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3 Reasons Your Competition is Using Holiday Greeting Cards to Strengthen Client Relations

Posted by Marketing on Aug 29th, 2019

In this technology-rich age, when everything seems to be about automation and electronic connections, a traditional holiday greeting card may seem a bit archaic and outdated. However, incorporating old-fashioned holiday greeting cards into your real estate business marketing plan can be quite effective.

Here are three reasons your competition is going old-school this holiday season, and you should, too.

Using Holiday Greeting Cards

Make Emotional Connections

Connecting with past and current customers from time to time helps you develop strong, lifelong relationships built on loyalty and mutual respect. The sales boost you get from referrals is just a bonus.

When you personalize 2019 greeting cards with a handwritten note, your mailer will trigger memories of positive experiences sure to bring a smile to your clients face. There’s just something about knowing that a company invested time (and money for printing, stamps, etc.) to send a personal note rather than go the modern route of email or text which only takes few seconds and is practically free.

And, research shows that the more comfortable a consumer feels with a brand, the more likely they are to form a bond with a brand. Stronger bonds mean repeat business and a satisfaction level that leads to more referrals and recommendations in person and on social media sites.

Prioritize Relationships

Most of us can send a text or email in our sleep – literally. About 10 percent of the population suffers from sleep texting disorder, a medically recognized condition associated with bedtime activities. Taking the time to add a handwritten note to a customized holiday greet card allows us to prioritize our business relationships. When you are only going to write a few words, you’ll want to think about the message before you start writing. Handwritten notes allow us to prioritize relationships by giving them the attention they deserve.

The time you invest creating a mailing list, and crafted personal notes is time and effort well-spent growing your business that will reward you with a healthy ROI in the future. Would you rather get an email inviting you to contact a brand if you need a product or service, or a handwritten note in a card that invites you to drop by to discuss your needs over a cup of freshly brewed coffee and a fresh-from-the-oven pumpkin spice cookie?

Generate Gratitude

While many real estate professionals send annual mailings to generate new business within their communities, others see the holiday greeting card season as a perfect opportunity to express their appreciation and gratitude for existing clients.

The cards you send to your clientele speak volumes. They provide hints about your work ethic, the quality of your relationships and even how you run your business. When you express genuine gratitude for your customers, not only do your clients feel valued, you experience all the warm-fuzzy feelings that naturally flow between friends. Expressing gratitude also elevates your own mood, attitude and self-worth.  Expressing your thankfulness for support and loyalty is a win-win.

Technology has a place in real estate marketing plans. But, when it comes to holiday greeting cards, a personal touch trumps convenience every time. Contact Reamark for help designing holiday greeting cards, promotional calendars, door hangers and memo boards.

Home Tips Calendars That Your Real Estate Clients Will Love

Posted by Marketing on Aug 21st, 2019

If you are a real estate agent or broker, you need ways to make your name known to homeowners in your community.  Calendars that display your name, picture, and contact info are great for ensuring you will be on the top of homeowners’ minds all year round. When the calendars also offer useful information, such as home tips, they will be referred to even more. The right type of home tips calendar is one of the most cost-effective and useful tools that real estate agents can use.

Home Tips Calendars

People Love Home Tips

Homeowners can always use new tips on how to successfully complete projects such as making over a room. When you give away home tips calendars, homeowners are more likely to want them, to actually use them, and to look at them often. The home tips peel-n-stick classic cover magnet calender made by ReaMark offers intriguing home tips that homeowners appreciate. Every time they look at their calendar, they will see your business card. Think of how many times per year they will be glancing at your name and logo. This is publicity that is priceless.

Free Envelopes Make It Easy for You to Send Out Your Personalized Calendars

When you order 2-in-1 magnetic calendars from ReaMark, you get free envelopes that make it convenient for you to reach out to your potential customers. You don’t have to wait for people to come to your office.  On the outside of each envelope is an inscription saying “A special gift for you!” That builds anticipation when people see it. The ReaMark company specializes in real estate marketing products, and they know how to help real estate agents and brokers increase their name recognition in an efficient and pleasant way. 

Everyone Needs Calendars

Calendars are popular promotional items because they are so useful. The home tips calendar from ReaMark is compact and attractive. Your potential customers can use it at home or at work. They can put it on the wall or on a desk. The front side of each month features a large calendar, a detail from a photo, and teaser information about that month’s home tip. On the back is an easy-to-read full description of the tip along with the full photo. The pages are printed on glossy, high-quality paper. People will be proud to display these attractive and useful calendars in their homes or work spaces.

Home tips calendars are an economical and powerful way to spread your name and contact information throughout your community.  ReaMark’s high-quality calendars are designed exclusively for the real estate community. Check out our full line of promotional products for real estate professionals on our website, or call us at (800) 932-2957 for a free catalog and samples. 

Using Sports Calendars for Great Real Estate Marketing

Posted by Marketing on Jul 23rd, 2019

Great real estate marketing comes in many shapes and sizes, and one of those shapes is our magnetic sports calendars. It’s so easy for your clients to just stick the magnet to the refrigerator and look at it whenever they want to know their local team’s schedule. It’s also easy for those clients — and potential future clients — to be reminded of the company or agent that sent them the magnet.

Your name and information will be right there were they can see it every time they check the schedule for their favorite team. If you want potential clients to remember you, getting your name in front of them and keeping it there is a crucial part of your marketing efforts. Our customized sports magnets can help, and they stick right on the fridge easily so potential clients in your farm area can always have their magnet and its schedule information available.


Local Sports Schedules Can Get You Noticed

With our magnetic sports calendars, you can have your name on the fridges of people all over your local area, and they won’t mind a bit because they’ll be able to see what their favorite sports teams are doing. When they need to buy or sell a house, though, they’ll remember you and they’ll have an easy way to contact you. By staying top of mind, you build trust with your prospects, so they won’t have to look for a real estate agent when the time comes.

It’s a great way to give potential clients something they want and will value, while also marketing to them in a way that doesn’t feel pushy or intrusive. Some of the people who get your magnets may be ready to buy or sell a home. Others won’t be, but that’s all right. Eventually they may have need for a real estate agent. If they don’t, there are plenty of friends and family members they can mention you to, as well. They’ll remember your name more easily when it’s on their fridge all the time.

It’s Easy to Customize Your Sports Schedule Magnets

Customizing football and other sports magnets for your farm area is easy with everything we can offer. You can create a schedule for a local high school team, or offer magnets that are more focused on the professional teams in the area. Your market research will tell you what clients in the area are really looking for, so you can use that information to create sports schedule magnets that improve your marketing abilities. You can get different sizes of schedules, and choose from football, baseball, NASCAR, and hockey. With all the options, it’s easy to find the one that works for the clients you’re trying to reach.

Create a Real Estate “Lead Machine” With Fall Recipe Postcards

Posted by Marketing on Jul 16th, 2019

We may be in the dog days of summer right now, but believe it or not, it’s time to start thinking about your fall marketing strategy! There are a lot of ways to reach out to would-be clients, and a consistent recipe postcard mailing schedule is one way to keep your future clients looking forward to checking the mail. This type of reliable strategy not only gives them something of value, but it also gets your real estate business in front of your target market once a month.

Our fall recipes are a great way to reach customers and give them something they’ll be interested in while getting your name and other information in front of them. Our flexible order sizes make it easy to order the number of homes on your farm, so you can reach out to potential clients easily and efficiently. With more than 250 product choices, you’ll also have the option to get just the right look for the postcards you’re sending out.

Real Estate Lead Machine
This fall, reach all of the homes in your farm with our recipe postcards.

Getting Seen is Easier Than You Think

Even if someone isn’t ready to buy or sell a house right now, they’ll keep the postcard you send them because of our delicious-looking recipes with beautiful pictures and easy to find ingredients. They might try that recipe out with family and friends, who will ask where they got it from. With our postcards, you have the power to reach a lot of potential buyers and sellers, along with their friend groups and extended family units, simply by giving them something new they can try out in their kitchen. Depending on your local market, you may want to send out something rich and decadent or choose a healthier option. There are always choices to try out.

Consider the Great Recipes We Have to Offer

A lot of real estate agents send recipe cards all year round as part of their marketing strategy, rather than just sending one-off recipes here and there. We can help you do that, and we offer a “buy 5 designs get one free” or “buy 10 designs get two free” postcard kit for your convenience, as well. Choose from plenty of great recipes, like spicy grilled corn for your clients to enjoy at their backyard barbecue, or tomato basil bisque for those cozy, chilly fall evenings. The thoughtful nature of our recipe postcards can turn a simple piece of cardstock into something clients will remember about you for a long time.

Build Trust by Offering a Free Home Evaluation

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Jun 30th, 2019

When you’re trying to establish a foothold in a neighborhood, it’s time to get creative. Two of the best real estate marketing tools are door hangers and jumbo cards. Not convinced? It’s all in the message. One of the most effective ways to get people to trust you — and give you their business — is to show them what you know. Include your best success stories, a little bit about your background and offer them a free home evaluation.

Offering Home Evaluations

Using a Free Home Evaluation in Your Real Estate Marketing

On your real estate marketing pieces, be sure to explain to prospective clients that a home evaluation by a qualified real estate professional gives them a free estimate of their home value. Gathering this information may help them decide whether it’s a good time to sell. Even if clients aren’t ready to sell their home, conducting a home evaluation literally gets your foot in the door and gives you contact information so that you can follow up. A percentage of those who take you up on the offer have probably been thinking about selling and just need a little nudge to get the ball rolling.

Tips for Conducting the Home Evaluation

1. Sellers want to get the most money they can when they let go of their largest asset: their home. To help them figure out what a competitive price is, do a quick walkthrough of the home, asking questions as you go along. You may want to prepare a survey of things to look for and questions to ask so the walkthrough goes smoothly. Do your homework beforehand so that you can demonstrate your expertise in the neighborhood and market by discussing trends.

2. Don’t provide an estimate right away, but do follow up quickly. Take this opportunity to send them a Comparative Market Analysis from the MLS or comparable report. The more information and contact points you create, the better the homeowners will develop a trusted partnership with you and ultimately, hire you. Be sure to leave additional marketing materials, so they have some to pass out to friends and neighbors who are ready to sell or get a free home evaluation.

3. There’s a great deal of inaccurate and incomplete data on the internet when it comes to home values. Sell the homeowners on the authenticity of information coming straight from the MLS and recent sales for comparable properties. Home values on the internet sites often rely on incomplete information from tax records, listing data, and best guesses. Show them the resources a local real estate agent brings to the table in terms of timely information and connections to buyers.

4. By conducting a house evaluation, you’re helping the prospective seller take a step forward, hopefully toward a decision to sell. By giving them valuable information, you’re creating goodwill and establishing trust. If the valuation is lower than the seller expected, it might take a little longer for them to make a decision. Add value as their trusted partner by providing tips on how to increase the value of their home with repairs, landscaping, upgrades, or home staging. Our Home Tips postcards are a great way to do this at scale if you have a list of prospects that needs to be nurtured.

What to Include in the Home Valuation Packet

Remind homeowners that they need a real estate agent to get an accurate home evaluation based on real sales from the MLS. Highlight these important services that only a licensed agent can provide:

  • Develop a market report that includes recently sold houses resembling the seller’s home
  • Send details and photos of the homes with the listed price and final sales price
  • Interpret the current market for homes in the same price range and neighborhood

Include one or two brief examples or quotes from satisfied customers to maximize your marketing and target potential sellers.

What is your favorite way to provide value in a home valuation? Let us know in the comments.

How to Use Door Hangers to Get Real Estate Leads

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Jun 14th, 2019

Real estate success is all about building a reputation and getting referrals. You know that great customer service and results keep your clients happy and help you build relationships for life. But even after you’ve done the legwork to build your portfolio, there are times when you need to expand and rebuild your base.

The best way to find new clients is through marketing and advertising, but ads and shipping can really add up and make you wonder if it’s worthwhile. An alternative to direct mail campaigns is to use real estate door hangers to represent your business and let prospective buyers and sellers know that you can help.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of door hangers and what you can print on them to get the most bang for your buck.

Benefits of Door Hangers

Real estate door hangers relay information about your company and help you establish name recognition in a neighborhood. They are also very effective in connecting with homeowners who’ve been thinking about selling their home but need a little nudge. Here are some of the other benefits of door hangers:

What to Include on Door Hangers

Your message should be very targeted for the greatest success and include a call-to-action. High-quality photography is also a way to boost your response rate and present a professional appearance. With eye-catching door hangers for real estate, you’re likely to get calls from clients you’ve never meet. Here are a few  tips for getting the best response with great content:

  • Highlight properties that have recently sold in the neighborhood. Include the sale price and pertinent details, such as how many days ago it sold or if it sold before it hit the market. If you’ve recently sold a home in the area, definitely include that, but you can frame any sale attractively to entice homeowners into selling.
  • Offer a free home valuation clients can sign up for on your website. Then, include a trackable link which lets you capture their email address for easy follow-up.
  • Offer tips on home repair, getting a home ready to sell and related topics. You can direct readers to your website to sign up for a free “Complete Home Selling Guide” or add them to a Home Maintenance Postcard campaign through direct mail.  The goal is to create as many contact points as possible so that recipients remember you well enough to call you first when they’re ready to buy or sell.
  • If you live in a rainy area, door hanger bags ensure that your advertisement stays clean and dry.

ReaMark has added over 10 new door hangers to increase your leads listing and sales! Our marketing and design professional can help you create a beautiful piece to be proud of. We also offer Quick Ship Door hanger designs as low as 18 cents each that ship out the next day for FAST results. 

What was the best door hanger marketing you’ve ever seen? Or the worst?? Share your stories in the comments below!

Door hangers for real estate

8 Marketing Ideas for New Real Estate Agents

Posted by Reamark Marketing on May 16th, 2019

8 Marketing Tactics for New Real Estate AgentsHere are eight marketing ideas to help new real estate agents kickstart their business by generating leads. While digital technology provides fantastic opportunities to market your business, it’s important not to forget the human touch can be just as effective–it’s definitely what helps clients and potential clients remember who you are.

1. Engage Clients and Prospective Clients on Social Media

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are all great platforms to engage with your audience. However, blowing up your feed with market updates, listings and tips isn’t the way to go about it. Think strategically, and notice what’s working on each channel, then focus on developing that content further for each platform you use. For example, Facebook users love contests but Instagram viewers might prefer a look behind the scenes of your business.

2. Stand Out with Handwritten Notes

Go old school to differentiate yourself in the market by ordering branded notepads with your business information on each page. Provide these to prospective clients as a courtesy gift, which also nets great advertising opportunities for you! In addition, people love to get handwritten notes thanking them for their time and business. Remember to write them on your branded notepad and enclose a magnet or other small token with your information on it. This gives your clients something to pass on to new leads.

3. Host Local Neighborhood Tours

Personal engagement is the best way to market your business, especially if you’re great at coming up with fun, useful events. Host neighborhood tours that show your expertise and knowledge of the area. Whether you live in a historic metro area or an idyllic suburb with lots of charm, find memorable ways to showcase each neighborhood. Remember to take down contact information to send thank you messages and soft-sell your real estate services.

A great way to get the word out about your neighborhood tour would be to send EDDM postcards to your farm and customize the design with your event details! Our professional real estate marketers can help you craft a design that really stands out!

4. Claim Your Business on Google

Claiming your business on Google opens up another marketing channel and protects your professional identity. Here’s how to do that.

Go to https://www.google.com/business/ and sign into your Google business account or create a new one.
Once you’ve logged in, search by your business name and address in the search box. Results appear in list form and on a map. Choose the business you want to claim. Click on “Add Your Business” to add a new business and follow the instructions to complete the appropriate business type and service area or brand.
You also need to verify that the business you claim is yours. The verification code is mailed to you within two weeks. Once you enter the code, you can manage your Google business information.

5. Giveaways Help People Remember You

Customers appreciate the freedom and convenience of digital communication. However, first impressions matter and everyone loves to receive gifts. Order a good supply of business cards, magnets, and pens with your name and brokerage information on it. Remember to give a few of each item to potential leads so that they can pass your information on to friends and family members looking to buy or sell a home. When pens, notepads and other swag with your contact information gets passed around, it increases your exposure and provides new opportunities to gain clients.

6. Offer Free Home Valuations on Your Site

Capturing seller leads online is very difficult. One way to get sellers to give up their information is through a free home valuation tool. Real Geeks has a tool that you can add to your website. Once a seller enters a few key pieces of data, they receive a valuation report with frequent updates available. In return, you collect email addresses for your distribution list.

7. Make Your Website Your Storefront

In the real estate market, your website is your storefront. Build a mobile-friendly site to attract lots of organic traffic to increase your lead generation. Make sure to hard sell what differentiates you from the competition and pay close attention to the quality of any listings you post. For example, photography on every piece of your marketing needs to be top-notch.

8. Fun Staging with Quirky Items

The common wisdom is that staging should be tasteful and use subtle tones that appeal to a wide array of buyers. However, adding one or two quirky items gives clients a talking point and helps make your listing memorable.

6 Timely Ways to Grow Your Real Estate Business

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Apr 16th, 2019

Staying in touch with clients and reaching out to prospective clients keeps your real estate business at the forefront of their minds. A person may not be ready to buy a house or sell his or her house just yet, but if you keep reminding that person that you are the real estate agent that can get the deal done, you’re going to be the one that person calls when it is time. So, just how do you stay in touch without being pushy? Send your prospective clients little reminders in the form of gifts that are usable.

Pick the Right Time to Send Reminders

In addition to sending the right gift, you need to pick the right time to send the gift. If you are sending a baseball schedule, you need to send that a few weeks before baseball season starts. If you send it in the middle of the season, or even worse, at the end of the season, it’s going to be chucked in the trash. Calendars should be sent before the end of the old year. If your prospective client buys a calendar, guess where yours might end up. Timing is everything, so when you choose a reminder gift to send out, keep that timing in mind.

Baseball Schedules

The 2019 MLB season is set to start on March 28 this year. You still have time to order baseball schedules for your local teams and get them to your current and prospective clients. Schedules may be ordered on full magnets, magnetic business cards, magna cards and laminated wallet cards.

4th Of July Postcards

It’s always nice to be remembered on holidays and that goes for clients. Show your clients some love by sending them a 4th Of July postcard. Choose from several designs including recipes for July.

Summer Recipe Postcards

During the summer, people are always looking for new recipes to try for summer gatherings. Pick our recipe cards for the summer months to send to your clients once every month. The recipes are all mouth-watering and easy to make, so your clients are sure to keep them around—and will see your name every time they make the recipe on the card.

Football Schedules

Preseason usually starts in August of every year, so you have plenty of time to order those football schedules for clients that are football fans. As with the baseball schedules, pick a format that goes best with your clientele.

Market Updates

People who are selling their homes want results, which means a quick sale for the best price possible. This means real estate agents are usually questioned about the number of sales they made in the past few months plus the number of sales that were within a certain percentage of the listing price. You can answer your clients’ questions by sending out market updates every month. By choosing a custom “Just Sold” postcard, you can add up to 10 photos of sold homes to let your clients know you get results.

Magnetic Memo Pads

Something that is always used is a memo pad. Many keep a magnetic memo pad on the fridge to write down items they need to pick up next time they go to the store. Or they may use it to jot down a phone number or other information. This is one “reminder” that you know will keep your name in your clients’ minds since it’s hanging on the fridge. And, your clients’ guests will see it too—you may even get a prospective client who inadvertently sends you a new client.

Visit ReaMark for Your Advertising Needs

Stop by our website or contact us to order a catalog with all the personalized items that will help keep your business in front of your prospective clients’ minds.

How to Set Up a Successful Postcard Marketing Campaign

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Apr 11th, 2019

One of the most trusted, proven marketing strategies for real estate professionals is direct mail postcard campaigns. There are several reasons real estate postcard campaigns are so effective.

  • They can be targeted to a specific “farm” or zip code
  • They can be custom designed
  • They build brands and gain attention
  • They are less expensive when sent in volume

In addition, real estate postcards and mailers can be sent to serve as timely reminders or include pertinent valuable information creating a longer shelf life. Examples include time-change postcard reminders and sports schedules or home and garden tips.

When real estate professionals build year-long campaigns using these powerful marketing tools, their effectiveness increases as potential prospects turn into leads and leads become sales.

One of the biggest mistakes those in real estate can make in planning a postcard campaign is not setting the right objectives. Here are some thoughts to keep in mind.

Four Tips for Setting Postcard Marketing Campaign Objectives

Know the Value of a Qualified Lead and Prospect

When setting objectives it is important to know the value of a quality or qualified lead and prospect. In real estate, this value can be quite high. Knowing this helps set the proper expectations for a real estate postcard campaign and the resources you invest in it. A single quality lead can ultimately be worth thousands of dollars to a real estate professional. If a postcard campaign returns several of these quality leads, it can pay significant dividends.

Determine Your Core Objectives

If your core objective is to gain immediate leads, your message may need more urgency than if you are building your brand and nurturing potential leads. For example, a postcard that touts the sale of a nearby home or new listing, or other area real estate-related news may have more urgency than a postcard that has a seasonal recipe. Keep in mind any contact with a postcard still increases name recognition and exposure.

successful postcard marketing campaign objectives tips

Know Who You are Targeting and Why

Real estate postcard campaigns are not meant to be “mass marketing.” Real estate postcard marketing campaigns are generally targeted to a specific geographic area, demographic, income level or style of home. This eliminates waste by focusing your efforts on the group of prospects with the most potential value to you. The better you define your target market, the clearer your objectives can be and the more likely you will achieve them.

Test and Track Your Results

There are a lot of variables that need to be taken into account in creating real estate postcard objectives. Is it a buyers’ or sellers’ market? Do you already have a reputation in the business or are you building one? What are you asking recipients to do? If, for example, you are giving away a valuable prize and only want recipients to sign up on your website, you will likely get more responses that if you initially ask them to request a free in-home appraisal. Test various types of cards with differing calls to action to determine expectation and objectives for your next campaign.

We Can Help!

For almost two decades ReaMark has been helping real estate professionals create, design and implement successful postcard campaigns. We can assist you. Our professional staff will help you develop a campaign that will be effective and that meets and exceeds your expectations. We offer free design assistance and a wide selection of products created to deliver results. We can even help in creating your EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) campaign. Contact us today and meet your objectives for real estate season with ReaMark!

Photo credit: Natalia Łyczko on Unsplash

Marketing Advice to Real Estate Professionals from ReaMark’s President

Posted by Reamark Marketing on Mar 20th, 2019

Hello I’m Richard Brown, President of ReaMark. I have been in direct marketing for over 30 years with the last 18 years helping real estate professionals like you, to substantially increase their listings, sales, and ultimately, their income.

There has never been a better time to improve your business by using a consistent strategy to contact anyone who knows you and can refer clients. All signs are pointing to a steady rise in the real estate business since interest rates are at record lows. In addition, home inventory  is still low so listings are being sold quickly and for top dollar.

Each year I take hundreds of calls from realtors. The same question comes up time and time again, “Rick, what works best? How can I make more money?”

So, last week I sat down, got away from the kids, and really thought about all of the success stories, trials and errors that realtors have told me during the past two years.

  • With all being equal why are some realtors more successful than others?
  • What does actually work?
  • What makes top agent?
  • How can my business survive when I have less money to spend because I am making less money?

One fact that kept coming up is that my business only makes money if the programs we recommend to you makes YOU money. To that end, I came up with a few things you should be doing if you are serious about increasing your yearly income.

Four Real Estate Marketing Strategies for 2019

Reach Out to Past Clients

You MUST reach out to your Past Client contact list at least every month. Over 50% of your business should come from referrals. If you are not mailing to this specific contact list you are losing money. Your Past Client contact list should includes your colleagues, past buyers and sellers, friends and family. The larger the list, the more successful you will be. You really need to sit down and put this lists into a workable database.

Utilize Postcards to Market Yourself

Announce your success! Since referrals are the largest part of your business and you want to build up your contact list, these are the second most effective tool at your disposal. You should mail the entire neighborhood and also your current contact list. Our Just Listed/ Just Sold, Market Updates and Open House postcards are a great way to showcase the strength of your business. If your budget is limited, these could be part of your planned monthly marketing, but for maximum results, you should be doing these mailings in addition to the ones you send out to your Current Contacts.

real estate marketing strategies

Track Your Results

The beauty of direct marketing is that is affordable and track able. If you have 400 contacts, you could be mailing them twelve times per year for as little as 47 cents each or $188 per month. One sale and you’ve paid for the entire year!

Become Known as the Specialist of Your Farm

A business with no prospects will die. You need a reliable, consistent source of leads. Since most consumers perceive all real estate professionals to be pretty much the same you must find ways to differentiate yourself. I get calls every day from past customers offering thanks for orders placed two years ago. These agents and brokers tell me they now get 50% plus of all listings in their neighborhood because of our marketing materials!

Walk your neighborhood twice per year, create compelling online content, submit articles to local publications, and/or advertise in neighborhood newspapers, send out newsletters and be the one to consistently educate your community on the local real estate market.

I feel great about sharing these strategies with you for a very simple reason: if we can help you become more successful in your business then ReaMark will be more successful in our business. Call one of our Marketing Specialists today at 1-800-932-2957 and we will work with you to create a real estate marketing plan to help you meet your budgets and sales goals!

I hope this letter has been helpful, confirmed the efforts you are already making or inspired you to call us. If I can help, please don’t hesitate to call me directly.


Richard J. Brown

Photo credit: by Álvaro Serrano on Unsplash

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