seeing results? When real estate prospecting efforts aren’t getting results, there are three common reasons why. Your real estate prospecting isn’t working because you aren’t using the best mailing list, don’t have a clear call-to-action, and lack diversity.

Not Using the Best Mailing List

Postcards are essential to any real estate prospecting strategy. However, Realtors won’t have success if they aren’t sending real estate post cards to the best mailing list. When sending mailers, always include your personal mailing lists. Additionally, make sure you are not mailing to an area already dominated by a realtor or a particular real estate company. An area can be considered “dominated,” and therefore undesirable for mailings, when the realtor or company has 75% or more of the area listings.

Real Estate NewsletterNo Clear Call-to-Action

Sending real estate prospecting postcards without a clear call to action is a waste of time. A clear call-to-action differentiates you from other realtors and drives website traffic. Entice buyers and sellers to call you by using appealing offers. Attractive offers can be a free market analysis or lower commission rates. A great offer and a clear call-to-action will set you apart from your competitors.

Lacking Diversity

Increase engagement by sending out a variety of mailers to your prospects and leads. Mix it up by sending out newsletters, calendars, and postcards. Also, be sure to include variety in your real estate postcards. Showcase your wins with Just Listed or Just Sold postcards, get better engagement with a recipe card or by sharing home tips, or educate your audience with market updates. By varying the look and feel of your mailers and postcards, you keep your message fresh.

By including these tips in your contact strategy, you will attract more new business. Don’t forget that frequency is key to a successful strategy. Send a mailing at least every two months, but keep in mind that monthly mailings are better. If necessary, you can cut your list size to stay within budget and continue to send monthly mailers.

Get started now with free custom design on Just Sold postcards or any other style of real estate postcards today. http://credit-n.ru/offers-zaim/turbozaim-zaimy-online-bez-otkazov.html http://www.tb-credit.ru/articles.html

The Real Estate News Letter in 2014: Get the Listings You Deserve

Posted by Rick on Feb 18th, 2014

Get Real Estate Listings with Newsletters

Increase business with newsletters designed for real estate agents and their clients. 

The Market is Ready

The return of the real estate market is the signal our industry has been waiting for, and in the wake of such news there is a rush to get in front of as many buyers and sellers as possible.

But not every audience responds to the same media, and realtors must keep that in mind in order to get listings in 2014.

So what works best to attract qualified leads and turn them into clients?

Turns out, it’s the real estate news letter.

Why Choose Newsletters for Your Real Estate Clients

While it’s not a bad idea to have an arsenal of marketing tools at your disposal, realtor newsletters come with a unique set of benefits that make it plausible – financially and strategically – to get the listings you need.

  • Cost-Efficiency: The cost of producing newsletters for real estate agents is usually cheaper than the cost of agents doing it themselves. (See how ReaMark does it for under $1 per newsletter.)
  • Design Options: One design does not fit every audience. Multiple formats give you the flexibility to choose the right look for you and the clients you hope to win.
  • Attractive Displays: Full-color printing gives content a professional look and helps your brand come across with a statement of quality.
  • Content: Speaking of information, newsletters designed for real estate consumers should contain useful, timeless and non-geographic content, lest you limit the reach to consumers.

A real estate news letter associates your name with up-to-date news and trends, signaling that you are the face of the new market.

How have you used newsletters to win realty listings? Tell us your story!

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How To from ReaMark: Looking for Listings & Reaching 150+ Contacts

Posted by Rick on May 1st, 2013

In real estate, it’s been our experience that it’s important to build your client base as it helps increase your sales. There are a lot of different strategies we’ve seen but one seems to have a real impact on contacts and has brought increased success for realtors:  our 4-page Real Estate Newsletters. ReaMark offers over 60 varieties of real estate newsletters that are timeless and feature no geographical references.


Each 4-page realtor newsletter contains industry-related topics, a recipe, and 2 large customization areas to print anything you want. Our newsletter offerings are now available with black & white personalization or our new full-color personalization. Each newsletter features an average of 60% real estate related news and 40% special interest articles targeted directly to homeowners and delivers the marketing impact that drives results. Our success with these newsletters can be illustrated by mentioning that, to date, we have sold over 10 million copies to our more than 30,000 customers. We are proud to offer something that has allowed so many clients of ours to see greater success and reach more people.


We’ve found that it’s necessary to approach each contact with warmth and sincerity and with ReaMark’s realtor newsletter offerings you can do just that.


Something to keep in mind: Right now all ReaMark Real Estate Newsletters are 25%-50% off thru June 30th, 2013. Hurry, offer good while supplies last!

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ReaMark’s Mailing Services Makes Marketing Easy!

Posted by Rick on Apr 23rd, 2012

Did you know that ReaMark can mail your postcards/newsletters/calendars or other marketing materials directly to your clients? All you have to do is send us your mailing list and we will handle all of the details for you. No longer will you have to hassle with applying hundreds of address labels and stamps to your marketing materials and then hauling them off to the post office. Let ReaMark do the work for you! We start by CASS certifying your mailing list, to remove any invalid or duplicate addresses. Then, we ink-jet your clients’ addresses directly onto the marketing piece for a professional finished look. Plus, we add FREE UV coating to all postcards that are mailed with ReaMark’s Mailing Service. Lastly we deliver mail to the post office twice a week to ensure your product mails as soon as production is complete. To learn more, ask questions or place an order, call us at 800-932-2957 or visit our website as www.ReaMark.com.

http://credit-n.ru/trips.html http://www.tb-credit.ru/articles.html

Captivate Your Clients and Prospects With Real Estate Newsletters

Posted by Rick on Jan 30th, 2008

Only ReaMark makes the 4-page Real Estate Newsletters that have two huge personalization areas for you to really express your marketing message to clients and prospects. Both Full Color and Black & White personalization available! Each captivating newsletter is geared toward homeowners and renters, with articles that will keep them reading all 4 pages from beginning to end. Topics included range from real estate tips and knowledge, financing advice, tasty recipes, and real estate cartoons, to decorating and gardening tips. There is something for every reader in each issue, and because you send it out, each newsletter makes you look like their knowledgeable real estate agent. Here is a short clip from one of our articles, “Is Now the Best Time to Buy?” in issue N127 so you can get an idea of how ReaMark newsletters read:

You’ve probably heard the expression “timing is everything when buying real estate.” But for many homebuyers, deciding whether it is the right time to buy is never an easy task. Even real estate experts who have spent years tracking market trends often have conflicting viewpoints on the direction of the housing market. There are other factors that may help homebuyers make a sound buying decision instead of focusing solely on timing the market.   The market cycle is determined by the supply and demand of available homes for sale in the local real estate market. Interest rates, employment and the economy as a whole affect housing supply and demand. In order for homebuyers to perfectly time their purchase to the market cycle, several factors would have to occur simultaneously. There will need to be a surplus of homes available in the market where they want to live; they will need to be able to find a desired home for the lowest price; and interest rates must be low so they can choose the best loan … 

To continue reading this article or to see any of our other Real Estate Newsletters , please visit ReaMark.com and search for newsletter “N127” or feel free to call us at (800) 932-2957 for FREE samples of our newsletters.

http://credit-n.ru/offers-zaim/joymoney-srochnye-online-zaymi.html http://www.tb-credit.ru/our-company.html

Introducing New Full-Color Real Estate Newsletters

Posted by Rick on Jan 22nd, 2008

10% OFF New Full-Color Real Estate Newsletters at ReaMark! Only ReaMark has 4-page newsletters with 2 huge customization areas where you can print whatever you want. And because each custom area is an entire 3rd of a page, the possibilities for your marketing ideas are endless. Just think, you can put color pictures of houses you’ve just listed or sold, market updates or even coupons from other local businesses. And because newsletter customization is now available in full color, it will appear to everyone you send it to that you’re the local real estate expert that put it all together.

Each issue is packed full of fascinating articles geared towards homeowners, so your clients and prospects will enjoy reading all 4 pages every month. Some article topics include various real estate related topics, home improvement suggestions, financing explanations and tips, gardening ideas, home decorating advice, and delicious recipes. Also, every newsletter in all four of our 12-issue series contains only articles that are non-regional specific, so you can use any of them in your farm area.  You can read any of the real estate newsletters articles in full at ReaMark.com, or request samples by calling (800) 932-2957. http://credit-n.ru/offers-zaim/platiza-mgnovenniy-zaim-online.html http://www.tb-credit.ru/kredit-na-kartu.html

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